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  1. Pretty sure they would just include the condition cards again in an expansion if they use it. They did that for a few things - only the secret rooms comes to mind atm, but I know there is more.
  2. Hi, I have all the expansions and aquired the 1st edition descent figures before they announced they would release them. I have seen some awesome foam core inlays for the basic game but would like to know if anyone have seen a layout or have ideas for one for all the expansions. I am thinking about a layout that you would be able to take out of the box and use when you play. So its all ordered for use for heroes or OL etc. My main idea is to make a box with only tokens, cards etc. but no heroes. And then make a seperate box for the heroes with foam inlay etc. (Since I am converting them all and painting them). But anyone have seen a layout with all expansions or have ideas for what should be stored where for ease of use etc.? Maybe an idea for a layout for a small box for each player for storing between sitdowns/games. All suggestions and ideas are appriciated. (Ps. sorry for bad english it is not my main language).
  3. Can't remember the exact way it went but. Leoric used a ranged attack and applied the immobilize as far as I remember. I as an overlord tried to be smart and stunned him with an overlord card when he moved, but then the stunhero (forgot name) used her crossbow to move the dragon using knock back (and used the same movement rules as normally for the large monsters knocking it far back. Basically it got knocked all the way into the corner and locked there..
  4. I have now played a full campaign of descent as an OL, and only won 2 quests. This was mainly due to us not knowing the rules and doing some major screwups that overpowered either the OL or the heroes (ex. letting the heroes rest and recover while it was their turn). In the end Leoric got a rune that could immobilize a unit and due to his AoE skills got "upgraded" to an AoE immobilize. The heroes used this to their advandtage. By using a crossbow and "knock back" (move unit 1 space) the units they clustered the mobs and immobilized them. Then from afar they slowly killed them.. This was particulary painfull in encounters where I as the OL had to move of the map since they used the hero Stun ability and immobilize to make it extremly hard to win, as well as the last quest where they just immobilized the dragon and took him out without him being able to do much. Were we just doing something wrong or is this a flaw in the rules?
  5. Steve-O said: Alowan said: I really find the standard bases to be bent and wobbly, so I am currently thinking about changing them to GW or PP bases (the GW are 25mm and would fit the standard size used now but the PP looks better but are 30mm). I did that with my Doom figs once upon a time (at least the larger-than-one-square figs) and it was a lot of work. Carving off the majority of the base around their feet was easy enough, but then I had to shave off the thickness of base from the soles of their feet, and that took a while. The figures look (and stand) much better now, but I'm definitely not planning on doing that again with Descent. =P Ok, was that on 30mm or 25mm bases and how did it work if it was 30mm. Was it a problem on the board? P.s Currently cleaning moldlines and assembly holes in my minis and will upload some of mine when I get around the painting them.
  6. Anyone else thinking about changeing the base for all the minis to the ones the lieutenants have? And how do you guys do casework on these minis, do you remove the mini from the base first and then replace it? I really find the standard bases to be bent and wobbly, so I am currently thinking about changing them to GW or PP bases (the GW are 25mm and would fit the standard size used now but the PP looks better but are 30mm).
  7. Hi, I don't really like the bases that the figures comes with and would like to change them. It is however rather hard to find some that fits in size. It does seem like the lieutenant figures use a different base that looks a lot like the bases from PP but they are 30mm and not 25. They do have 50mm bases that would fit. But do anyone know what bases are on the lieutenant and what size they are - and if they are 25mm where to get them?
  8. Hi, I just started playing descent and have a few questions. 1. When you attack a space with blast and surrounding spaces takes dmg does a big monster suffer dmg for all the spaces it is in or only the one being attacked? 2. Is there any fog of war or should all monsters etc. be placed on the map at the start of the game?
  9. Thanks a lot that was exactly what I needed. I plan to buy new bases for my minis so needed the size. My real problem is that I now have 2x descent on its way to me - my local store got another one home and one I ordered from amazon
  10. Hi, I have ordered descent 2nd editon but due to distribution problems there are a 3 week wait in my country. Would anyone be nice and post the size of the figure bases so I could buy new ones in advance for when I paint the minis. When I played my friends descent v1 I always hated the bases and now I am getting my own I want to fix that.
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