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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Cuz05 in Call for suggestions: What are you having fun with that we should try??   
    I'm still waiting to put my old ideas on the table.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Bertie Wooster in 1.5 LEAK: Pass tokens and other stuff   
    We don't serve their kind here.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Boom Owl in New Hyperspace Is Neat - Thanks FFG   
    Not an exhaustive list. Just a beginning set of options that have caught my eye in no particular order. Looking forward to testing all kinds of different lists/archetypes across every faction over the next several months. So much changed its unrealistic to try and predict outcomes without testing. So for now just enjoying the confusion, the chaos, and the fresh air looking at alternatives without Boba or Vader around. 
    Below is not a list of "the good/best things" in Hyperspace. That will take much much longer to sort out. Its just an inventory of initial options that seem cool to me. 
    Thanks FFG for continuing to support & experiment with the format.  It took guts to make these changes and we appreciate you. 
    - Luke + Han + Braylen
    - Luke + Braylen + AAA
    - Luke + Braylen + Ten + Jake 
    - Luke + Jake + XXA 
    - Ten + XXXX 
    - Han or Leia + XXX 
    - Jake + XXX + Ten
    - Jake + BBBB
    - Several Possible Falcon Things
    - Several Possible VCX Things  
    - Delta + Delta + Vermiel Palp 
    - Juke i4 Defenders + Thing 
    - Inq Inq Inq Inq + Vizer Palp 
    - Howl + Mauler + Iden + Hask + Seyn + Wampa 
    - Inq Inq Inq Inq Inq x5 Foresight 
    - Saber Saber Saber Saber Vermiel (Predator all around)
    - Hask Vermiel Striker Striker Striker Wampa 
    - Some Tracers List
    - Hi Craig 
    - Fenn + Old T + Syck Syck Syck 
    - Fenn Pred + Old T Pred + Dengar Torps  
    - Fenn Pred + Old T Pred + Party Bus
    - Syck Ion + Syck Ion + Syck Tractor + Syck Tractor + Lando Hondo + Miner + Miner
    - Full Syck Swarm 
    - Some Tracers List
    - Ooops all Orange and Purple 3-4 Ship List (Juke seems gud)
    - Ani + Obi + VVV (variant with 2x Predator, variant with Thermals)
    - Obi + Lil Ani + VVVVV
    - A list that has bombs in it 
    - 7b Jedi x3 + Yoda 
    - SHAQ + Knights 
    - Poe with or without Torps/BB8 + Squad Gang Friends 
    - A 3 ship Poe list that bids 
    - Random mix of names and ship types that count to 5+ ships and include Rose 
    - RZ2A Spam (Variant with Prockets, Variant with more/different ships)
    - XXXX Probably 
    - XXX Rose Finn 
    - Some Tracers List
    - An OG Mixed Droid Swarm with Ordinance  
    - Hyena Dorks + TFD + TFD + TFD + Tri + Tri + Tri 
    - TFD + TFD + TFD + Tri + Tri + Tri + Tri 
    - Sear + Tri + Tri + Tri + Tri 
    - Some Firespray list(s) without Tris
    - Some Firespray list(s) with Tris (and Dorks)
    First Order
    - Kylo + SF + SF + SF + Rivas 
    - Kylo Torps + Holo PT + Rivas + Muse 
    - Kylo Torps + Holo PT + Vonreg DD 
    - Kylo Torps + Vonreg + Rush 
    - A 3 ship Kylo list that bids 
    - Vonreg DD + Holo PT + PT Longshot + Tina + Rivas
    - Vonreg DD or Holo PT + Malarus Terex + Scorch + Longshot + Rivas 
    - Malarus + SF + SF + SF + SF + Rivas
    To all you forum folks Happy Gobble Gobble. 

