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  1. I believe there are artifacts, which Lts use, that require exhaustion. Other than that, you never know what lies ahead for future OL class cards.
  2. Quest Book isn't in front of me, but aren't there a couple of tokens labeled * ? Those are also searchable - typically for a quest item, but in the event the item is not discovered you would draw a search card.
  3. z22 said: The expansion looks great with one major exception, no new campaign. This isn't acceptable. Every expansion should have at least one new, complete, campaign, and mini expansions could only be new campaigns. I'm shocked FFG can't come up with a new campaign for this expansion. Why go 1/2 way in creating 5 new quests when you could create a handful more and have a full campaign? Dude, you don't have to buy it. If its complete and utter insanity to even consider what FFG has done as "cool", then keep your hard-earned greenbacks and enjoy your life. I'm sure nobody is going lose any sleep over your decision.
  4. Your Heroic abilities are used for quests. Traveling is not a quest, it is a step in the overall "Campaign Phase" which prepares the scene and the heroes for the upcoming quest. You don't use any abilities during this step of he Campaign Phase. Also, as noted on Page 22 of the rule book "Any damage, fatigue, or condition the heroes suffer from events is carried over to the quest."
  5. Dear Descent 2e players, Can all non-FFG staff please STOP answering posts in this thread? It's a FAQ for a reason. If a player wants to discuss their question, please re-post outside this thread. Thanks.
  6. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=256&efcid=1&efidt=689914 The conversion kit is a no brainer if you want some variety to your 2e. If using the existing figures is confusing to your group I believe there are kits online for printing paper proxies. Get the CK either way. It's a great way to spice up the game.
  7. KristoffStark said: I actually just had a flash of inspiration on my way to work this morning as I tried to define what constitutes an "attack" in this game. What suddenly occurred to me is that the blue die is referred to as the "attack die." Perhaps thing that involve the rolling of this die are considered "attacks" and things that do not are not. Indeed, and bash uses no such die. It's an attribute check. Therefore, with no indication that it is classified as an Attack Action it may be used twice.
  8. The real question everyone is concerned with is: will it ship with another set of dice?
  9. schmoo34 said: Does anyone know if the conversion kit will convert the heroes I got from Dungeonquest? I have 4 dungeonquest hero cards (that came with the game but are for first edition) From the Press Release: The Conversion Kit Includes: Forty-eight Hero sheets, representing the heroes from Descent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition), The Well of Darkness, The Altar of Despair, and The Tomb of Ice expansions, plus the heroes introduced in DungeonQuest, as well as the promotional heroes Jonas the Kind, Nara the Fang, Tobin Farslayer, and Truthseer Kel. Fifty Monster cards, representing the twenty-five monsters fromDescent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition) as well as The Well of Darkness, The Altar of Despair, and The Tomb of Ice expansions. Three Familiar cards for Pico, Skye, and Brightblaze. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3459
  10. If you are going to quibble over this please clarify where in the Hero Turn Summary it lists "Use your Heroic Ability". Technically (and since we are splitting hairs in this thread) no hero ability can be played as it is not explicitly stated anywhere what exactly the ability is catagprized as. So, if you can't agree on where fatigue ends then just eliminate the use of heroic abilities since they suffer from the same verbiage clarity issue. Just sayin'.
  11. Per Page 7 of the rule book you do NOT have to perform any actions. As Standup is an action, it is your option to do so.
  12. We all know this is abuse of the rules. However, what I would counter with if they are going to be douches is that NOWHERE in the rules is the Heroic Ability classified as anything other than an ability and technically can't be used by any hero based on the hero turn summary. Defense rests. Also, for what it is worth, we play that fatigue caps on Offense and removes health on Defense if it has reached its max.
