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  1. These are really good as well: http://www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html
  2. Thank you Dam for the quick answers. To have a rule forum to help you find the true rulings in this game is really awesome. I thank you and the rest of the community for taking your time and providing answers for our questions.
  3. Hi everyone. Sorry to bother you with yet another noob question, but in yesterdays game we came across a couple of situations we couldn't find how to resolve in the rules. Question 1. "Cursed by a hag" When you draw this follower you put all your other followers on the discard pile. That's a no brainer. What about if you gain a follower when having the hag? Do you have to discard it as well or do you leave it on the board? Last variant is if you land on a space that has a follower on it, must you discard it or is it optional to leave it be? Question 2. "Warlocks Quests" I got the defeat a enemy quest. I encountered an enemy on a draw 2 cards space and the other card was a nice magic object. I defeated the enemy. Do I teleport back to the Warlocks cave before or after I am able to pick up the magic object?
  4. Ok. You cant leave the crown by will. But it is possible for other players to use spells and abilities to move you from the crown yes? In that scenario when the crown been visited and all but one player dies is the last remaining player declared the winner or not?
  5. Thats the question. Can you if something like above happens leave the crown to go kill the other player with battle and magic? And if one succeeds with this do you win?
  6. I have just picked up the fourth edition of Talisman and cant get started to play. I've played the swedish version of the second edition before and was very pleased to find that Fantasy Flight Games picked up and renewed the game and created a lot of expansions. Reading the new rule book and the forums I come to form this question which I cant come across an answer to: I read a about a game that dragged out a long time where one player reached the crown of command and killed of all the opponents but one. The alchemist who had near to starting stats survived by running around the middle region making gold of everything he could find and healing at the castle. The rules cleary says that if a players character dies after a character has visited the crown of command the player is out of the game and will not be able to start over with a new character, even if no one currently holds the crown of command. Are you declared the winner of the game if the crown have been visited and all of your opponents die? -and- Do you have to win the game on the center square? This is my first post and english is not my native language so please forgive any mistypes and such.
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