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  1. Wellllllll, I do have doubles of all the investigator cards. I keep one set in a binder and the other set I would use in the game in case other people would use them. I know, it probably sounds weird, but hey, I'm a fan.
  2. My wife doesn't play at all. But she lets me buy what I want and really does not complain about it as long as everything is payed up and covered.
  3. I know what you're going through with your daughter. Mine did it last June and next week we are moving her out of her apt.
  4. Ouch! I have 2 of each except The Deep Gate (which I have 1). I picked up all of them except 2 of them at local game stores. I feel so dirty that some people can't even get 1 of some titles.
  5. Thanks for the 411. I think I might try that 5 list. I always liked the SF, and always ran at least 2 in any FO list i used.
  6. I've been thinking of flying 4 Omegas with SF Gunner, FCS, and Fanatical. Having 3 or possibly 4 reds might have a bit more punch and go through, which might offset not having a fifth chassis on board.
  7. You have a house from the 20's? I wish!
  8. I don't know why everyone is listening to "Dark Ambient music". I put on some 1920's Jazz. Now THAT is real ambient music!
  9. I got some really good ones on Etsy by a company called SurlyGoodDesigns!
  10. Yeah. One of my Torrent's peg was crooked. I just wiggled it loose a bit, straightened it out and re-glued it. Am thinking of getting the Seperatists Pack, so I hope my B-Bop's peg is not backwards also. ( I've heard of quite a few of these were backwards.) Crabbock on his unboxing video had one backwards!
  11. TIE Silencer. My ability would be to say "Pew Pew" after I fire my primaries.
  12. Planning on taking apart some clankers!
  13. Would have been nice if the Discord Missiles were usable on the Starviper!
  14. Ummm, wouldn't that be a purple charge? 😉
  15. That's exactly what I am talking about. A nice and shiny Y-wing as it was suppose to be!
  16. In 1.0, my goto squad for Scum was Guri/Kavil/Palob. And now in 2.0, I think it is even better!
  17. Just picked mine up today. Yee Haa!
  18. The funny thing is, we also bought a Dining Room table for the holidays. It measures 6 feet long by 3.5 feet wide. It replaced an oval one that really could not even hold a 3x3 play mat comfortably.
  19. How did you ever get your wife to consider THAT as a pre-requisite to get a dining room table? My wife would have kicked me in the shins and told me to go to H***!
  20. How "stiff " are the wings on the Resistance X-Wings by chance?
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