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  1. Basically that but sometimes the armory will *GIVE* as opposed to loan when the inquisitor/interrogator feels they have earned it. Story is often more important then 'balance' particularly in role play focused campaigns. Not that there is anything wrong with pray kill burn or only war style dark heresy campaigns
  2. My thoughts exactly, I tend to run the inquisition as being extremely well connected but attempting to be discreet *most* of the time. Lore wise for guardsmen the Inquisitor has Naval Security and smaller infantry regiment aboard his own ship so simply saying that a guardsmen character was added to the group for the purpose of protecting say an Adept or keeping an eye on the Psyker makes it fairly easy to explain replacements mid campaign if needed. Generally speaking i tend to bump new additions/replacements down to Rank 1 in their chosen career and bump up that players exp gain for each session. After all a Rookie will 'learn' more on a mission then an experienced acolyte so they will catch up over a few sessions. I also allow players to create their own 'stable' of characters to rotate in and out between missions [sometimes even mid mission!] if they can make it work in game. Everyone 'lives' on the ship and the in game sessions are treated as 'away missions' its just how this inquisitor runs his cadre. Non acolyte contacts are still scattered but he likes to keep a close eye on things. Normally the justification for taking a thing is the character [not just the player the character] having been trained in it and the mission calling for it. Bolt guns *ARE* a status symbol if visible [and are hard to conceal]. If they want 'custom' weapons they can pay for a good or best quality one out of pocket otherwise they are going to be 'armory standard'. The inquisitor has a few custom weapons that only his tech priests really produce on board for example a double barreled shotgun where the bottom barrel can be loaded with special 'grenade' like rounds and be used as an under barrel grenade launcher. He has a small stockpile on board but for the most part they are made to order. He has developed a number of fire themed rounds for them to fit his 'pray kill burn' mentality once heresy is certain and uncovered. Naturally it has a double trigger configuration and cannot be bought on the market, it is reward only. Along with the special ammo for it.
  3. I would like to hear from other GM's as to how they handle advancing player character gear. Generally speaking I run it as your inquisitor/interrogator will give you your starting gear and refill your ammo between missions if possible and 'reward' good acolytes with better equipment. Which to me makes sense from a lore perspective. Generally speaking if the inquisition is sending out the player party as more of 'warband' then a investigation group then yeah they might just give the psyker a flak jacket for the purpose of that raid without him having to 'buy it'. Sometimes the character keeps it sometimes it is returned depending on in game situations. I personally view the starting money as their own and let them spend it as they see fit. The additional pay is just that more money for them, after all no one really works for free. I also find that letting the players negotiate getting more money *BEFORE* they deploy to cover forseen expenses to also be reasonable and generally leads to good roleplaying in character. Hotels and apartments do cost money. This is what i do and it is more of a pendulum depending on the assignment they players are going on but it does raise the 'issue' of balance, what gear might be appropriate for a rank 1 as opposed to rank 4 party? Do you ever 'restrict' gear? If the cell is supposed to blend in telling the guardsmen he can keep his flak armor but it should be in a duffel bag and not worn around on the streets seems reasonable to me and my players are usually okay with it. Granted no one will tell him not to put it on if they are actually planning a raid on a cultist hide out or whatever it is entirely situational and discretionary. But more heads are better then one. Thoughts?
  4. Definitely will be able to work that from a Campaign perspective, sure the Interrogator that runs the ship your effectively a part of may be able to send you back up where you need it but getting you and the back up *OUT* of there is on you. Role playing what is effectively a platoon of naval security guys [and maybe a few girls] being 'poofed' into the under hive getting their bearings doing combat then navigating *OUT* is almost a session on its own. Also theoretically if the Interrogator were to say secure more backup then just 'naval security' they could transmit the 'tech thingy' [improv techno babble to explain wait on back up] of the homing beacon to another ship to have *THEM* teleport in back up . . . . maybe would be interesting for the players as well . . . . and scary as all hell for the residents of the Underhive *fire fight breaks out egh another day at the office* *Sees guy yelling into Vox caster* *Lightning strikes inside the underhive and bunch of pissed off guardsmen open fire* *Glorious Roleplaying ensues* Hope i have atleast given some other people ideas thank you all for your time
  5. Thank you! So teleporting *INTO* the underhive of a hive city would be theoritcally easy teleporting *OUT* would be hard?
