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  1. I won't be buying it personally , but it makes perfect sense as a release and isn't even taking up any slots for rebels in a "wave" expansion . I don't really see what the problem is seems like an obvious movie tie in that is good for the game and easily avoidable for players if they dont like it.
  2. I should preface this by saying I liked it, GL's strongest talent is the world/universe creation and building he did create the sandbox that is the star wars universe , and for all his faults with the prequels i think the film missed that aspect . In his recent comments where he said he wasnt a fan of their approach for episode 7 he said they wanted to do a retro movie ( which explains the ANH similarity complaints) where he prefers to be always doing new ships world's etc and expanding the universe. This is only the first movie while it may be more of a retro perhaps the next 2 will take things in a more different approach
  3. So bigger is not always better, huh? Apparantly only in the case of deathstars lol
  4. I liked it but....my gf's response to "a bigger death star" pretty much sums it up the film retreads the OT way too much ...there is paying homage and there is stagnation/lack of creativity. The stuff they did that was new (finn,rey,poe) etc was great but following the formula of the originals right down to the basic plot outlines was a bit much. The space battle aspect was really underwhelming ....
  5. This ship WILL get made there isn't enough new ships in the force awakens to keep this game going inbetween star wars 8 and 9 releases. They will need to draw from ships like the gunboat to bridge the gap.
  6. They definately will still be drawing from older stuff as well, I assume they will want to keep x-wing running during episode 7,8,9 at the very least and being as those movies are 3 years apart with what will only be so many new ships (use the OT as a baseline). Pulling from EU and classic stuff like the video game tie fighter with the gunboat and missile boat makes perfect sense to fill the gap between movies.
  7. TieDefender

    wave 7,8,?

    Some questions should be looked into before being asked
  8. I bought mine the other day so not sold out at the moment
  9. How many pages does this thread reach before FFG finally gives us our gunboat? lol
  10. The Hand of Thrawn books. So like 20 years after Yavin. And it's not even really an Imperial ship.OMG I will say this once more, but you are getting annoying: IT'S NOT A BLOODY IMP SHIP! IT'S S&V In this case I predict for X-Wing it will released ...................... never?Funny I can say the same thing for the Gunboat........ the designers have already mentioned the gunboat as being a good candidate for a future wave...
  11. I would sell my soul to the dark side for a assault gunboat and missile boat lol would bring back so many good tie fighter memories
  12. 1 (up from zero) because FFG has the gift of making the ugliest art concepts (k-wing as well) into fantastic looking miniatures/game pieces.
  13. Apparantly the developers played alot more "Galaxies" then x-wing and tie fighter
  14. The k-wing could have had all the ordinance fixes packaged with it the assault gunboat didn't need to double down on ordinance heavy for the set (though it can still carry it and is a good platform for such just less then a tie bomber). The model is growing on me though I will get one of everything this wave because I am a sucker lol.
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