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  1. Lack of naval icons really doesn't matter. Naval itself hardly matters from what I can see. It's just a keyword, more or less, and not even as strong as stealth or renown imo. Black sails doesn't seem like much of a threat at this point either. As the above poster indicated Martell did get Lady Nym's Guard which is a fantastic beatstick. The stealth is what does it. 4 for 7 is nice already, but even better when you consider it can probably win any challenge you send it to on both offense OR defense since it can't be stealthed. That's even better than some if not all of the fleets as they can only avoid stealth on one icon. I do agree that Martell's cards this cycle have been weak overall but tbh it seems like a weak cycle in general, I haven't seen a lot of cards from it being played out of any of the houses. People have been flipping out over Greyjoy support this cycle but I really don't see it…. even Victarion doesn't impress me as he's 4 for 3 with no keywords or immunities (i.e. control bait). I wouldn't think much of UUU either as none of the other house word cards were particularly impressive. I wouldn't worry.
  2. Margaery really is nothing special. Her ability may sound nice (and it is) but actually getting a significant benefit out of it is quite conditional. Generally you need to be going first for it to do anything and your opponent needs to have either a non-kneeler or a beefy int/pow icon guy you need to put down so you can win intrigue. And even then it is still worse than something like enemy informer since the guy you kneel still gets to oppose a challenge, whereas with most kneel they are just nullified for the whole round. That's not even considering that she is plenty vulnerable to control effects herself. I would put LotR Cersei on the restricted list long before her. It is fun using her with writ small though.
  3. Can Eddard Stark cancel Dragon Skull and cause it to be discarded without doing anything? I would think not since the attachment seems as though its response is targeting itself. I'm not sure though. Can Harried By Dragons activate its response after being ambushed in as opposed to played during the marshalling phase? Does declaring a character as a naval participant count as using a triggered effect for Burning Bridges?
  4. Putting bastard on him tends to make brotherhood frown, and it puts the lanni infamy version in some deep trouble if they can't discard bastard pronto. Fishing nets are also quite good for him and the mad huntsman. Maester Murenmure and seasick can be used to stop maester of lemonwood from discarding the attachments. If you're Martell, Ellaria Sand will be a problem for him.
  5. Can a house divided hit a char when it comes out of shadows?
  6. My opponent today used Reek's response and then Roose's afterwards, claiming that this would not undo Reek's ability and return control of the character claimed by it, but would still return Reek to his side. I don't see how the wording on Roose's ability lends itself to that conclusion but he was quite insistent that "Reek is permanent." What is the case here?
  7. This was an interesting issue that came up in one of my games. I believe that if the reavers win a challenge while attacking alone then you do location claim even if the opponent has Twist of Fate revealed, as their location claim is a mandatory passive. However, my opponent thought that since they were both conflicting passive effects (both claim replacement) that the first player would be able to choose which one occurred (i.e. location claim, or a choice of the 3 normal claims). What's the verdict?
  8. When a player wins initiative with multiple copies out, do they draw 1 extra card total, or 1 extra for each bay of ice? The wording makes me think it's the former but I'm not sure.
  9. Your english is quite understandable, to me at least. My thoughts on Martell: wtf restricto-hammered. Since they lost so much stuff it's really hard to tell where they will go from here. I do think KotHH, already a viable option obviously, will come into prominence for Martell's agenda. Kings of Summer being restricted sucks for Martell summer since they already have such great restricted cards they want to use; Martell maesters is basically dead with almost all its key cards now restricted; and with Martell's easy/free control options hitting the restricted list they are going to have to rely more on influence-based control effects instead of just using orphans and the like for free. Quentyn is good as far as chargendas go but chargendas in general are too inconsistent compared to KotHH which is always in play from turn 1 with no opportunity for your opponent to deny you its benefits. I'm actually a big fan of at least giving Oberyn's Guile a try. Getting a free card regardless of draw cap every time you lose a challenge is incredibly annoying for the opponent and really needs to be dealt with or else. If the meta shifts to compensate for the loss of maesters and people start running a ton of attachment hate then it might go back to the bench, but if people can't consistently get rid of it I think this card is golden. Sun stroke is interesting, but ultimately too inconsistent imo. In some cases it will be nice but there will be other times when it just sits there and doesn't do much. It is at least nice against Greyjoy, but Martell has plenty of other cards which you will always be happy to see and I'd rather pick one of those. Southron Mercs feels like a win more card to me. If you can afford to drop 6 gold, without using any reducers, on a single char and start winning challenges with it then you probably have a strong board position anyways. I believe it's also a merc which is terrible given how expensive it is, seeing your 6 gold whisked away for free by a dissension is going to be very bad (correct me if I'm wrong about the merc trait, I can't remember for sure). I do agree that it's worth a copy or two if you are using the bannermen + manning the walls. Herald of the sun, I might use in a quentyn deck to make sure I get him, but otherwise I'd skip it. It's an inefficient character on its own and it technically doesn't even give you card advantage as you still have to draw the card. It's better to use things that actually draw/reveal for you. Lost spearman x3 is an auto-include in all Martell I think now that they lost orphans and refugees. Options for 0 or 1 drops for them are now quite scarce. Maester of the sun, good in summer/maesters, skip otherwise. Gerris & Archibald are the same, strong in Quentyn deck, forgettable otherwise. I think one route for Martell to try now may be an attachment-heavy build as they have some attachments that are extremely powerful and really have to be taken down if they hit the board (Oberyn's Guile, as mentioned, being one, the other big one is probably taste for blood though obviously there are others). They have a somewhat reliable recursion option available for discarded attachments in the form of the prince's plans as well.
