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  1. Dam said:

    Key is to try and win the first quest in Act 2, then heroes pick Blood of Heroes and win, giving you the control to pick the final quest (which for me would be Ritual of Shadows, Act 2's version of pre-FAQ Castle Daerion IMO), thus you're in control of which Finale you'll be playing.


    This would be why the above house rule isn't so hot. Weird, it's like FFG playtested this game.

  2. A) As with normal large monster movement you must be able to fully expand wherever the monster ends its turn. So, no, you can't "hang" the large monster off the entrance tile. You must place it nearest the entrance tile wherever it can fully expand.


    B) This is legal.

  3. MaximumPain said:

    Another nice tactic is instead of moving at all just burn up the rest of your stamina then rest to have a full account again. Often times a hero doesnt need their full movement to get into position. With some heros they get more movement points by doing this then by taking a normal move action.

    I am confused at what you are describing here.  Which heroes get more movement points by resting - the rest action only gives back fatigue after the end of your turn. Can you clarify?

  4. Only applies to attacks made by the geomancer. To attack with one of your stones you would exhaust the basic skill (consuming one of the geomancer's actions) then perform a second action - or vice versa. Only then would you be able to attack with a single stone during the familiar's activation phase. To gain the surge you would activate the familiar(s) first (the stone(s)), move them into position and then activate your geomancer. You can't split actions between your stone(s) and your character. The "your" refers to the geomancer.

  5. There is no LoS required for summoning a stone, so behind a closed door is legal. As for your second question I count the spaces as an adjacent path, but it wouldn't hurt to ask FFG. I, personally, am weary of playing across negative game space and always discourage it. But, if the intent is to drop a 3x3 template around the geomancer and allowing any open space to be used, then so be it.  Let us know what the devs say.

  6. Not legal if the monster is melee. Once you move you are committed to move unless performing another action. This means you can't expand until you declare the action. In order to attack as melee your monster must be adjacent to the target (unless they have reach). Ergo, since you are shrunk while moving you would not be adjacent to your target to allow the attack action for movement interruption.

  7. gaarge said:

    I was playing with the High Mage Quellen, and I was wondering about something.  Can spiders crawl over Quellen's Summoned Stone?  Can the Sentinels fly over the same?

    Spiders can only crawl over the boulders placed by the OL. There is no mention that they may crawl over obsticles (which is what your stones are considered). Flight, however, is able to ignore obsticles: "Fly: This monster may ignore enemy figures and the effects of terrain while moving. It must end its movement in an empty space following normal movement rules." Since an obsticle is defined as an effect of terrain (regardless of weather or not it's a red bounding box or your stone), figures with flight may move over - but may not land on - it's space.

    The Hybrid Sentinels are tough buggers. The OL destroyed us using them in this quest.

  8. "Minimum of one" relates to the damage the roll can do. The rule is saying you can't negate a monster's heart count below one. The defense die has nothing to do with the ability. In your example the surge for +1 damage is negated by Leoric's ability giving a total of three hearts for his attack roll.


    The minimum relates to a roll where the OL rolls a single heart of damage - this cannot be reduced to zero - he is always allowed to have a "minimum of one" heart as his damage roll.  Whether or not the defense dice prevent damage from being taken is irrelevant.

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