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  1. JSM3050

    Printer Friendly?

    Either of these approaches work for me.
  2. Great questions! Glad to know about the mounting Strife. I just read the first adventure beginning-to-end and had a few questions of my own: Do you pair heroes up against NPCs during the various events of the competition or do they just roll their chosen Ring + Skill and whoever rolls highest is the winner? How can Hitoshi win the archery event? Even if the heroes purposely lose to him, the text states he must win (which I assume means beating the other NPC front-runner).
  3. This is a related question: How many dice packs are we going to need? I've been lurking in the Genesys forums and the general consensus seems to be that you need three packs. Some have even suggested three packs per player unless you're willing to have a community dice pool that gets passed around the table.
  4. That map of the Empire is getting framed and hung on my wall.
  5. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    *Removed post because it was needlessly hostile and therefore added nothing to the discussion*
  6. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    Good info to have for a newcomer. Thanks!
  7. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    I missed your edit for the above post so sorry for the delayed reply. I've heard of the Topaz Champion but I have not looked into exactly what it is. From the sounds of things, it is an extra-Clan position of some influence/honor. That line of thinking makes sense. I have to agree with this. I've been reading all the short stories as they come out and my take-away is what follows. Scorpion definitely could wind up looking/feeling like a D&D rogue or possibly even working at odds with the rest of the party if the player was unfamiliar with the setting/lore. I know I'd make for a lousy Scorpion player at this point with my limited understanding of their motivations and methods. I'd likely fall into a style that was yin to the Crane's yang and something tells me that's not entirely accurate. The Unicorn were hand-picked to act as scouts and unofficial emissaries to foreign countries from what I understand. I'd guess that before they left, Rokugani culture was practically hard-coded into the Clan's DNA otherwise they risked losing themselves to foreign influence and thus failing at the Emperor's task. Again, being able to portray the finer points influencing the Clan would require a great deal of player knowledge. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'm unfamiliar with the position of Topaz Champion but I would think the Crab would be occupied elsewhere (the Wall). Their (apparent) disregard for Rokugani social norms would do little to help a new player learn the setting because they character wouldn't necessarily be following the expected behavior patterns. Again, a player with setting experience would be best here. Keeping the above in mind, I think it would be great if all three Clans got a PDF character. I can easily see them being enjoyable (and well-portrayed) by veterans to the setting who simply need to learn the new mechanics. This again makes them excellent candidates for free downloads. The physical box provides everything for absolute novices up to lore daimyos while the supporting downloads can take things a step further for groups when they are ready. For some that means after a session or two and for others it means release day.
  8. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    I'm going to make a couple of uneducated guesses here: a) The Clans chosen for the boxed set are the most popular, perhaps based on their use/frequency in the LCG. b) FFG decided that based on the intro story, these four characters would ultimately prove the most enjoyable and/or showcase the most mechanics (and therefore help new players learn the different mechanics by putting them to use) c) Perhaps FFG created one character for each Clan but including all seven Clans would push the cost even higher and so three got "cut" and will be released as PDFs for those interested. All or none of the above could be accurate. We may never know the details of the design process and we won't know what (if any) additional characters will be made available until release. Hida has already stated that the box is not worth $40 to him/her. That may change after release. And there's still the core book to follow. If the Beginner Box tanks but the Core book does well, that gives FFG a direction: fans support the new edition and will buy it but there were some issues with the intro set that need to be looked at and addressed in future products.
  9. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    The product description says this game uses a combination of R&K and the Genesys system. Maybe they started with Genesys but got feedback pushing them to at least adopt some R&K mechanics (this is only a guess based on the information I have available to me)?
  10. JSM3050

    Beginner Game

    I've never gotten the chance to play L5R in any form, unfortunately, so this will be a good starting point for me since I've got an interested group now. Even if the mechanics are lacking, the timeline reset seems to be welcomed by the community (I hear that the CCG players wrecked the previous one under AEG).
  11. Good call making that link, I think.
  12. I hope this becomes available for download eventually as I won't be able to attend the convention. It sounds like it would be a good companion for the Beginner Game. I know that the Genesys adventure from last year is available so I have high hopes that this will be, too.
  13. I definitely want a dead tree version of this anthology to put on my shelf.
  14. JSM3050

    Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Do we have a page count yet? Can't wait for the Twilight Imperium sourcebook.
  15. JSM3050

    Unique Sculpts and/or Colors for Each Race

    A perfectly valid idea and one I think I've read others putting forward as well (so there's certainly a market for it). I think the issue runs aground with cost. If I remember correctly from the documentary, each plastic stand cost as much to produce as the ship itself. You would get 17 ships but end up having to pay for 34. Some might feel the cost is worth it to have unique flagships "floating" above the rest of their fleet but is that "some" enough to justify a full production run? Sadly, we haven't yet reached the level of print-on-demand that the tabletop roleplaying game market has (but give it a few more years - I've seen any number of fantasy miniatures files for use with 3D printers).