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  1. I applaude the level of loyalty and commitment these guards have to stand and take painful, physical ranged damage without reacting! Surely these pacifist guards were assured by their employer that their tile boundary protected them. Carry on!
  2. Sausageman said: fitsou said: First of all! No one can answer that? fitsou said: what do we do with those proof of purchase tokens??? Second i have only the 2nd edition is it worth it to buy the kit? No - the conversion kit allows you to use the plastic from the 1st edition. Unless you have a load of minitures you want to use to substitute those. I don't see why you can't use the CK even if you don't have D1e. Just use your D2e hero tokens as generics.
  3. It appears that the Special Rules are describing how the guard is to react. In other words, the guards are keeping an eye on the surrounding area and, as a guard is paid to do, will defend/attack within his assigned area. If either a hero or a monster is spotted then the guards do their job (ie: they are activated at the end of the hero turn). If you shoot them, again, the guards do their job. They are not cursed gargoyles triggered by some magical motion detector. They are people. If you shoot them from range they will come for you and should be in play once they are aware that the towers are being attacked.
  4. I don't recognize this named, so I assume you are referring to a D1e Hero? If so, there is a thread discussing the conversion kit here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=256&efcid=1&efidt=687971
  5. I understand now with these D1e familiars the OP's desire for clarification. I never played D1e and had not seen any other familiars referenced in D2e. Basically, the D1e familiars add an additional passive ability for their associated hero. Looking forward to the conversion kit!
  6. I can see where the wording could be interpreted differently and some clarity by FFG would settle any ambiguity. The problem verbiage is the inclusion of the statement "while you have this card or token". If the developers wanted the entire turn to be shot then why add that last phrase? That being said, our interpretation is that no other action can be performed until you burn an action to discard the stun. Perhaps I am wrong, but I can say for a fact that playing this way is definately more entertaining than the OP's frustration-filled evening.
  7. Am I missing something? Ashrian's ability just eliminates an action. Once your monsters discard the stun as their first action they no longer "have" it and your monsters still have either a move or an attack action. It seems to me that you played your quests without activating any stunned monsters. This would definately make the outcome pretty lopsided. Try it again as the rules are intended. At the very least your pack of ability-stunned monsters can beat the snot out of Ashrian with your hero's kamakaze stun tactic.
  8. As any2cards states some converted monsters have 2 attacks. These monster CARDS would override the Rule Book stating only one attack aloud. And my earlier post should be written as allowing a monster "an additional attack", not merely a second attack.
  9. Per The Golden Rules (Page18) Rule book < Quest Rules < Cards and Abilites. Your second question is not subjective at all - the intent of Frenzy is to give a monster a second attack during its activation.
  10. In digging around the rule book I re-read The Golden Rules (Page 18) which state the following pecking order: Rule book < Quest Rules < Cards and Abilities. With this order of precedence it would seem that your reanimate question for Necromancer defers to the "Raise Dead" card while any other familiar will not. As well, your second question would seem to defer to the quest rules which you mentioned favor starting the second encounter with the Hero turn.
  11. Per the "Raise Dead" skill card the reanimate requires an action as well as one fatigue to be conjured. This is not limited to Tarha, either of the two Mage archetypes can choose the Necromancer class. Imo FFG need to release an FAQ post haste on the reanimate as there are many gray areas regarding how they are to be played. Regarding who plays first I can find no rules regarding this. I would say its open to interpretation - House Rules.
  12. Freebird, the sole purpose for the icons at the top of the quest pages is to limit which monsters you can play as an "Open Group". Prior to setup pull out all your monster cards that have at least one of those trait icons. Choose any of these to be your "Open Group". It's your choice (within the limits of the trait icons) which group to play. See page 16 "Monster Card Anatomy" in the rule book.
  13. If your group is the three of you and you are on the fence about two-hero play, consider playing four heros and see if that is more satisfying.
  14. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=256&efcid=1&efidt=684638
  15. I have to go with it having to role the surge based on the last line in the rules stating the OL can play cards against it as a hero. But, some official clarification would be nice. In fact, FFG should revise the familiar rules all around soon, as there are many other questions floating about the forums regarding how the reanimate is to be played.
  16. 1. Use OL card "Dash" to sprint. 2. Lts are their own monster group. If reinforcements say you can bring back any monster group then yes. 3. Just as any monster is played as a reinforcement, they activate with full health.
  17. Because of the nature of the quest and the fact that there is no mention in the setup that the Cardinal is immune to ability checks and I believe it also states he acts like a hero with the heal and attack restrictions, I play it that OL cards can be played against him. However, the one constraint is that no damage from cards is taken since he can only be damaged by the zombies. Movement restrictions and stuns can still be played on him IMO.
  18. The rules are clear: "If the line passes through the edge of a map tile, a door, or a blocked space (a space containing a figure or obstacle), the target space is not in the line of sight". Since your line passes through a blocked space (regardless if it is your intended target) the rules state no LOS is attainable. As players of board games we must keep in mind that as immersive as we would like the game world to be, certain real-world laws must be "bent" to allow the game to be played as balanced and fun as possible. Just as we are not targeting the 3D model on the board (we are targeting a tile) the rules for LOS, as written, should be respected. In other words, yes it seems a bit wonky that the target is the figure causing the blocked space in our reality, but in the (board) game world it is perfectly justified and in fact necessary to allow for the strategy of the game to succeed. Now that i look at the example in the rule book, FFG probably should have added your line as red to emphasize the target as blocking LOS. Yay for forums!
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