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  1. Coldmoonrising said: If enough people show interest in buying miniature packs FFG may end up releasing them. Let me hereby show my interest! »EXY'S INTEREST«
  2. Thank you for the information! (And I'll keep the Blood Ape tip in mind…)
  3. Please confirm that the second Line of Sight example on page 12 of the rules is correct (because figures block LOS into their own "rearward" corners). The bolded "any corner" text in the LOS rules, without any reminder of figure-occupied spaces blocking LOS, has raised this question at least 3 times in this forum plus a couple other times on BGG.
  4. Veteran players - I'll be playing with the conversion kit but I don't have any 1E sets. So that I can proxy figures correctly, can anyone with 1E please tell me which figures are large? I'm given to understand that Hell Hounds are 1x2 and the (Crypt) Dragons are 2x3, but I'm not positive about which ones are 2x2. Thanks!
  5. Check this thread on the subject. The short answer (as far as we can tell) is that you also have to consider the rule that figures block line of sight. (I agree that it is confusing that they bolded "any corner" but didn't remind you of this caveat.) So while you can trace LOS from any corner in principle, in practice you can only make use of the proximal corners.
  6. Paco62 said: exy said: The rules in the Familiars section says that familiars on the board can only take one move action on their turn, plus whatever other actions its card allows. The Reanimate says it is allowed an attack per turn. Missed that part when we were talking through it last night. Thanks for the clarification. No problem. We were allowing the Reanimate multiple moves and attacks for a few rounds before I happened to notice that. (I think we were checking whether he could grab crops..)
  7. Paco62 said: We struggled with whether a Reanimate could pick up the food or not as well. I am not sure in the rules where it states that a reanimate only gets a move and attack action, but I may have missed it. It would make sense, though. The rules in the Familiars section says that familiars on the board can only take one move action on their turn, plus whatever other actions its card allows. The Reanimate says it is allowed an attack per turn.
  8. Are_U_A_Dur said: Need to clarify on his ability. Do he gain the health and fatigue on the following situation? 1) When heroes within 3 spaces on him stand up and gain the health/fatigue by rolling the 2 red dice? 2) Passive ability of Varikas The Dead? Do Mok gain the fatigue as well? 3) Health pot and fatigue pot drink by heroes? 4) Surges used by other heroes to recover fatigue during attack? 5) Heals receives by other heroes 3 spaces away from him? 6) Any other abilities or skill that trigger by other heroes which leads to recover of health and fatigue. Also the ability does not mention once per turn so I believe this can trigger multiple times. And if all the situation I mention above can trigger his ability, I think he can be officially crown as the King of Leech. LOL! Since the CK isn't widely available yet, I'll post EM's Hero Ability (from the preview image on BGG) for others' convenience: "Whenever another hero within 3 spaces of you recovers 1 or more Health, you recover 1 Health. Whenever another hero within 3 spaces of you recovers 1 or more Fatigue, you recover 1 Fatigue." 1) No, Mok recovers 1 Health if nearby heroes recover (plus 1 Fatigue if they roll any Surges). 2, 3, 4) I don't see why not, so long as they're within 3 spaces. 5) You mean that a hero within 3 spaces is healed by another hero who is more than 3 spaces from Mok? All that matters is whether the one who recovered Health was within 3 spaces. 6) EM doesn't restrict what kind of causes of recovery trigger his ability, just the distance.
  9. Ratcur said: MasterBeastman said: 1. Can Tomble use his heroic feat to "teleport" through the doors in part 2 of Cardinal's Plight? The objective being to deny the Overlord the chance to spawn monsters prior to Tomble leaving (since he'll have to use the door). 1. It doesn't require targeting or LOS so I don't see why not. I would consider a house rule that he can't teleport through the library door as that short circuits the entire adventure. The only pressure on the party is the zombies attacking the cardinel so if Tomble teleports through and kills the zombies it's basically impossible for the party to lose. Well, Tomble's allowed to reappear 4 (or something) spaces away from his token, right? I infer that this requires you counting from space to adjacent space, but spaces on opposite sides of a closed door are not considered adjacent. So I would rule that Tomble can't sneak through closed doors.
  10. KristoffStark said: My understanding was that a "Move" was the innate action available to all characters wherein they move their speed. Leap Attack would be the "Leap Attack" action, a unique action that, while involving movement, is not the "Move" acton. This is my understanding as well.
  11. any2cards said: Since you can interrupt one action with another, it seems to me that you can perform a Leap Attack action with a blood ape, interrupt it to do a move action, and then complete the Leap Attack. Seems to me you could do a lot of damage this way, potentially affecting all heroes with a single attack (assuming you can reach all of them). I don't have the rules in front of me, but I believe you cannot, in general, interrupt actions. Move actions are exceptional in that they can be interrupted. So you could interrupt a normal move to perform a Leap Attack, but you could not interrupt a Leap Attack (which says to move a certain number of spaces, not to take a Move action) with a Move action. Thanks for posting all the preview information, by the way. My spreadsheet is filling up!
  12. Antistone said: What makes you think you have a choice of targeting the rear spaces of a large monster? I remember the rules saying that which space you targeted was important for purposes of Blast, but I don't recall any suggestion that all spaces were targetable from all angles, and that certainly was not the case in 1e. Fair enough. You are right, nothing in the rules says you can get away with choosing any space. We can put together from the idea radiskull put forward, that pieces block their own corners, that large monsters block their own "rearward" spaces, that you can't target the distant spaces under large monsters. I guess this is how the rules are meant to be played. I assume I am not the only one to find this seeming inconsistency with the rules, though--hopefully FFG will toss this into a FAQ.
  13. radiskull said: The rules could be more explicit. But in the example, the path passes through an enemy space on the way to a corner, so the LOS is blocked. Taking what you say on faith, I can understand why the example shows only the lines that it does. Indeed, it is consistent with the rules, where they say the line cannot pass through a blocked space (i.e. one containing a figure). It is a little funky, tough that the figure "blocking" the space is the one I'm trying to trace LOS to. I don't have as much of a problem with that as some I've seen on BGG forums, but I can see a little irony there. Certainly, the rules could have stood to have labored this point right around the area they're putting "any corner" in boldface. It also still seems a little bit arbitrary that were the zombie one space south of his location in the example, Jain would have LOS. Arbitrary but acceptable, since I can imagine that he's just far enough behind the boulder in the example as printed.
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