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  1. Is there a community manager who could give us his/ hear ideas on this, as I plan to play this quest very soon?
  2. Scenario: What Lies Within. Four investigators: Joe Diamond, Kate Winthrop, Jenny Barnes and Mandy Thompson. Device: Steam app v1.3.1 (568) on laptop (Windows 10). Bugs: 1) When the ghost is vanquished in the cellar and finally consents to give access to the statues in the box, the app shows on which tiles the different interact tokens must be placed as well as where the secret passageway's entrances must be located. Problem: the screen was very dark and we couldn't see the tiles. Only once the game resumed could we see where the Interact tokens were located... but not the secret passage. 2) We didn't manage to stop the Star Spawn (we didn't resolve the four puzzles in time, just two of them before the Spawn reached the exit). Yet, during the Mythos phase when we clicked on "The Star Spawn reaches the exit", the app launched an ending sequence... which looked like we won. I thought this bug had already been fixed since I bought the scenario just today (29 Jan. 2017). Regards.
  3. Scenario: Escape from Innsmouth App: Steam v1.2.4 (496) Played yesterday (4 Dec. 2016) During the scenario, when the mob first appear, it quickly disappear from the board, as the app instructs us to remove it from the board. However, it is still in the monster drawer. Not sure if it is a bug, though.
  4. Sorry for the obvious question: what does DLC(s) mean?
  5. Yes! I woumd greatly like to see this! I was exactly musing about this loss the other day. Please FFG, do this!
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