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  1. Usually, the quest ends immediately after one side claims victory. Sacrificing some of your actions to search is part of the general strategy. However, sometimes when you've locked down a quest, you can prolong it for a few turns to make some search actions before completing the victory. eg Cardinal's Plight pt 2. Only zombies can attack the Cardinal, so once you've opened the door and killed off the zombies, you can send a few runners to search while killing any zombies that respawn. Then move the Cardinal off the map after you have finished searching.
  2. Columbob said: kingbobb said: The OL may select from a range of monster cards that match the icons available in that part of the quest. I don't know if it's specifically stated in the rules, but I think you're limited to one set of monsters…so if you have two open slots, you can't take double Giants, assuming you had the figures. It is stated, in the Quest Guide I believe. So no taking two groups of bane spiders or beastmen, which is a bit of a shame because many plastic monster pieces will be useless in second edition. For instance, no group that I've seen feature 2 master monsters ever, most groups, against 4 heroes, will feature 3-4 normal and 1 master for the smaller critters and 1-2 normal and 1 master for the larger monsters. Half the beastmen and bane spider miniatures won't ever be needed as it is. Kobolds still do. 3 masters for a 4-hero group.
  3. You can also look for recipe card sleeves at many stores.
  4. I think it IS intended to zigzag in order to replace the old breath template. Look at how the template is used in the e1 FAQ, page 4. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp Tracing a zigzag breath 4 spaces would allow you to hit the two heroes in the upper tunnel, same as the breath template. If the hero on the right were up one space, you could still hit him tracing a zigzag path, and he would still be under the area of the template. The hero in the lower tunnel, however, cannot be hit with the new rules, though he was hit with the old rules. The trace 4 seems to be a streamlining of the rules that is easier to manage than the template, and zigzagging will replicate the billowing effect they intended with the template.
  5. Naksahtanut said: Then why would there be + Range surge in Shadow Rune, if only the liutenant could use it and Zachareth is a melee fighter? He's a hybrid fighter. He can melee attack or cast Shadow Bolt.
  6. You no longer receive any bonus from an offhand weapon. (pg 12 in rulebook) Dual wielding is now just an opportunity to use an alternate weapon in the middle of your turn without having to go through the equip phase. Theoretically, you could have a sword in your main hand and a crossbow in your offhand, kill the adjacent monster with your sword, then shoot a ranged monster without using fatigue to move adjacent to it. Or you could have a piercing weapon in your main hand and a stunning weapon in your offhand, etc. Though, usually, a 2-hand weapon will deal more damage.
  7. wootersl said: I And to save money, we go from normal card size stock, to itty-bitty cards. I see this as more saving space, than saving money. When you're running a campaign and you have 6 skill cards and 3 equipment cards in front of every player, those smaller cards take up a lot less table room. And as suggested above, a full-page reading magnifier should help.
  8. any2cards said: Further, if someone who does use them would be so kind as to post a picture of what a sleeve in action actually looks like, I would appreciate it. Left to right: sleeve, card without sleeve, card in sleeve
  9. RebekahWSD said: It's not a matter of just attacking the one creature positioned directly on the water square, but also all the other creatures sitting in the way. And even if they get to the other side of the river, and kill the creature blocking the river…the Overlord will just move a creature to the next river/waterfall tile, starting the trek over again. Once you kill the creature positioned directly on the water, how would there be other creatures sitting in the way? The special rules say "a figure may swim from ANY of the water spaces." There are six water spaces on that tile, so you should be able to kill one monster, move onto the water, and then swim from that spot. Blocking the tunnels leading to the river would actually be easier than blocking the river itself.
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