  6. . . . . . So buy another book *Sighs* Well thank you regardless was more hoping for an explanation Sorry, don't know what books you have or don't. Its cool i just spent my 'fun money' on dark heresy books so i was like "crap now i have to buy another!" haha I do appreciate the feedback though : ) probly should have stated that i only have DH books as of now
  7. . . . . . So buy another book *Sighs* Well thank you regardless was more hoping for an explanation
  8. So the inquisitor for the campaign i am planning has more then one ship. Naturally these are Imperial Warships modified for the Inquisition, he has good ties to the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Guard. So he has his own battle cruiser and has allowed his Interrogator [one of them anyways] to have their own ship a cruiser with a frigate escort. I am thinking that if the players can justify back up with good roleplaying and solid *IN GAME REASONS* to get some back up generally speaking the Inquisitor will atleast try and give it to them. They will start out having most contact through the Interrogator and not the Inquisitor himself this being a test for his favored 'disciple' [the Interrogator]. So if they *WERE* to establish vox contact [a trial in itself in an Underhive] with their 'handler', have a good deal of evidence which they should certainly have before even considering calling their boss for any reason, and a homing beacon [which they may 'deploy' with] how accurate and or deep into a underhive and or spacehulk can the players reasonably hope to get back up? It should be noted that i dont plan on handling the homing beacon or any form of back up as a magical 'save our skin' button they need to deal with things on their own but to me it makes in game sense given how i tend to have the Inquisition work in my games. Subtly and subterfuge first Almighty hammer of the emperor if needed. Back up should take time and planning to get but if my players can make it work i *WONT* deny it to them as a reward for their efforts. Im thinking they could reasonably deploy a platoon of guardsmen/naval sercurity ratings to their location im just really not sure how 'accurate' a teleportarum deployment is. What do you guys [and girls] think? I am looking for house rules or just basic game information regarding the technology. I have played some Battle Fleet Gothic Armada but again not too sure on how the tech works other then ship to ship.
  9. Thanks good to know im still golden with just the base book. Its how i usually roll in rpgs seems like you could run everything from classic swords and sorcery to scifi with this system
  10. So i should just houserule athletics to say every 40 in athletics giving +1 to movement score. So each supplement of is sort of a rewrite of the core rule book for different specilizations? Ie the magic one is the core rulebook for magic? I was under the impression that Anima beyond fantasy was designed to be an all in one rule book? Sorry if these questions seems silly but in all honesty alot of the mistakes that made it to the printers seem silly as well.
  11. Fantasy Flight Games released an updated core book called "core exxet" and it is like 90% the same as the original core book. So to help us out one of the guys here on the forum created a file that just had all the things that were new to the core exxet and put it up for download. That way we could get the few minor changes without having to buy a whole new book. I can't remember exactly where this file was but if you search for "core exxet" you should find it. Uhm. What? I thought that was a supplement. Not a second edition . . . . youd think they would make stuff like that more clear yeah its another edition but the amount of stuff that changed is very small and might as well be a supplement. So which ones are editions and which ones are supplements? Just so i know lol
  12. Fantasy Flight Games released an updated core book called "core exxet" and it is like 90% the same as the original core book. So to help us out one of the guys here on the forum created a file that just had all the things that were new to the core exxet and put it up for download. That way we could get the few minor changes without having to buy a whole new book. I can't remember exactly where this file was but if you search for "core exxet" you should find it. Uhm. What? I thought that was a supplement. Not a second edition . . . . youd think they would make stuff like that more clear
  13. Thanks! And uhm what download? I own a book ?.? i did not assume that would require a download to function. As it is in fact made of dead trees and ink and not interwebz lol
  14. So the athletics secondary skill is useful by itself but in the movement rules section it says that athletics augments your movement score. But it does not say how many athletic points improve it by how much or if it does i missed it. Can someone please clarify? Also i noticed you could by a weapon called a scourge but did not see a description for it i may have just missed it or maybe its a translation slip up. Thanks for any help it is much appreciated just getting some rules stuff out the way before i run this for friends
  15. Hi i'm interested i noticed this was an older post. Still selling it? Or did you off load some or all of it at gen con? Let me know what you still have and what you want for it.
  16. Hi guys im not lookin for 'expansion x favors team y' points. I realize that this series is now spread over several companies forums and has tactics version 1 & 2 as well as Warfare. I am looking at picking up the 'big boxes' Ie the campaign sets. I currently own and am playing through the Revised core set. Do i pick up cyclone or cerberus next? What can you tell me about the 'version 2' rules? Said friend also bought the Dust Warefare rules so we have those but the acutal revised starter set is mine. Thank you for your time.
  17. Well i know its been awhile but i'm thinking of maybe picking up another book or two, book of judgement looks like it would be a nice compliment to book of martyrs [which i own along with the core rule book] What are some other reccomended expansions and why?
