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  1. lorddax

    Realms of Terrinoth

    So that means that GTM is probably accurate as it lists the dates that retailers can expect a distributor to have the product for ordering. I've got a bunch of people here already frothing to move from the SW universe into Terrinoth thanks to a resurgence in Descent sessions thanks to increase IA playerbase.
  2. lorddax

    Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Posted this in newer RoT thread, but GTM #217 has the Terrinoth Sourcebook printed as an April 2018 release. GTM is the publication from Alliance Game Distributors that retailers get to help generate preorders from their customers and advanced ordering.
  3. lorddax

    Realms of Terrinoth

    GTM #217 has it listed as April 2018, and since the company behind GTM is Alliance Game Distributors, who are now the exclusive distributor for all Asmodee NA products, I'd be inclined to believe its gonna be mid April. GET HYPE!! https://www.gametrademagazine.com/Home/1/1/58/580
  4. lorddax

    Oracle System?

    From everything I've been scooping up about this, seems like its close to a multiplayer of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf gamebook series, which got many of my hours in the early 90s as a kid without a DM for miles. Having played A LOT of D2e:Road to Legend, I'm inclined to think that they are vastly expanding the RPG elements that happen in the app. Which follow the model of: Issue // 3-4 options with some disabled based on party comp // resolution of issue // store reference of resolution // invoke resolution reference later. As an example: My party ran into an old lady on our way to our next destination. Presented with talking to her but since we had a conjurer with us we were able to get a Mana Weave rune from her, player used mana weave and began to rely on it (cuz he sucks at rolling ), a couple of quests later the mana weave blows up after a surprise event between rounds and the witch is heard cackling. The product shot showing multiple books makes me inclined to believe that we'll see multiple interweaving decision trees that reference player materials independently from each other. Its a design decision I would make to cut down on the what I used to do in the Lone Wolf books, find a really good optimal result and work my way backward!
  5. With the sad news of Carrie Fisher's passing, I'm putting together a tribute deck for this week's tourney. Self Rescuing Princess http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwarsdestiny/star-wars-destiny-deck-share?p=11959&deck=swddeck_5862b6149ceed&c=2670 Character: (26/30) 2x Leia Organa (Awakenings) 1x Admiral Ackbar (Awakenings) Battlefield: 1x Rebel War Room (Awakenings) Event: (19) 2x Aim (Awakenings) 2x Award Ceremony (Awakenings) 2x All In (Awakenings) 2x Field Medic (Awakenings) 2x Hit and Run (Awakenings) 2x Rearm (Awakenings) 2x Take Cover (Awakenings) 2x Logistics (Awakenings) 2x It’s a Trap! (Awakenings) 1x Daring Escape (Awakenings) Support: (5) 1x Launch Bay (Awakenings) 2x Outpost (Awakenings) 2x Black One (Awakenings) Upgrade: (6) 2x Comlink (Awakenings) 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 2x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle (Awakenings)
  6. One thing I've found so far is that you are looking for between 7-14 cards that give you dice in your deck, and then a distribution of resource costs along that curve. You'll want more 0-2 then 3-5 since you know you'll get 2 resources a turn.. Too many dice cards and you won't have enough event cards to deal with the battle.
  7. Have we started tracking or posting results anywhere? Im interested in winning deck list and seeing what the first wave is looking like. From the lively discussion you guys are having it doesnt sound like there are cards that must be in every deck unless you dont want to break into the top 8.
  8. So it sounds like one of the best options are for me to rope in some of my other like minded players with some of the deeper pockets and make sure theres a good depth of trading stock and people willing to help new players out. Without having played a lot so far, I've been worried that all the tier 1 decks are going to be mostly legendary/rare, which is to be expected with any CCG, but I'm hoping that there will still be viable competitive decks for entry. If there is a good enough mix of Tier 1 and Tier 2 and with enough people playing we can get a diverse meta going long term. For anyone else in the TO roles, how are you envisioning supporting or running events to keep your communities engaged aside from FFG OP?
  9. Just picked up my two starters and around 20 packs. I am so hyped for this game. Something much easier to get people playing over my Imperial Assault OP. Especially playing tournament play. But I remember Dicemaster's launch and the first round of tournaments in my haunts that sent groups tumbiling from 25 players to 5 in one shop and 15 to 2 at the other. Im reading the forums and can't tell if the same problem is looming. Those groups fell out because if you weren't running a pair of cards that were both from the highest rarity tier(and commanded large secondary market $), you weren't going to win. Many players got fed up with always losing due to not having access to two cards, and left the game all together. Now Im an MTG player since the 90s, so I know there are always going to be top tier cards, but theres a big difference between having a fair number of cards at an equal power level vs a few cards that must be in every deck to be viable. This game tickles me in all the right places and I havent enjoyed one as much since the WoW TCG, but that game also had similar issues(Tuskar Kite, Adam Eternia) that need future releases to rectify and caused player shedding What Im trying to see if you guys who've played a bit more than me have seen anything. I don't want to get my players super excited and then have the same thing happen. What have you guys seen? Can I get my groups on board or should I wait to get them all excited until the first results start coming in?
  10. Now Im wondering if there should be a house rule of anytime a figure you control takes damage, drink.
  11. I don't remember seeing one, which is what caused a lot of confusion. We played it out but it was simply an attrition game that I eventually won but I know my players would have preferred a much clearer cut line. And with the token, so I was right and that the 4th activation disappeared for the turn until the start of the next round? Are we compiling a list of any strange stuff like this for an unofficial FAQ until FFG puts one out? We have the Descent 2e FAQ to reference as a guide for the type of stuff.
  12. **** it...... ::wanders off early to campaign night to start buying paints:: Sorastro, I've got an airbrush that I picked up for painting my D2e minis that I never got around to. . .any thoughts on using it? Would it save time anywhere or make anything easier? Master the basics of the videos first?
  13. Has anyone encountered this situation? I ran into it in our last game where I focusfired Jadyn who had activated but still had the heroic activation left. I forced her to withdraw but then we spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what happened with the token she was holding. Also in that mission - Jadyn's sidemission, what happens if you force her to withdraw before she activates the comm?
  14. lorddax

    Opportunity Cost of 'Resting'...

    Bleed is quickly becoming one of my favored conditions specifically to address the healing. My players don't like to spend time clearing the bleed so it slowly eats away at their ability to heal damage and forces them to rest more often, usually allowing unopposed actions on my end. Also, this may need some clarity but I'm interpreting Bleed as written, that if you rest with an active bleed, you take the bleed strain after resolution.
  15. Saying its a no brainer is tricky as usually the OL player has to try to figure out what the players want to do next turn, then activate their monsters to stop the heroes from doing that. Playing both sides may lead to overthinking(if I do this as OL, then I'll this as hero so instead I'll OL do this but then I'll do hero this so because of that I'll do this...**head explode**) or accidentally favoring oneside or the other. If you keep it quick and simple you should be okay, or simply alternate who takes the OL turn! A human OL player is what makes the OL unpredictable and the cards help. Descent 2e is designed with all information public besides the OL cards so its the cards that allow the OL to perform actions that help them out. You've stated that you might focus on making the quest as hard as possible when making OL decisions, so you may be okay. If you are going to play this way, I would say that before the start of each quest you set a prime goal for yourself. Anytime something happens that will let you get closer to that goal you take it!