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  1. Good to see the thread is still going. -When the Rogue Trader requires three slaves to carry his moustache as he walks about. -When the Arch-Militant is a beard model for the Space Wolves. -When the Seneschal begins calling himself "Littlefinger" for some reason.
  2. Assume for the moment that I am playing as the Barony of Letnev and have more than two trade goods available for spending. The Barony has a special ability that allows them to spend 2 Trade Goods to give their spacecraft +1 to their rolls and give their ground forces +2 to their rolls. Thus, two questions: Can I spend more than two trade goods before a space battle or invasion combat to pump up my forces? If I can spend more than two trade goods, do my spaceships and ground forces get more of a bonus to their rolls? (Does the bonus stack with itself?) Edit: I ask because I am a RPG player and I'm used to having some bonuses not stack with each other (For example, casting "Enlarge Person" on yourself twice doesn't make you grow two sizes bigger; it simply refreshes the spell duration, and you've wasted a perfectly good spell slot).
  3. @Baronlveagh: Bling without one-liners is rendered moot.
  4. -When Tyranid genes in the Rogue Trader's family tree is the least scary skeleton in their closet. -When the Arch-Militant has had his face mauled at least three times, and he can still be a face for the party. -When the Astropath Transcendant has a reputation among the Eldar as a therapist. -When the Navigator is the Rogue Trader's brother.
  5. Said Space Pimps are, of course, armed with more one-liners.
  6. -When the Kroot mercenary out-techs a Tech Priest. -When problems cannot solved by small arms, they are solved by explosives. -When problems cannot be solved by explosives, they are solved by ship-based ordnance. -When problems cannot be solved by ship-based ordnance, they are solved by one-liners. -When the Rogue Trader's current endeavor is not about acquiring weapons, wealth, honor or hats, but more languages for more one-liners.
  7. -Your ship can hold concerts that Noise Marines flock to. -Notably, Noise Marines stay away from your Arch-Militant during these concerts. The term "Mosh-Pits" and "Massacre-Pits" are essentially the same to him.
  8. -When battles become less about rolling well and more about using monologues and one liners to batter your foes into submission. -When the words "Genius Ogryn" and "Arch-Militant" become interchangeable.
  9. -You know you're playing Dark Heresy when the above happens... -When the reply to the GM's request of a Fear check is "Nope. Too insane." -When the Void Master manages to pull a J-turn in a Grand Cruiser. -When the name of the upcoming module is called "War of the Hats".
  10. -When you also have "casual wear" and "evening wear" Terminator Armor. -The Rogue Trader goes into a murderous rage when the "ship" he was promised by a Feudal World noble is made of wood and has sails on it. -The Void-Master, usually quite happy with acquiring a new vehicle, is rather miffed because a galleon doesn't fit inside a Halo Barge, and can't be transported onto their space ship. -The Explorator, however, finds a way to transport it though. It involves constructing a gigantic glass bottle...
  11. Is there anything that the Rite of Setesh doesn't cure?
  12. Bonus question: Assume the Void Master took 16 Rending critical damage from a greater daemon to his body. What augmentics, replacement parts, replacement organs would the Void-Master require?
  13. By RAW, a character dies when they have taken roughly 8 or 9 critical damage (depending on the damage type). If a character takes more than 10 critical damage but burns a fate point to stay alive, does the character, upon revival, receive any ability damage? For example, a Void-Master takes more than 10 Rending critical damage to his body, and he burns a fate point to stay alive. Upon revival, does the Void-Master permanently lose 1d10 Toughness as if he took 8 Rending critical damage and made the Toughness test to stay alive? Or are the void-master's abilities untouched when he revives?
  14. Hm, the sheer amount of bling is tempting... now if only my Rogue Trader could have two of them...
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