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  1. I think it was about 200m out that particular combat occured, mostly because it happened on the steps of catherdral, and the psyker got a whif of something fishy, and drugged up cultists tend to be impatient with PC's who decide to have a debate about if they should just gun down people on holy ground without actual provocation. Might have turned out differently if they didn't notice and the cute little psychos managed to pull their "lets just walk up all non-chalant like then jump 'em" plan off.
  2. I tend not to use battlemaps, and hand draw areas indicating cover and things and have a note of ranges and manage to have long distnace fire fights quite often, a number of times the distance has proved devestating to the enemies who where primarily ranged and with some excellent shooting where dropped before they even got into charge range, and a well placed head shot from the sniper dropped their long range support.
  3. Andor said: CaptainTrek said: First thing that will happen: Everyone will be complaining profusely that the other classes can't do that. Well of course they can't! Only Imperial Storm Troopers are that precise. You win everything
  4. Someone has been reading my character concept note book
  5. Andor said: individual shot and hoping you run out of xenos before you run out of bullets is a great way to add tension to a game. "Due to Eldar jamming we were dropped 27 miles from our assigned zone. We have three days and only what we have with us to get there. Fortunately Commisar Sticenbut is here to remind us that using captured Xenos weaponry is Heresy." "Apprently some wrteched and sneaky Eldar snuck past our fully alert and caffed/stimmed up sentry and slit the Commisar's neck with what was apprently a Mars-pattern serated bayonet, it was a tragedy" But seriosuly I think the problem with the backpack ammo is that they where thinking along the lines of heavy weapons using it rather than basic las guns, so I'd run basic lasguns with the same amount of ammo that SP and Bolt weapons get, giving it 200 shots.
  6. 1: Four clips seems to be the standard for clips of ammo so I was just going to run with that. 2. I think it says that their main weapon is replaced so they only get the lasgun or lascarbine rather than the laspistol aswell. 3.Again not sure of the actual rules on this one but it would make sense to have them treat those as their main weapons, same as the Stormtrooper getting his hot shot lasgun as his main weapon etc. 4. Weights in general seem to be a bit up the left throughout the beta at the minute so hopefully this will be fixed in an update? 5. If everyones enjoying it then it doesn't matter, plus a Well Provisoned regiment would likley have decent armour anyway so I can't see any problems. 6. The real question here is who is actually going to argue with a Commisar with two bolt pistols?
  7. It would be mostly situational though, so GM would probabley have to decide the speed on the fly.
  8. Crawling on hands on knees probably, but crawling while prone isn't quite as easy.
  9. Free action to drop prone makes sense your bassicly just throwing yourself to the ground and thats not exactly what I would call a time consuming action, and I think the 1/4 movement speed sounds about right too.
  10. I don't see that being a problem, dodge should be the fall back evasion of everyone simply because, using a weapon to stop incoming attacks requires a lot more training than just leaping out of the way of incoming attacks.
  11. Was just about to post, this is my game going to aim for between 4 and 6 players hopefully, and Adult is up mostly because I want to play on the safe side as combat discriptions can be fairly brutal in the WH40k games
  12. Well red dot is only in effect with single shots so it wouldn't be a stead +20BS if your going to be using your gun on semi/full auto or for supressing fire.
  13. Although it does say reduces penalties I would probably have it reduce the difficulty of the shot one step period so +10 becomes +20, wording definatley needs cleaning up though.
  14. Wasn't really defending anything, like I said the weights thing is clearly an oversight, was just pointing out that you shouldn't be using Deathwatch as a comparison
  15. Well you could always go for the obvious explanation of the two games are in fact seperate entities and no one thought about cross referencing the weights of things in Deathwatch and the things in Only War because when is that ever going to actually come up?
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