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  1. You are coming up with the same questions we have been stumbling with. I would agree with the Reanimate not being able to pick up food. Again not a Hero. But the not having to roll a surge to hit the Shadow Dragon seems to make it more powerful than the actual Heroes. I also shot the question to FF Support to see what they would say. I have not heard back yet but I will post their reply when they do.
  2. Thanks for the clarification! We came to the same conclusion but my youngest son(the overlord) felt differently. I told him I would check the forum and see what others thought. Thanks for the help! This is an awesome game. Papabear
  3. As we were in the midst of battle this weekend we came upon a question we we unsure how to resolve. The Shadowdragon text says that a HERO adjacent to it need to roll a surge to hit. Does the necromancer's Reanimate familiar count as a HERO? Thanks! RDJ.Papabear
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