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  1. It's not a typo. You have to consider that Ettins are getting +R die (also of note: their defense goes from G+G to G+B). The previous example gives a + Y to Cave Spiders. Yes, +Y also adds +surge dmg because Yellow power dice are surge-heavy while red is heart-heavy. It seems to me the reduced surge bonus is fair considering guaranteed damage. IMO the card scales just fine. You're getting one whole Red die and one less surge dmg. The Merriod follows this upgrade path as well: +surge dmg and+Y. The shadow dragon increases BUT don't forget they have reduced mobility due to their size. Look at Blood Apes: only the minion gets +1 additional dmg on surge AND a +Y while the master gets NO surge addition BUT gets +R. Each monster scales up differently; some have much more health than average, but no surge bonus. Others get some combination of surge and power dice bonus, while still others increase defense and others get bonus actions and even bonus movement (Kobolds). There is no typo - each monser has unique strengths and I think the designers did quite well fleshing out just how each monster advances. Play on!
  2. Have fun on eBay - to get all the first edition plastic is running $300 - $500.
  3. I contacted FFG regarding a PDF of the Quest Book and they responded that they have never released Quest Books on PDF in the past and the liklihood of it happening for 2e is slim to none.
  4. I have to agree with this clarification regarding "actively generating" move points. I retract my previous argument. In the OP's case he would burn his last action to discard the stun so that his following turn he would have both actions available.
  5. There is nothing I can find that states the OL cards are based per action. I believe the design is purposeful in that the OL card would state the unique rules of it's play ( this is why cards override the rule book). To this effect, yes, you may use your second action as a move action to negate the pit trap stun. With regard to using fatigue the answer is "yes" because the card is clearly stating "Movement Points" which (Page 8) is defined as your character's movement points AND the ability to convert stamina to movement points. The OL card says nothing as to when, during a hero's two actions, it can be used - it simply says "When a Hero enters an empty space". It also states "If he (the hero) has no movement points to lose" to which I refer to my previous statement regarding movement points; every hero has potentially [2xN movement points + remaining stamina points] movement points per Round. The OL card never refers to "Move ACTIONS" which I believe is where your group's confusion lies. It clearly states "Movement POINTS".
  6. Based on the two cards I would have to say that if the Warrior spent all of his movement points prior to activating OOH, then once he enters the empty space the OL's card suspends the Warrior's action following entry to the space and you follow the rules on the OL card which puts (in this case) a stun on the hero preventing the follow up of the OOH. This makes logical sense as the hero has fallen in a pit and has no range of motion left to get out and perform the attack. However, if the hero has movement points left for whatever reason (activated the action first, split the move, etc) then he simply loses a movement point (and health, of course), the OL's pit trap card is discarded and the hero continues his OOH attack. That's how I understand the cards to be played. Your example leads me to believe he had a second action left which he could use as a move to negate the stun effect. Which, again, is logical since he is using his movement to get out of the pit.
  7. Antistone is correct and his attack example is the exact reason the rules do NOT prevent you from performing actions on spaces with units on them WHILE INTERUPTING YOUR MOVEMENT PHASE. If the elemental is Air simply walk through it (as the card describes) into one of its spaces, interupt your move to attack, and then move back through the elemental to an empty space. From the card (which supercedes any rule book rule) - "AIR: Until the start of your next turn, this monster cannot be affected by any attacks, and heroes may move through it."
  8. Seconding the "Triu Defense". Have fun gaming!
  9. eBay just had him up. He sold for $51 + &4 shipping.
  10. Pretty sure Healing Potions require an action whereas Stamina Potions do not. Pretty sure that is not a typo, but who knows.
  11. Two player "First Blood" (and First Blood in general) favors the Heros, IMO. Dropping a single Ettin with four attacks per round is cake. Getting all five goblins off, not so much. Even if you get all three off by round two, you can only spawn one in on your next turn which means your ranged can just pick them off while your partner whittles down the Ettin. Without any way to heal your monsters the only real chance the OL has is if he can knockout one of the two and squeeze a goblin past on crappy hero roles. I'm not saying the OL can't win First Blood, but it definitely takes a lot more luck than skill, especially with two players.
  12. In the section titled Terrain (Page 18) "All spaces surrounded by a colored line follow the rules for that terrain type." ie: each water space costs two movement.