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    Captain Mayhem reacted to dezzmont in X-Wing moving to Atomic Mass Games   
    Epic was, flat out, very poorly marketed and released with mistake after mistake after mistake. It wasn't just 'People don't like leaving 200/6 for some reason.' Epic was released in a way that made it super clear FFG didn't care about it at all, and that means people aren't going to want to invest money into it or time into it.
    Like I said, a huge part of marketing games or other entertainment products is trying to create the perception of a relationship between the end user and the product. Epic... didn't even try. Not a little bit. So its not a mystery of why it wasn't adapted. 
    Saying 'people just didn't want to leave 200/6' is a classic marketing 101 blunder: It isn't the customer's job to like your product, its your job to get the customers to like your product. If people weren't hopping over to Epic, or enviromental play, like any other marketing issue, it is the marketer's fault for not understanding something or implementing their marketing plan incorrectly. If you just say 'The customer didn't engage with it' as a marketer, your going to get fired because your ENTIRE job is to understand your customer's behavior and make smart choices to influence it, which is why you do things like market research and try to understand the industry you are in. There is a clear desire for Epic, even among players who never played it, and Epic is a 'genre' of product in the wargaming community that tends to be super popular and generate excitement. The market was there, and what they wanted to do was an industry standard way to make money and generate hype. They just... failed.
    In the case of Epic, the whoopsie in question was super clearly 'Bungle the release super hard it makes everyone really quite aware Epic does not have any real future on the horizon.' So even ignoring that hurting the sale of epic specific products, it also means people aren't going to try out the mode and invest emotional energy into it either. You can say it was 'just the dial on one ship' but an Epic ship is, for most consumers, a luxury purchase, and FFG's customer service department was just canned at the time, so it was still a mega-bad look that absolutely made every other problem Epic was facing (not being a launch product, clearly being unfinished, almost certainly not having future products because FFG kept mismanaging reprints) worse. Over-essentializing 200/6 as a mode didn't help of course, 2.0 launched in a way that sold its primary mode as AMAZINGLY inflexible (not launching with flexible totals, for example) that made selling ANY new mode really hard, but it still wasn't something completely insurmountable. FFG just looked at a small hill and said 'why bother we are going all in on 200/6 anyway' and didn't even try, despite various playmodes kinda... being REALLY important for both OP AND casual markets in most minis games.
    As for environment cards, it feels similar: They were very much positioned as 'wacky side content.' They weren't super well integrated into how people 'thought' about X-wing, but there would have been easy ways to change that. For example, most wargames HAVE much less bombastic environment equivalents in tournament play to force lists to be somewhat versatile and adaptable, like Infinity and the T3 system. Obviously the existing enviroment cards vary in how appropriate they are for high level play and I think the OP community would revolt, but this is how most games do this sort of thing: tournaments don't have the wackiest stuff but tend to still have scenario based effects you can't predict and must be able to adapt too, which increases the skill cap rather than decreasing it.
    But even just re-framing the type of content environment cards were without making any actual mechanical changes would work. For example, including a few minor environment cards in core would get you more primed to think of them as the 'core experience,' though that would require them to have the concept of environment cards when making core, which they may not have. Another way to 'push' environment cards would be printing a 'standard' environment card that is just the rules as is, but making it so you HAVE to select an environment card from here on out, so even though tournaments would always use the standard environment, every game in theory 'has' an environment, so saying 'wanna use a non-standard one?' is a bit less 'out there. 
    The power of framing a product can't be understated. Subtle alterations to how you position what you are selling or advocating massively change the perception of it.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Spinland in How many are we getting preorders?   
    I'm joking, of course.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Darth Meanie in X-Wing moving to Atomic Mass Games   
    Yeah, I remember my first coreset vividly. . . 