  18. Hey guys! The site decided that i needed to have a new avatar since i was last here but thats a different story. I hear that Dark Heresy second edition is coming out or is out does anyone have any information on it? Here are my questions. 1) Are the supplement books for the original dark heresy compatible with second edition? 2) Has the lethality of the system been adjusted? If so do characters die more or less often? 3) Can first edition characters be converted into second edition characters with relative ease? 4) How dependent is gaining power for combat on equipment? Are talents/abilities more or less important now? 5) Are all of the other 40k RPGs getting a second edition? If so when? Should i go ahead and pick them up? As always thank you for time. Ave Imperator
  19. Hello i'm usually on the 40k and anima forums. I saw a couple guys in my local game store playing this i think they were arguing over invasion markers over whether or not they could invade a certain place. This game looks amazing and i really want to pick this up. Can anyone explain something about gameplay or point my to a review that does? Thank you in advance
  20. Glad we understand each other thats what i always seek to do, i see why this is a problem for other people i get that and it's legit to me. My style i don't have this problem all the smart people we have at our table will something awesome and horrible about a game within the first hour of character gen. I love both lores, they play off of each other very well like an astral waltz. To me a game mechanics aren't the game it's just HOW you play the world, a game heart and soul should be the players and the FEEL of the game. Dark Heresy makes me feel indanger and it makes the combat that much more edgy, minutes to minute and time is running out. Only War sought to convey brotherhood sacrifice and the horrors of war, it seeks to provide the chance to role play life in the Imperial Guard, The Hammer of the Emperor. It gives the tools to do, i feel like this game put a sketch pad on the table with a pencil said have fun. For an example read the RP at the beggining of my first post i hope you enjoyed it Back to commisars, a game is only as serious as it's players take it. If they don't care about scale by which a commisar would fluctuate then yes it would be ridiculus. Give them a reason to care, or show them why they should. Positive and Negative feedback can be useful we can give you ideas for this but ultimately you must decide what is best in each situation.
  21. That is one way to look at it yes, and equally valid to my way Perhaps you could allow me to clarify i was stating that FF did a good job with taking an existing lore that worked GREAT for what it was meant to do and turn it into something different that was still fun and enjoyable. I am very much so a "Personal Touch" GM/DM i handmake almost all my settings where 40k is the exception, to a degree i use the lore as a basis and build from there. Alsoi was more so attempting to constructively vent my frustration with what i had read. GW is good at what GW does, FF is good at what FF does. Blame falls on no ones shoulders basically saying here is my explanation for what i have seen repeated over two pages. Here are my direct answers to questions asked. To your second point, having more options in an RPG is a bad thing why? I feel the game treats me with enough respect to say we are giving you alot but you can handle it. Think that all of these bizzare specialists in the squad makes no sense? Well you know it is pen and paper so you know house rule, but i stand by my point that it is not always needed. Sit down and talk with your players, make your own regiment have your first session be a "Zero" session where you make everything so next to time you can just roll deep. Ask the players why the want to play that engage with them. 4-6 intelligent people + the gm can easily come up with a valid solution for why the squad is together as has been since the dawn of tabletop RPGs also the game gives you a better start then well you all met in a bar now go forth and adventure??? A fair counterpoint however i never faulted them for well anything the made what they made and we seem to love since we are on this forum. I gave some insight as to WHY they made all this doing something to make money isn't bad, i was simply trying to address why in the lore mixed squads you would see in games like this wouldn't be accounted for. People: "This doesn't make sense with the lore why do we have mixed squads" Me: "Hmm well here are my thoughts on why that might be."
  22. Alot of long posts here, i would like to adress a few points here which have been repeated to the point where quoting is just an eyesore. 1) "Executing and uninjured soldier to motivate an injured one makes no sense" Well yes out of context and without the help of the gm to make use of what he probably dropped his starting 300 xp just to get so he could RP the character every 40k nerd ever wanted to be would make no sense. However if you were to say give him a valid reason to use his ability to execute the fresh faced stary eyed boy who marched off to war not knowing what it was or the horrors it held i can think of several reasons why he might show cowardice or incompetence. For example his personal hero whom he follows around carrying most of his (or her no need to be gender exclusive) guns ammo and whatevery else the pc decided to saddle onto his pack mule (which is what is one of the real bizzare issues of the game!) see's his idolized hero whom has shown him most of what he knows about war since he got assigned to the unit lying in a pool of his own blood thinking of the girl he knew since he was a child and the woman he left at the space port with tears in her eyes the pc clutches a photo of her as he breaths what he thinks what are his final breaths of life. He freezes where he stands unable to contemplate what he see's a stary round catches him HE IS GRIPPED WITH TERROR! He screams "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" and flees furthing crippling the morale of the unit. You turn to the player controlling the commisar he sees conviction in your eyes and he knows fear. You tell him that he knows what must be done that his duty demands that this poor boy