  13. No flaw. If you are referring to the "Break The Rune" skill and the Act 2 shop item "Ice Storm" (Act 1 has a Stun version known as "Sunburst") its pretty potent. I suppose as the OL you would want to maximize ranged units and burn down Leoric ASAP whenever possible. But I'm curious how the final Boss suffered as poorly when it has Fire Breath at a range of 4. Even if Leoric imobilizes and burns his last fatigue he's in range… Or did he have some trinket that added stamina? Maybe he would forfeit a surge for 1 more move? Even so, it's a tricky business being OL. Plan, plan, plan and stack your deck as best you can. And to all the Runemasters out there - make a note of this tactic. On a side note: were you sure to imobilize and damage any heros within the three spaces? Just curious. Edit: perhaps Leoric was using "Exploding Rune" instead? Please clarify which skill/item combo you are discussing.
  14. Good point on the monster spawn, I assumed the OL was not versed in blocking techniques and allowed the heros to slip past. In which case the OP made a sweet tactical move and shame on the OL for not realizing how open he had left his Lt. However, if no monsters were placed at all, then bad form overall. Either way, the duo of Jain and Grisbane is far from broken - the dwarf has to be within three spaces to use OOH so the mobility issues that arise from using Jain's full 20 space Feat + Fatigue Burn coupled with Grisbane's 7 total movement points (with reserve for Feat) defeats the purpose. If you're using Jain's feat to gain an extra attack with some movement then fair enough, but she would still need to be within three spaces of Gris for him to be effective with OOH. His skill works great to bypass blocking monsters, but he still has severe mobility issues the player must deal with.
  15. Also, don't forget the ultimate advantage heros have over the OL - two attack actions! If your heros are constantly blowing half their actions to rest they are missing prime damage opportunities. I would be thrilled as an OL if my group played like yours! From experience on bothe sides of the Descent 2e fence I can tell you that your worries about fatigue abuse are nothing to concern yourself with. I have had several games where the OL clobbered this style of play as well as the opposite where heros desperately need to rest but circumstances prevent it… which is a great feeling as an OL.
  16. 1) You may use any skill with the arrow icon as an action. If that skill does not specifically state that the card is exhausted and you meet the requirements of the card, then you may perform that skill as a second action. 2) Wendigo pertains only to ranged attacks. Melee does not test for range. However, there may be contention in this area since Card rules supersede the Rule Book and the wording might be misconstrued. Post it on the FAQ if you think otherwise.
  17. Malgamus said: Maybe not all the minis but a "Best Of" collection with cards/sheets for 2E would be nice. If not, I will just build up with 2E and forward. I don't have the cash to obtain the entire 1E collection and the Conversion Kit would be a waste without it. I don't think the CK is a waste at all if you don't have the plastic. Just proxy your existing minis or even tokens. Having 25 more monsters is great.
  18. Yes. OL can be a bit of a head spinner with all of the limitations set on WHEN they can be played. Don't feel the least bit discouraged when you find yourself cursing "If only I had read that BEFORE all of this just happened!" Definately spend some time becoming familiar with the various roles before commiting to the Campaign. Play several one-off quests with differnt heros and starting gear only and feel your way around any unconventional scenarios. Once you are more comfortable try a couple Advanced or Epic variants to get a feel for the power that opens up (and is required) to go toe-to-toe with more powerful monsters and deeper OL decks. Then, when you are ready to commit, start up the campaign. The nine quests of a campaign will take many sessions to complete and a certain level of commitment is required (you can't change the number of heroes, the hero itself or it's class once the campaign starts). If you think Descent 2e is your cup of tea you should consider purchasing the Conversion Kit which boosts your monster variety considerably (25 more monsters from Descent 1e - cards only, the miniatures will need to be proxied or found as FFG no longer sells them) and an additional 48 heroes (again, cards only). My advice is to not get hung up on an issue during your session. Do your best to come to an agreement with all involved to keep the game moving and then research the solution before your next session when you can clarify for everyone going forward.
