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  1. So I just picked up the Omens of the Pharaoh expansion, and as I was looking through it I realized most of the mask monsters were really old Chaosium-era pulls. Which is fine, but is a little on the dated side. Since I've never seen these all listed anywhere else, I thought I'd post a few more modern avatars that have been cooked up since the old days, just in case FFG wanted a little more gas for a future expansion. Also, potential spoilers for some pretty good videogames, so read at your own risk. If anyone else knows of some oft-overlooked Masks, post them here as well! (Specifically Darkest Dungeon, Witcher 3, and Persona 2) The Walkin' Dude, Randall Flag (Stephen King's "The Stand" and others) Gaunter O' Dimm, Master of Mirrors / The Man of Glass (Witcher 3, Heart of Stone DLC) Great Father (Persona 2: Innocent Sin) Heart of Darkness (Darkest Dungeon)
  2. I read that at the most recent Arkham Nights they handed out copies of prior promos and was wondering if anyone might be able to do some updated scans (particularly for Hastur and Ubbo-Sathla) since their current images on BGG are a little bit glossy (no offense to whoever uploaded them in prior years ofc). I'm looking to print out my own and would be much obliged to anyone that might have cleaner images for them
  3. Actually I gotta say that despite (because of?) the nature of the original poster, this is simultaneously the most discussion-intensive AND lounging thread I have ever seen on an FFG forum. It's become equal parts heated debate and friendly game recommendations...feels like I'm actually in the local game store, lol!
  4. Also for the record, Elder Sign is objectively better than both of them
  5. Reading these in aggregate is actually a really interesting parsing of the two fan groups. Something to consider: Are Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror actually competing for the same audience? It seems to me, based mostly on the comments of the fans alone, is that in general Arkham Horror fans are more interested in being presented with challenge, with a problem to be solved. That's what is fun to them. Whereas Eldritch Horror fans are looking more for the kinds of things we traditionally think of as being staples of an american-style boardgame: going on a romp with your buddies and having a grand ol' time. I think that not everyone's aware that the audiences are after different things and this is a source of a lot of the conflict? This being the case, I can understand the frustration with a sizable number of critics of EH mostly deriving their criticisms from comparisons between the games. Such comparison is sort of missing the point, I think. Eldritch Horror is not an improved version of Arkham Horror. It is an Arkham Horror-esq game that is for the people who would really like to play Arkham Horror but don't have 6 hours, an FAQ the size of an eldritch tome, a degree in statistics, and the patience for the Upkeep on top of downkeep, sidwayskeep, and bookeeping on top of bookeeping. Meanwhile, Arkham Horror is for people who are legitimately excited by the challenges presented by that list. They want to wrestle a beast.
  6. I haven't played too many games yet, but I'm fairly certain that the Luck issue can be mitigated in a lot of cases in much the same way it is in Arkham: by learning the meta-game. As a previous poster said with regards to Clues at least, there's a fixed encounter space that generates them and many of them give 2-for-1 when you get them. Also, it seemed to me that most Clue encounters asked for Observation or Lore tests, so sending the right people after them would probably prevent any waiting around (it certainly did in my last game). Consider this comparison of Arkham to your issue with Azathoth's Omen/Gate mystery fiasco. Up against Hastur, you'd probably have a similar complaint of "So I need an assload of Clue tokens on me when I get through the Gate AND have to live through multiple encounters in the Otherworld AND THEN possibly just sit on my thumbs failing checks for closing? And the same thing that brings Clue tokens onto the board is the thing that gives me doom tokens, which is what makes me lose?" Not exactly the same situation as waiting for the Omen track to come around while you retry gates over and over, but you see the similarities. Of course, after learning Arkham more, you discover that Hastur's not so tough in a fight and you're better off just stocking up and shooting straight for the final encounter. I suspect that there's similar workarounds for EH that we just haven't found yet because the game's 2 weeks old (though I think Azathoth, or maybe the game in general, actually has multiple encounters that let you move the Omen track around, so perhaps that's a thing) Basically I don't think the luck issue is as big a one as you say, but only time will tell.
