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  1. I only use penny sleeves for my collection to keep them clean but I use coloured Ultra Pro Deck Protectors - Standard Size (50) to sleeve my decks. They come in all the colours needed - blue, orange, purple, green and red. Are relatively cheap and really make the different decks stand out on the table. Don't think you need the class specific logos as the colours do the job.
  2. But isn't Rex discovering a clue at the new location if his ability kicks in?
  3. Hi, searched for this but found nothing: Can I use the ‘secrets’ on Forbidden Knowledge to fuel In the know and visa versa?
  4. They look awesome, can you show them next to the cards to get some scale?
  5. I too am having trouble finding this available in the UK, I normally use Chaos Cards but they haven't had it in stock for ages If you have any luck finding some please let me know and I will do the same.
  6. I was also wanting some of these so I have asked FF directly if they have plans to reprint them. Will post their response when I get it.
  7. I have my tokens in coin capsules placed in a Third Die standing dice bag. Like this one. Plenty of room to give the tokens a good mix before each draw. I tend to close the top of the bag and give it a good shake then a mix with the hand before pulling the token. Of course I like to reduce the odds with the use of Jim Culver’s ability and his Grotesque Statues
  8. Yep, good to know before I actually play Carcosa
  9. Yes, each investigator can have one Composure or it would say 'Group Limit 1 Composure in play'
  10. A discussion on BGG has brought up an interesting question: If you have a Composure in play can you play another and replace it or does the 'Limit 1 Composure in play' stop the playing of another Composure? Would be nice to get a designer ruling on this one?
  11. Thanks Julia, Tibs and Professor, all speedy answers and not in the slightest pedantic. If I have anymore questions I know where to bring em. Louie
  12. Compass needles Point South - Mythos Card from Lurker at the Threshold. Mythos effect: The first player chooses two investigators. These two investigators immediatley exchange locations, ignoring all monster and movement restrictions. Q1. Can the first player choose investigators if one of the choosen is in another world or do both investigators have to be in Arkham? Q2. If the answer to Q1 is Yes, and the choosen investigator is in the second area of the other world, do they return to Arkham in the following movement phase? Dark Cloak: +1 Evade check - Luck Skill: +1 Luck etc. Q1 are these cards stackable? ie 2 x Cloaks = +2 Evade check or 2 x Luck Skill = + 2 Luck and 2 bonus dice if clue token is spent?
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