  19. This being your introduction to RPG games, it can feel a tad overwhelming. However, I think you made a good first choice in that, while complicated, Descent 2e is a great starter for this genre. That being said, your first question pertaining to Archtypes and Classes can be better explained with a culinary example. 1) Think of the Archtype as the type of food you want to dine on: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etc. Think of Classes as entrees. Now, in the case of the current shipping edition of Descent 2e, there are two entrees to choose from each food type: Enchilada or Burrito for Mexican. Won Tons or Kung Pow Chicken for Chinese. Pizza or Spaghetti for Itallian, etc. Finally, consider each hero as the delivery person of one of these food types - remember though, that while you can choose a food type and even an entree, the restaurant the hero is working for is NOT in your control. They already have an employer and that company's logo is represented by the red/green/yellow/blue icon in the top center of each hero card. If you are with me still let's translate: a hero has a predefined Archtype (food type) which offers a player a choice of class (entree) to play. Each hero is predefined as an Archtype (company logo). What this means in the game is that you may select a hero with a Warrior Archtype (red icon) who may be either a Berseker Class OR a Knight Class. When issuing the BASIC cards every Class has at least one item (typically a weapon, but could also include shields or accessories) and they all start with just ONE skill (the one without the XP number on the upper right of the card). If you take a close look at the BACK of each Class Deck you will see their Class Name printed beneath the red/green/yellow/blue Archtype Icon (Berserker, Knight, etc). You only use the corresponding items and single skill card. All future skill cards purchased are only purchased from the same Class Deck. It sounds like in your example you took BOTH the Berserker AND the Knight starting items and starting skills. 2) Start of Turn abilities are just that - anything specifically stated as transpiring at the start of your turn. In these types of games verbiage is not chosen lightly. What may appear as a question of symantics to you is NOT how the rules are to be interpreted. They are written very specifically to alleviate questions pertaining to said rules. In this case, while you may not have any current skills or attributes or heroic feats that permit you to take such actions, rest assured that something does and once that something comes to be in your gaming session THEN it will be played as intended (which could very well be "at the start of a hero's turn"). A good example is Poison. When a hero is poisoned they roll an attribute test "at the start of their turn". The reason it is played as such is that a player could very well be knocked out by poison before they have an opportunity to heal themselves - this is how poison is intended to be played. This segues into the OL… 3) The OL always picks a card from their deck at the start of their turn and can immediately play that card if it states it can be played at the start of the OL turn (along with any others with instruction to use "at the start of your turn") if he so desires. The rules are a bit scattered in three different sections of the rule book but if you lump up all the OL sections you will find the information. As far as exhausting OL cards there are no such cards in the basic deck. Once you use it it goes into the discard pile. With regard to Tripwire you only play it once against a single hero and then discard it. Lastly: the funny arrow icons represent actions. If a skill has one, then that skill must be used as one of your two actions. If the skill has no arrow it can be used without taking away one of your two actions and is typically exhausted to show that you have used it that round. On a side note always keep in mind the following when determining the rules: Cards > Quest Guide > Rule Book. Hope this helped. Have fun playing!
  20. Sythion please clarify your uber combo. The dwarf Knight has one triple attack that I am aware of. Oath Of Honor attack requires an action to be spent and you burn your heroic feat. Also, Jain's move twice and attack heroic feat is just that - a heroic feat can only be played once per encounter. One-time abilities are not unbalanced. You used them at the right moment and your one attempt to use them worked well. Good strategy. But you can't use that Combe more than once per encounter.
  21. Nah, your points are totally valid. Honestly, I only have been playing two-hero runs as individual quests and using the Advanced or Expert Level rules. I have been running Campaigns with four heros. Maybe try setting a House Rule to double all gold values (including quest rewards) for two-hero Campaigns? Or maybe allow your heros to pick their store items from any in the deck? Either way, you should post your thoughts on the FAQ thread so it's on FFG's radar to address.
  22. I think trying to compare monsters on a one-to-one ratio is just awful - maybe Ettins are clumsy and this is represented in the choice of upgrade, who knows. Some are much more powerful while others only slightly so. (By the way I edited my previous post to say that the Shadow Dragon lacks the mobility of the Ettin). If you feel that the Ettin is a typo feel free to contact FFG. I don't have an issue with it and looking through all the CK cards it feels fine to me.
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