  7. Wow the data on display here is BEAUTIFUL. I'm going to enjoy watching how this develops as the game goes on
  8. This is all exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks for posting, I'm gonna go see if I can pre-register.
  9. Yog-Sothoth is in bad need of a redesign, and I somewhat expect a promo version coming this year's Arkham Nights (or at least, I really really hope!) I think a doom token for each discard should definitely happen, but I also think he should replace the Otherworlds he eats so that there's still the temptation to try for more. There certainly needs to be something that thins the deck a little faster...
  10. Here are two custom Investigators I made on request of a fellow with good taste in comics:
  11. This game really looks like it's the best of all previous lovecraftian games plus new stuff. The Spells and Conditions are clearly drawn from Mansions of Madness, the core concept is of course akin to Arkham Horror, but the housekeeping of Mythos and board effects is streamlined a la Elder Signs. And then there's a level of narrative focus that outshines even the stories they tell through the Living Card Game. Plus a mechanic where you are actually trying to foil the Ancient One in particular ways, not merely run around gathering mcguffins...I can barely contain my excitement!
  12. Updated the Heralds' wording somewhat, added 5 new Adventures in the Pacific Rim deck, and changed the print layout to work (I think) for people not using FedEx's printers and just feeding it back into their printers the old-fashioned way >_>
  13. Here are the things I'm looking for with regards to the other Omens campaigns. Finding out any of these would be incredibly helpful, every little bit brings another expansion closer. Also, with regards to Adventures, the most important thing is knowing the trophy value, effects, tasks, rewards, and penalties. The name, flavor text, and picture are super appreciated, but not technically necessary. Huge thanks to anyone who can give me any of this information! The Call Of Cthulhu More Adventures (Particularly Raging Storm) Monsters Yig The 5 new monsters The new serpent-themed Adventures The Trail Of Ithaqua Arctic Adventures Arctic Monsters Starting Items for Lola Hayes and Tony Morgan Tsathoggua New Monsters New Mythos effects (I know they may not be new to the tabletop game, but I'd like to know what different game feel the different Ancient Ones bring to Omens so I might cook up something like it for the card game) The Dark Pharaoh Rises New Cairo Adventures New Desert Adventures New Pyramid Adventures New Monsters Allies Hastur New Adventures New Mythos effects
  14. I present to you version 1 of what many of us have been waiting some time for: a tabletop version of Elder Sign: Omens' "Call of Cthulhu" expansion.This expansion includes 20 new Adventures, the new Relic item deck, a new starting location, and two Heralds which will alter the rules of the game. Below are said Heralds and some troubleshooting notes for playing with the expansion. I also tacked on the promo Adventure cards released with the novels, since I had some space left over on a page. Please, please let me know of any mistakes or anything I've left out; it doesn't take long to fix and update the files and since I don't have the game myself I'm sure they're plenty I'm missing. Additionally, if anyone would like to help me work on more Omens expansions by giving me info about their contents, that would be most appreciated! So as not to clutter up this post I'll put what I need for that in a response further down. I hope you all find this expansion enjoyable! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9080962/AnsweringTheCall.pdf.zip What happens if R’lyeh comes out early and is discarded for some reason, or if Yig’s effect causes the loss of Elder Signs while in the Pacific Rim? You’d better get ready for the final battle, then, sucker! What happens if an effect closes, say, the First Aid station before/after Ultima Thule becomes the starting location? The “Ultima Thule” ship is not the museum lobby, and therefore unaffected by card effects that close specific entrance locations. The “Cargo Hold” is not closed if the Souvenir Shop would be, ect. Can I use both Heralds at the same time? Yes, in fact they are both separate effects of the Call of Cthulu campaign in Omens. I decided to split them up because I adore modularity of difficulty and because I think both core mechanics of the campaign (the hunt for R'lyeh and assembling the amulet) have a lot of character and could easily stand on their own as gametypes.
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