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  1. Cards trump all. Your hero may reveal the token without being adjacent. Regarding the second question, no search card is awarded as the test for said award is testing successfully against a challenge token's ability check, not the secret room's ability check.
  2. Page 17. The first sentence regarding familiars pretty much answers your question. Mobile equipment sounds about right - nice analogy.
  3. Dig through these forums for a link to a guy overseas who does them. If I come across his contact info I'll post, but there is already a thread on these forums for these sleeves. I have purchased them from him and they are great.
  4. Looks fantastic! Is it possible to get the left and right page templates you used? I'm working on a campaign as well, although not as deep as this. Nice work!
  5. I think you are reading into it too much. Basically, the rules are stating that you can't split turns between you and your familiar. The rule is there because most heroes are solo, so they don't think twice about such a "small" detail - they perform two actions and pass the dice. If you play with a familiar, you are playing more in tune with the OL. Just like the OL must perform each individual monster's actions before another's, so, too must you commit fully to either your hero performing both actions before your familiar or visa versa. This may seem petty, but I can assure you it is not. The first time you try performing a Blast attack as you hero's first action while your familiar is in the radius will have you understand how NON-trivial the rule is. Enjoy!
  6. Strictly speaking, the range is determined by adding the numbers on the attack dice rolled. If the target is within that number of spaces you are in range. There may be other factors involved to determine if you hit your target including Line Of Sight and special action abilities, among other things.
  7. Unless the enemy is carrying said item, or the quest rules state otherwise, the item is fair game.
  8. iPhone now has Descent iDice. Allows you to save customized "loadouts". Does the job well.
  9. I emailed FFG the other day requesting a date to expect the sale of additional dice for D2E and this was the reply: "At this time we have no plans to release dice packs of the game for sale." Baffling.
  10. Any hero can use valor tokens as long as a Champion is in the group. He basically provides additional abilities to his fellow heroes. It works like this: some trigger allows a valor token to be given to a hero or the Champion himself, once a valor token is in a hero's possession that player may use ANY SKILL that the Champion possesses which requires a valor token(s). In the base configuration this means if a player - ANY player - possesses a valor token they may "cash in" a token for +1 damage on an attack roll. Other skills allow more advanced use including the ability to swap tokens for grey defense dice. Once you get the concept it's a pretty sweet system. Hit the below link for FFG's Champion summary: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3758
  11. I've played many 2 player games that, while not filled with the comaraderie and strategy suggestions found with more players, were still fun and challenging. My trick is that I play all four heroes. This keeps my head in the game by having to learn/use all of their different abilites. Another thing that keeps it fresh is randomly picking heroes so it's not the same run repeatedly.
  12. Kel is no longer in stock. Perhaps they ran out and shipped you what they could. Did you get charged for two?
  13. When I read this I literally laughed out loud! Touché. In reading the rules you appear to be correct. We always just trace the LoS path, but this is clearly not what is indicated in the rules. Re-reading I see that, indeed LoS and range check are two separate pathing formulas. I am not sure if this was the intent, but I'll be damned if what you point out doesn't appear to be correct. I'm still sticking with tracing the LoS path, but I believe you are right.
  14. fulvio67 said: Boiling water is perfect to restore bended pieces. This advice sounds so similar…
  15. Yup. I'd agree you're beating a dead horse at this point. The thing is D2e is played on a square grid which has all kinds of nuances in terms of general movement and LoS. My group just plays it as intended even if those bizarre caveats crop up that would never occur in a true 3D space. Surprise! It's a board game. It's really not so terrible and it's not like one side benefits as they both play by the same rules. But I suppose if you're just pulling your hair out because FFG's 2D world isn't conforming with the natural laws of physics, you can always just house rule it and carry on.
  16. You have to understand how the D2e icons read in order to solve your query. Because Avric's ability is stated as "Each hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself) gains 'surge: Recover 1 heart' on all attack rolls" it is applying the ability to add another surge option to any hero within 3 spaces attacking. If it was meant to be that only Avric's surges could heal it would be worded as "On your attack rolls, you gain 'surge: Recover 1heart' for each hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself)."
  17. Coldmoonrising said: After reviewing the card, yes it is greatly different than the previous one. The only reason I could see using this card is to burn down tanks or anyone with crazy defense. You get one (or two) turns to target that hero and hopefully destroy him/her in those few attacks. This is my perspective on the card and maybe not such a terrible card when you think about the proper way to play it. The "proper" way to play it… It relies on two things: who searches and do you have anything to damage that hero when they are the monkey? My group NEVER searches until all monsters are dead (or if it's the end of an encounter to round up treasure they keep minimal monsters alive without ending the encounter) so properly playing this card boils down to careless heroes or greedy heroes. I have yet to use the card to cause any damage to an affected hero.
  18. As stated above heroes do NOT get full recovery after a knock down. And, yes, the zombies attack the Cardinal every turn. The trick on that level for the heroes is speed - even ignoring monsters until the cardinal is free to move. Keep in mind two things in that encounter: the heroes may heal the cardinal once per round via the shrine and the only monster that damages the cardinal are zombies.
  19. You were not kidding when you said in an earlier post that you play with a bunch of rules lawyers! We play that the monkey only moves, but now that your friends point it out, I suppose it's a valid argument. Still, we'll continue the way we have been playing - the card is actually not that great (at least in our games) since most of the hero searches occur after all monsters have been defeated.
  20. Totally agree about Danger Sense. It needs to be limited to once an encounter or the fatigue bumped up to 4 or 5 so that if they want to try and burn OL cards at least they can't do anything else.
  21. Ya, you have found an interesting dilimma. Clearly the only current resolution is to house rule it and wait for the next FAQ, whenever that is. In the meantime, I would suggest you send this question in via the support link. Both of my questions to FFG were answered in roughly a week's time. If you get a response please post it.
  22. The only specific limitation is on the river tile monsters. Your reinforcements can continue through and around like normal. In your case the Merriod would stay in its position until a hero stepped onto the caravan - all other monsters, including the Lt can move as normal.
  23. Dip them in boiling water for 4-5 seconds, reshape, then drop them in ice cold water.
  24. Expansion looks great! But, man, I could really use a couple more sets of dice. I know ROI is exponentially better for FFG with an xpac, but I'm dyin' here.
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