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    Captain Mayhem reacted to All Shields Forward in X-Wing moving to Atomic Mass Games   
    The last few waves have been great, Legion is growing, and Clone Wars is coming out for Armada. This is a pretty gd great time for Star Wars mini games.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Mimi61 in Arkham Nights 2020!   
    Absolutely. It’s like attending a Food Tasting Event via Zoom! 
  9. Sad
    Captain Mayhem got a reaction from Greedo_Sharpshooter in What format(s) do you play or prefer?   
    Option 2. My favorite ship is the Scum Starviper and it's never even seen the light of Hyperspace!
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    Captain Mayhem got a reaction from theBitterFig in The Ol’ Geriatric Giant [FO, Snoke]   
    Yeah, I'm only at 2 Silencers, now. I know, I'm a slacker.
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    Captain Mayhem got a reaction from JBFancourt in The Ol’ Geriatric Giant [FO, Snoke]   
    Yeah, I'm only at 2 Silencers, now. I know, I'm a slacker.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to ScummyRebel in [Poll] Ace or not an Ace?   
    I don’t necessarily think you need the ability to double reposition in the same activation, but you *do* need both options at your disposal in some way. 
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Managarmr in Why the next few squadron packs might make or break the game for me   
    Within the family we spend way too much on X-wing. 3/7 of the total sum we did spend after the end of 1st edition (or to express in another way: additional 75% of the previous expenditure), without conversion kits we would have stopped any spending on X-wing, so no more money for FFG.
    (the numbers are excruciating, Don't tell my better half. While 3-4 in the family are playing, and we also do Epic and HotAc, it still amassed to: About 1040 USD for 1st edition, about 773 for 2nd ed).
    Another aspect playing is the feeling that OT players get when seeing e.g.
    -Coaxium Hyperfuel
    Real scummy, even pictures Han Solo from "Solo". But you can only equip it on the Sequel Triology Fireball. No Scum ship can equip it.
    Pilot: 3 of your ships get suddenly Illicits
    And esp. Crew: Strictly worlds better than K2SO (no stress, start of engagement phase!), but costing 2 less. wtf...
    -Starbird slash
    Which will be so much better on Rz2s, it is not even funny. Rz2 really do not need any help.
    Soo much this. I would like to slow them down a bit on releases, and instead do better rules. Keywords, keeping to the keywords, spell checking. And also quality control (backwards Belbullabs, non fitting Epic 2.0 bases, CR90 wrong dial on a 100(!) USD product etc).
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Asaverino1019 in Push The Limit, Eta-2   
    Another R2-D2 that is far superior to the Rebel version.  Is anyone else hoping that the Phoenix Squadron or next card pack includes a new Rebel R2-D2?
  15. Confused
    Captain Mayhem reacted to Gupa-nupa in Push The Limit, Eta-2   
    All I want is Kit Fisto as a Pilot!!
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to darth otaku in Online Events Full of Bugs   
    I don't know where else to post this, so I hope my clever title drew you in. You'll understand why it's clever in a bit.

    So, live organized play is effectively cancelled due to Covid, which sucks, but the good news is that several unofficial online events have sprung up to fill the void. For instance, the good folks at Gold Squadron Podcast are in the midst of running a series of 5(!!) online tournaments that will lead to a 6th, invitation-only event. Many other X-wing podcasts and communities are doing similar, holding regulated OP-worthy events online for hundreds of players all over the world. I start with this to let it be known that lots of 'organized play' is still happening, even if it's not in any official capacity.

    This brings me to my actual point: The Nantex. Specifically, the Petranaki Arena Ace, and how swarms of these ships are steadily consuming every online tournament there is. 6 Aces with Crack Shot dropped from 248 points to 192 points in the June points change. Since that time, every Gold Squadron tournament (each hosting well over a hundred people) has been won by some variant of 6 Aces. The current tournament (Concord Dawn), happening on Australia time right now, has 20(!!!!) out of 129 lists as 5 or 6 Petranaki Aces. The last tournament's (Dathomir) Finals was 6 Nantex vs 6 Nantex. This list is out of control, and the bugs are taking over! (See? My title was clever, because you thought I was talking about computer bugs, ha ha ha!)
    The meta is quickly becoming nothing but bugs, and things people think can defeat bugs. Normally, I wouldn't say anything, trusting in FFG to correct such an obvious over-tuning relatively swiftly. However, with official OP dead for the year, I'm concerned they will ignore this issue until January.

