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  1. We decided to just use the political intrigue system with the original policital card. It worked really well in my opinion. Just treat all votes as if you were using political intrigue, but keep all the benefits from the original political card (3 AC,s 1 CC and a choice of the top 3 political cards to be played next).
  2. Hey guys. Just recently bought Shards of the Throne yesterday, and we're planning on having a game with it this weekend. I'm really interested in the political intrigue system. I think it will add a lot to the game. However the new political card looks like it gives you almost no incentive to take it. The only benefit you get is being able to choose 1 of 2 cards to vote on. The old policital card gave you 3 Action cards, a command counter, and the ability to determine what we vote on next (That's almost the same as choosing the 1 of 2 carsds immediately). I want the political intrigue system to come into play, but I'm worried that it won't be viable due to how useless that strategy card will seem to some people. What do you guys think?
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