  10. I plan on trying an 80 card with this agenda. In addition to the threat of decking yourself, I feel that the cardpool is getting big enough (and therefore containing more good/power cards to stuff in) that there's less risk of drawing junk with a bigger deck. On the other hand managing the resource curve in a black sails deck seems like it could be quite tricky. Do I up the proportion of resource locations accordingly with deck size or keep it at a more standard 8-10 and risk most of them ending up in the hold (or conversely most of them ending up in the draw deck and oversaturating it)?
  11. Not sure if topic is troll or not but I'll post anyway. Rares would turn me off from the game. Isn't the whole idea of an LCG to *not* have rares? Wanting them seems to me like you're actually just saying the CCG format is better. Foils I have no opinion on. Personally I'd ignore them entirely if they existed; as long as I still know what I'm getting with regards to the actual gameplay of the cards contained in a pack, I don't care.
  12. Going back to affordability, the point I'm making is that this game is expensive at the most basic level to get into. It is cheaper to play almost any other game than this one due to the backlog of cards you might be forced to get. I'm not sure that the main complaint was against tournament level, but even if it were, that doesn't mean it's the only significant consideration in affordability. Barrier of entry is a consideration in affordability as well. And if going to tournaments doesn't suit me (pretty much everyone who plays competitively tries a tournament at some time, a pleasant tournament experience increases their interest in the game even if they lose every game) I would play board games. Also, what you just indicated costs $100 - $160. If they just wanted to play games at home they could've bought Chaos in the Old World, Power Grid, and Agricola for that price (going back to value/affordability) or Glory to Rome, Race for the Galaxy, and Dominion if they wanted more of a card game oriented game. No, it's not expensive to get into at the most basic level. A core set is thirty dollars at most. My suggestions regarding core set + expansion + a few CPs was just that, a suggestion based on what I've observed from seeing a lot of newcomer threads asking for deck advice and detailing what cards they have. If it costs $100+ and that is too rich for someone's blood they are obviously not required to spend that much, though in my experience most people who play any kind of card game, aGoT or otherwise, is quite willing to spend at *least* that much.
  13. The problem with forgotten plans is that you only get to run one of it, you don't get to see the other guy's plot deck, and the card is itself a mediocre stat plot with no effect when it misses. There are specific plots that it's great against but there are at least as many, if not more, with "when revealed" effects that it does nothing to and there's no reliable way for you to know which one is going to come up. I found that even running plots with good stats and no real effect otherwise, like song of summer, was more beneficial to me than forgotten plans since its effect was very hit-or-miss and I wasn't a fan of the 3 gold.
  14. @tibs3688 - I think you're looking at it from a top-tier level. Not every player plays at the top tier. My dad, for instance, enjoys just sitting around fishing in the game when he's bored. WoW has an incredibly deep single player experience as well as an incredibly deep and amazingly supported multi-player experience. The point I'm making is more to my last line @Kennon. AGoT seems to be targetting. . . You're right; not everyone plays at the top level. Those folks can indeed just buy a core set, a couple house expansions, and whatever random CPs suit their fancy and play their friends casually with random crappy decks. I recall the main complaint against AGoT's affordability here being how much it costs to play at tournament level. If playing with broken decks and going to tournaments doesn't suit you there's no reason the game needs to cost much at all. Me and my friends started off having plenty of fun with just 1 core set; some of them lost interest soon after, others like myself wanted to go further, but we all had the same entry point. Out of curiosity, what absurd deck are you referring to?
  15. Things like WoW and Starcraft are so fundamentally different from GoT (and card games in general) that there really is no point in comparing them. Those activities may be cheaper monetarily, but the time investments required to play them at a competitive level must be considered as well. My friends who play WoW have told me that "the game starts at 80" (or rather 85 now) and complained about both the difficulty and necessity of obtaining top-tier gear. Starcraft is arguably even worse in this aspect as one must spend many hours and dozens of games, if not hundreds, refining build orders and macro skills before they can really do anything with the game on a competitive level. And even if those things don't bother you, this cursory analysis doesn't even scratch the surface of all the differences there are. A lot of people who play card games probably just plain prefer the very different gameplay experience they offer regardless of any money or time considerations.
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