thrust into a mans war cannot handle the burdens set upon his young shoulders, ask him if he CAN do it. Remind him how attatched he has become to the boy of all those conversations at meals all those batlles they have fought together of how he was supposed to remain detatched but how is still human, but also remind of that the burden falls upon HIS shoulders to do what is best for the squad, for that is what is best for the unit, for that is what is best FOR ALL OF MANKIND! Remind him of the God Emperor he was bred to serve and the passion and zealotry that grips his very soul. Then ask him "What do you do?" So yes excecuting an injured soldier for seemingly no reason is cruel stupid and a blatant abuse of power, but if you give him a good reason to be able to use the ability he bought at heavy expense of XP then it make for some deep and truly thoughtful roleplay. Essentially evil genius shoots minion twirls mustache and laughs vs "I am sorry but this is the way it must be" or "The man who assigns the punishment should swing the sword. 2) "Support units don't fit well with the usual guard in the lore and etc etc etc" Hmm well who made the 40k lore? Games Workshop, what do they do *Deep Breath* they make models. They realized that if they made a game out of their models they would sell more and did, "why are these giant blocks of men fighting each other?" well thats why they wrote the lore to explain why the models were the way they were and also justify the whole "Only War" aspect of the universe for why said game exists. The lore was written for the tabletop, a game not with men but with insane 50 man blocks of lasergun wielding hyper cloned troopers backed by artillery and all the other insanely awesome IG vehicles, yes it wouldn't make sense to have a lone ogryn model with the IG 50 man meatshield for vehicles/firing squad formation. Why do commisars exist and specialists exist? To buff said 50 man block for game purposes said lore reflects. ONLY WAR is not a models game it is an RPG you can be more flexible and squads aren't meant to only do 1 thing the way the models do RPG player characters are generally more versatile than that if you know the player like role playing. How they have taken said lore (LOVE the lore btw) and made a good RPG is amazing A+ to Fantasy Flight! 3) Insert Class Here is brocken and can be abused. Well you know people who play these games are generally smart and left to make a hero of course said power can be abused. From what i've seen the games decision to balance out the specializations by you know giving some only 300 xp is smart. I am not arguing at all that it can't be abused and or what the offending players do is justified and not incredibly frustrating nor am i saying that these problems (and previosly mentioned ones) aren't legit just not hard to fix, this is a toughy cause you know players are human and we can break almost anything. My personal golden rule of running an RPG there is always a bigger fish, i usually roll an ungoddly brocken beat stick of hard to kill to whip out when i need to. It usually never gets to this point but still it's there and the players don't know about it. You think this is bad? Hand them a D&D 3.5 psionics hand book and tell me thats not hard to handle fun fact psionics is the most house banned 3.5 book ever. Wasn't trying to be mean and i wish you the best of luck with your campaign, hope it goes well and be nice to your players and give them little treats to treasure forever, and if they are bad well you can play that game as a vengeful god of wrath and fire, or THOR god of thunder!
  23. Deffinately looking forward to using this LOVE scifi. I'd feel more comfortable doing so once i have more experience with the current system before reviewing or branching out to anything else. Better to have a good foundation then a tall building thats just gonna fall.
  24. Another thought would be the curve of the tusk they aren't terribly long but the curve allows them go up and under the ribcage, perfect for striking the heart or lungs. A part of his military training involves the use of the species natural weapon, so it would be reasonable in my mind atleast. I can see why others might not think so it's why i made the thread, for opinions.
  25. CyrusRangue said: Guards said: So we should add blacksmiths to the starving artist catergory? Because if you are selling things at the price it costs to make them you would have to sell everything you make to break even, granted supply and demand could give you some leeway but probly not enough to live off. Not by any means, my players only get things for those prices at character creation. They usually pay a good 15 to 20% more for something made by someone else and that's only considering that person's labor time in making it. For a longsword that comes out to about a gold piece for a week's labor (5G material +20%), most peasents in Anima would be elated to make a gold in a week. If the region has high tax or the materials are exceptionally rare, the price goes way up. If buying from a big trading conglomerate, you might get the sword for 5G or even less depending on how cheap they can get the steel or iron and how fast they can have them maufactured. Given that in Anima the average person who isn't a merchant lives on tens of gold per year rather than hundreds, I feel like it makes the fact that weapons and armor are a significant investment for most people more real to the player. Even smiths don't make a killing on each piece sold, especially since they wouldn't primarily sell weapons as a living that's just not realistic. Most smiths get by selling the everyday stuff, and probably only make a few silver on each set of horseshoes or whatever else the might sell. But that's more than enough to feed a family and pay for a house. Like I said before though, ultimately it depends on the style of the game. There isn't anything written anywhere in the books as to what this stuff should cost material-wise, even in prometheum exxet. Everything else is just my take on the game world and what my players feel is fair. You make a fair point mine works very well for my game, now that you have explained it further i can see why that why it would work for yours. Cheers.
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