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  1. Noted. Regardless, the surge counts even if out of range. I was trying to find a non-combat skill to demonstrate (I have yet to play a Spiritspeaker). On a side note - that seems pretty weak for a 3 XP skill. I like my interpretation better, heh.
  2. I hear what you're saying Steve-O, and I can appreciate the logic behind your rationale. But, the rules only restrict surge use if X is rolled. With the Quest Vault I expect we will see some unique uses for surges. I have a quest design that use them as a type of counter where upon N surges tallied a new monster group is introduced to the map. I like your take on surges used as a combat mechanic, but they have more utility than just damage and fatigue adjustments.
  3. Unless otherwise noted in the Quest, carrying items has no effect other than it requires an action to either "pick up" or "drop" an item. You may continue to kill at will in the game without concerning yourself with such real-world physics. A certain suspension of disbelief is required from time to time - right up there with casting magic and fighting Crypt Dragons.
  4. Please remember that this is a grid-based game and the rules were written to accommodate this with respect to (among many other actions) targeting. Does it look "right"? No. But, it is how the game was designed (and endlessly play-tested). Just remember that Line Of Sight is a completely separate calculation than Range - as you can more clearly see with the previous post. (Great visual aid JohnMill)
  5. Robin said: So, if the "E" square was a terrain obstacle, the range would be 3, as the obstacle may not be used for counting ? Yes, according to the RAW.
  6. Perhaps FFG should have made a separate surge die with its own phase in the turn sequence. As it stands, the only time to get surges is when rolling dice that contain them and that is the combat phase. But the surge is not limited to combat results as evidenced by the ability to convert one into a MP. I can see why you would house rule that surges don't count unless you are in range and do damage, but it is not how surges are used at all. It's unfortunate that FFG combined this functionality with combat as most players will link the surge as a combat-only use. I'm sure we will see some more variety in surge abilities as expansions come out and with the Quest Vault which would make its utility more accepted.
  7. 2 range. Range is not the same as LoS. To keep your attack thematically correct you could say your character spotted an open shot for a brief moment and took it! Per page 13 you just need the range to the target as long as none of the spaces are labeled an obstacle.
  8. Note that if you use a rest action that you gain the rested stamina at the END of your turn. So, no spending all your fatigue and resting to use it again in the same turn. Also, Fury of Undeath is basically trading one of the Necro's actions to allow the Reanimate to "go twice" that round. Raise Dead summons it to existance on the board.
  9. Oh Christ! If the expansions have their own dice we're never going to see extra sets.
  10. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/863073/adam-and-justin-sez-thread-potentially-official/page/2 About the twelfth post in.
  11. With 3 why not ignore the Goblin rush and just beat down the lone Ettin? The OL can only spawn one Goblin per turn which should be easy enough to manage. With the water penalty I'm pretty sure that's three turns of damage before worrying about Goblins. The Ettin will most likely be dead in three to four turns.
  12. I am nowhere near a Quest Guide, but isn't 3 heroes just played with a single Red Ettin?
  13. Think of Surges as bonus stuff your hero can do, regardless of the range/damage outcome. Unless you roll an X you can use your surges for whatever your character allows surges to be used for. If you come up short in range and your surge allows additional range you MAY choose to use your surge to extend your range so you can deal damage OR you could use it for a fatigue point which allows you to move that one last space to escape off the board… The choice is yours. The rules are pretty cut and dry - nothing states that surges (although rolled in the combat phase) have to pertain to the outcome of that combat. Spiritspeaker skill "Vigor" is a good example: For every Surge rolled each hero recovers 1 Stamina. Let's say you're in act two and your Spiritspeaker has this ability and also carries the Lightning Strike rune. The situation is dire. Your fellow heroes have blown all of their Stamina points on an attempt to do some major damage, but the dice didn't roll their way (you know the deal). No rest action was used so it's gonna be two turns before your group has any chance of dealing decent damage. But, wait! On your attack you roll 3 Surges! But your range is short. No worries, just give everyone 3 Stamina back and it's almost as good as that lost rest action. The COMBAT rules are as follows: 2. ROLL DICE: If an X is rolled on the blue attack die, the attack is considered a miss and all other results are ignored. 4. SPEND SURGES: If there are any surge results obtained during the attack roll, the attacking player may spend these surges on different abilities.
  14. Any attack to any player as long as the Monster is within 3 spaces of Leoric. Keep in mind also that Line Of Sight is not necessary for this effect to work.
  15. No. You have to choose your weapon before attacking.
  16. Think of the Champion as a kind of middle-man. If you have a valor token you can cash it in to use certain Champion abilities. He kind of extends your skill set.
  17. Sorry, but no. Sweep is considered an Action. While it does consist of an attack action it is denoted as just an action and does not follow the rule of Frenzy which is to perform an additional attack action ie, a basic attack. If Sweep were a surge ability, then, yes. But, sadly, it is not.
  18. A) Every hero has a pool of movement points consisting of their Speed plus any Fatigue they choose to convert. Fatigue used for movement is not considered an action. B) This is valid. C) This is invalid. A hero can only use up to his total Fatigue. If, however, an action against the hero cause loss of Fatigue beyond his total THAT amount is converted to damage taken.
  19. Air was modified in the errata so, not sure if it has the intended effect you desire. As for Reinforce, enjoy the loophole while you can as FFG has stated this card is being reworked. Most likely see a change in the next FAQ update.
  20. Yup, forums is good like that. And as far as what reasoning is behind why monsters attack only once, well, I think your recent experience sums it up nicely. By the way, the Frenzy overlord card does allow monsters a couple of opportunities to lay the smack down. Hope your gaming experience is better now.
  21. First Blood is geared toward heroes winning. I've never seen the overlord win (have played the scenario maybe ten times). Dunno what to say. Are you spawning the correct amount of Goblins? You can only reinforce once one exits - gotta respect group limits. Are you playing with the minion Ettin? Other than that I guess I would ask if your monsters are only attacking once per turn? Are your heroes using their fatigue points efficiently? I could go on, but I have no idea how you are playing. My experience has heroes dropping Mauler in four turns, tops.
  22. The rumor cards are how the quests get played from the expansion into the Default campaign. I believe the rules state to start from the beginning of the campaign, but I don't see any reason you couldn't begin midway - its just allowing the ability to add more quests (albiet, without XP gained) to the campaign.
  23. FFG conveniently displays giant color coded boxes with numbers in them to let you know which sleeves to purchase. To see this in action go to http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=176&esem=2&esum=215 and click on the large graphic on the right with the green and yellow boxes. That will link you to what you need. As for the Hero cards, FFG makes no such sleeve, but you can find info on a guy that makes them here: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/9748256#9748256
  24. Why don't you give it a whirl and see what happens. I think you'll find that your concerns are invalid. At least, our group hasn't managed to steamroll the OL when running Advanced quests.
  25. Please consider increasing the Locked Door count (currently two, based on the physical images depicted on the game pieces) to be the total number of doors available in game. Technically, any door piece can be "locked" and rather than have additional text boxes and lines on the map PDF it would be great if you simply gave the option of adding additional Red Bar icons.
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