    As an avid X-Wing player, I am *begging* attention to be brought to this list, and for an emergency points update to be put into play so that it doesn't spoil the rest of the community tournaments- similar to what they did to Triple Ups back in the day. There's multiple ship Waves between now and January, all of which will require a points updates for them, any of which could have a correction slipped in there. Please respect the hard work the X-Wing community is investing into keeping the tournament scene alive during these trying times, and don't let it be consumed by a broken, bug-filled meta.

    Thank you, and take care out there!
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to jagsba in WAKE UP! YOU'RE BEING LIED TO!   
    yeah either you don't hit (50%) or you really don't hit (50%)
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Skitch_ in LAATs how many should be gotten   
    In an effort to scale back my superfluous X-Wing purchasing habits I will only be getting one.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Concentrate Your Fire - LAAT Preview   
    More guns does not equate more damage.   We are dealing.   What you have is more coverage.    You have 50% coverage in terms of chance to attack.   
    These are not dedicated fighter craft.   The weapons are generally used to clear out an area or enemy ground troops for landing.    Hitting a fast moving target versus a slower ground target requires different weapons.   So while the x-wing game currently does not have ground units, the designers still have to take the intent into account.
    Finally, game balance is a thing.   A tie punisher has only two attack dice and is medium, but has other options - like this craft, which has WAY more coverage.  
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to 5050Saint in Xi Class Shuttle article   
  21. Sad
    Captain Mayhem reacted to Wazat in Wiki is now a disaster and it's Fandom's fault   
    Sorry guys, but the X-Wing Wiki just got hit with Fandom's mandatory "improvements" and it's a disaster.  We've lost our wealth of old comments (edit: they brought back old comments, but we had to disable article comments because the discussions feature is so poorly designed).  Lots of our pages, templates, and features are outright broken (This got a bit better when we restored some stylesheet stuff but there's still a bunch of work to do).  The page editor is broken (edit: this comes and goes).  The wiki activity feed I use to monitor changes and comments is vastly inferior to before.  And it doesn't include the new commenting system, so if someone asks a question, the only way for me to know is for me to trawl the hundreds of wiki pages looking for a new post (edit: Main reason we had to disable article comments until Fandom someday adds the necessary tools).
    Fandom is very devoted to and proud of these changes and does not respond to questions like "Will comments ever show up in the activity feed?  When will x or y be fixed?".  They think this is good enough.  They're rolling these changes through other wikis too and it's a disaster for a lot of them.  And still Fandom ignores the complaints and keeps applying the changes instead of fixing things first.
    Over the years I've tried very hard to make the wiki a useful tool, and to be on the wiki answering questions regularly, especially for new users.  But at this point I'm kinda helpless, there's nothing I can do.  Fandom humped us hard and we won't be walking again for a long time.
    Maybe never.  I may be at the limit of what I can and will stick around to fix & tolerate.  The mountain of work ahead of us is made so much harder by the objectively worse tools now available.
    Screw Fandom.
    edit: so I'm taking a wait and see approach for a few days, or weeks, to see if Fandom can be bothered to fix some of this stuff.  I don't want to haggle with it and discourage myself further while their editor and other tools aren't working.  Maybe with time they'll get their crap together.
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    Captain Mayhem got a reaction from Bucknife in Alpha Class Star Wing   
    I got 2 and I'm content.
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Phaed in Arkham Horror LCG Card Count   
    We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
    this will probably require 2 cases for future proofing.
    thanks so much!
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to bkcammack in Does it feel like X-Wing's become unimportant to FFG?   
    1 announcement every 3-6 months is a GOOD year for Armada. 
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    Captain Mayhem reacted to Darth Sanguis in Where is all the stock?   
    It's this. 

    Empire Games of Anderson South Carolina is an amazon seller they bought up 30+ of the Arquittens and sold every single one at $39.99 

    Which is usually a $19.95 expansion. 

    It's one thing if some lucky gamer finds one while they're out of print and turns it around at double MSRP, but when a"FLGS" turns around and scalps the reprints, they're ******* scum. 

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