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  1. Those are real nice works, great. Do you use rules for mulit level buildings as well? We were trying some ideas but did not find the right balance. As far we are playing with a range bonus of 6 inches per story when shooting down and a substitution of 3 inches when shooting up. Also you only can shoot down when the unit is 3 inches from the edge and only reach the unit in the same case. I think of loosing the last rule because it doesnt do good for the flow. And i think we have to drop the rule for restrictions when shooting up, because it gives the unit above just too much advantages. Any ideas from you guys?
  2. Well i'm not sure if I'm missing something, but isn't Nikolais Take Aim restricted to piloting a vehicle? So there is no hitting on blanks for infantriy with Nikolai.
  3. I've got a question on the vehicle damage by Incendiary Weapons. Do I still roll dice for the other weapons, and then get two effects? Especially if I would put them with a unit with the tank killer ability. This would just be a waste if i could not roll another vehicle damage effect.
  4. I get some of the points your seller is making. There sure are some downsides to Warfare. For one the missing of official cards. It would be nice to get official stat cards but as mentioned above, there are really great stat cards by the community with all abilities and stats in a great overview. Sure you have to print them for use in game, that's some additional cost for you, but in my opinion it is really acceptable. The second point would be the static army list you mentioned. You really can only use certain units in certain combinations. You also will have to get some units to use others because you need certain first sections and command units to field others. So if you start with warfare, and do not have any units you should check out dust.mainecoon.net/ to check which units you need, so you can buy the units that make sense. For us it wasn't a downside because we had most of the units for Tactics already and I for myself did only need to buy the command units, which where on my next-to-buy list anyways. The heavies your seller mentioned sure mean the new ones, but they are included in the new Zverograd rulebook. But even this isn't necassary, if you just use axis and allies, because the force builder from above includes all the rules for deployment. The one downside i can agree on, is that the most heroes aren't available outside of tactics mission boxes. We do not play tactics anymore, so a complete box with rules and playfield just for two heroes is not so great. We got to score some solo heroes from ebay, but it's not that satisfiing. Well those are the downsides. They don't keep me from enjoying a great tabletop, with a big plus to Tactics. The parties are much more balanced, the units as well. Some of the rules are much clearer in comparison and special abilities nicer. I love the models, and am really excited about the stuff yet to come. The somewhat static armylists are giving the game an additional aspect, because you will see balanced forces and also have a nice puzzle effect, because you really have to think about the best combinations. The game is also really fast paced, and by the time you got the rules in your head, you will play a game of larger size (300-400 points) in about two or three hours. There are nice rules for tournament play and some basic rules to create a campaing. In the books coming and Zverograd there are even some real campaign missions. All in all i would have to say that there sure goes a lot of money, but for me, it's wort it. Of course i don't know other tabletops yet, so i don't know if my opinion is that helpful for an experienced tabletop player.
  5. Yes thats my experience too. The whole construction isn't too stable. I didn't use it in a game yet, but i believe it will be a little edgy to handle. I guess I will glue all parts together, so it stands nicely. I also experience the top tilting forward at the smallest movement. A little sad even though the model design is really superb.
  6. Hi everyone, I just got the light german walker and realized that you can take of the front part of the chasis. I guess it would be looking really great to take off this part and put in a pilot on a seat with some handles and leave the top off, maybe replace it with some kind of glass top. I have the picture of the snowspeeder from Star Wars in mind for the general direction, or maybe leave the top of completely making it similar to the allie light walkers but without the motorcycle vibe. Does any of you guys have any idea of where to get miniature pilots the right size in the right position? Would be really great.
  7. Well sounds like, if my opponent isn't fielding the superheavies, which he isn't, the SSU should make for a nice game against the allies. I guess the attack heli will be a good option, because the allies are lacking a bit of anti air power as it seems to me.
  8. Over in the Tactics forum there are people talking about the SSU forces being too weak. Is this a Tactics problem, or does this apply to Warfare too? In our games of Tactics we came to agree, that the allies are inferior to the axis as well but in Warfare they seem to be very nicely balanced so far. I would not like to spend a lot of money on SSU troops if they are depressing to play, even though i find them too be very cool.
  9. I've read, that there are no new platoons for axis and allies in the zverograd rulebook. Is there mentioned in which platoons i can use the Rattler and Cobra for the allies and the Wotan (AR) and Flamm-Luther for the axis?
  10. Great, thanks. So two Nebelwerfers it is. Muahaha!
  11. Am I allowed to deploy the same kind of Support-Unit twice for one Platoon, for example two sniper teams or even two Nebelwerfers. Or just one of every kind?
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