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  1. its to a onenote document, where i have written a bunch of stuff. I was linking it from the onenote app, which was wierd, so i tried to get a proper link from the software, so hopefully it should work now.
  2. sorry for slow response, im rarely on the forum. I have written up some parts, and some have been worked out along with players, so i would consider it incomplete and not fully tested, but here is what i got: Genesys (Web view) Iron Kingdoms (Web view) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvCtpTABTVSCjU26LXrXOuMJUuoT
  3. I have a game of iron kingdoms that im running with the genesys rules. 3 Sessions so far, but due to the game being a casual "we play when we have time" -kind of game, it happens at random times and have yet to run a session for almost 2 weeks now. In addition, im running a fallout game for some childhood friends, but due to one of them working at sea and the other just got a baby, the second session might be delayed until the middle of next month. Overall, i got some good experiences with genesys, and i like the flexibility of it. But i struggle with creating games where the PCs are equally competent as other people around them, rather than vastly superior (many reasons but quick example would be that in a game where they would be regular humans, the concept of minions opponents make them feel above the common men). So I dont think i would run a game that is along the lines of Call of Cthulhu, but i most certainly would be able to run Pulp Cthulhu with genesys.
  4. Colour, its easier than remembering the names, and its easy for new players to understand when i say "make a atheltic test with 2 purple and 1 black"
  5. yes, already running a game of IK using Genesys. Races have been made, careers i started making but i think i will backtrack on that and create a simpler way to handle it (basicly the same as the twilight imperium conversion) gear and magic is being handled as it comes up. but, the game im running, is not written down in a way that makes it easy to share, also my way of converting the setting, does not mean direct convertion of system, and thus ive taken some liberties with adapting the game to fit the lore of iron kingdoms, rather than the system. (like Iosans having trait that reflect their isolationism, rather than getting additional talents)
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