  13. Played "The Mascarade Ball" this morning with RedScorpion (Thief) and Corbin the Axe Bearer (Berserker). Heros managed to escort one of the possible two guests out and managed to roll one shield to reveal the named. This meant Lady Farlow had to test against every door in the second episode. We caught up to her in the first room of monsters (Medusas) and as she failed to answer the riddle three times our heros, down to one health for Red Scorpion and four health for Corbin managed to pound her into oblivion. Victory - two heros.
  14. I never played D1e so I have no idea how similar the heros play out, but here are a couple of stand outs I've come across: Ispher with his poison immunity, health regeneration and sweet Heroic Feat to recover all health. Karnon with his 6 Might and insta-kill Heroic Feat The Skill Swap of Arvel Worldwalker is pretty awesome
  15. You could double up your heros and try a few quests with four - two each. Then you could determine if 2 heros is too difficult.
  16. "The Conversion Kit Includes: Forty-eight Hero sheets, representing the heroes from Descent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition), The Well of Darkness, The Altar of Despair, and The Tomb of Ice expansions, plus the heroes introduced in DungeonQuest, as well as the promotional heroes Jonas the Kind, Nara the Fang, Tobin Farslayer, and Truthseer Kel. Fifty Monster cards, representing the twenty-five monsters from Descent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition) as well as The Well of Darkness, The Altar of Despair, and The Tomb of Ice expansions. Three Familiar cards for Pico, Skye, and Brightblaze. " Isn't Mist of Zanga from Runebound?
  17. Anyone know where to find sleeves for Hero cards?
  18. Neffer said: Although id still see the zombies as a threat with the shadow dragon blocking the exit they would soon catch up as well as the 2nd wave monsters coming in. Once you get the Cardinal, the zombies can't catch you unless the OL blocks the hall. Even then, your four attacks per turn should be able to mow down anything in front of you (unless you roll REALLY bad). Remember that Shamble prevents the OL from double moving zombies. Also, dont forget that the shrine still works once you get the Cardinal and I doubt that the OL bringing in one monster per turn will be an issue since the entrance is so open allowing you to move past them in most cases. Again, it IS unbalanced for two because with four you can protect the Cardinal in a hallway trap by sticking him between the two pairs of heros. For two its a rough go, but I still like this quest for its intensity factor.
  19. Oh definitely, you can't initiate any fighting in this encounter. To do so would surely be the death of the Cardinal. It's all about speed, which again does not work in a 2 hero game since you don't have anyone to kite whatever monsters are blocking your route. Also, I highly recommend you play your individual quests with the Advanced or Expert rules to give your heros some much needed skills and gear. Especially if it's just two heros.
  20. Technically, you don't have to fend off any zombies thanks to Shamble. However, the quest does not scale well simply because the only decent chance of getting to the cardinal in time with two heros is if you find the key on your first search. With four heros you will be able to search both within a turn of each other and have a third hero in the hall to relay the key to the door (one hero, of course, is always triggering the shrine - preferably the one with the highest attribute). I think a quick fix would be to scale the health gained by the Cardinal from the shrine activations based on hero count. But its still a fun quest IMO. In reference to the Fat Goblin scenario I find it hard to believe that two heros blocked your exit. Splig has a throw ability and any OL knowing the conditions of the quest would certainly hold their Dash cards for encounter 2. Not to mention Dark Charm which lets you control a hero allowing you to move one out of your way.
  21. Correct - one dash per turn. Optimal is three turns to get out if unimpeeded.
  22. Double move + Dash is how you get your fat goblin out. Hold onto both Dash cards until the end run!
  23. "Choose Next Quest" (Page 21). Whoever wins the previous Act 1 quest chooses any of the remaining Act 1 quests. You do not have to play "A Fat Goblin" at all if you so desire.
  24. As long as a skill card does not have the action symbol it can be played any time during the player's turn (unless otherwise specified on the skill card). From the Perform Actions section of the Rule Book (page 7): "Use A Skill - The hero uses a skill listed on one of his Class cards THAT REQUIRES AN ACTION. These actions are denoted with a (action arrow image).". So, no action icon equals a passive ability.
  25. One attack roll is just that. You determine what the surge does and apply it to both targets. Likewise, any benefit from surges is considered from a single attack. The heroic feat is in a sense amplifying the one attack, but it's still just one attack.
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