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  1. I ordered mine on Wednesday July 31 and got it in my possession Friday, Aug 2.
  2. Yeah! But they still don't get it right though.
  3. Really hoping for the F/O Interceptor. The First Order now has the least varied amount of ships in all the factions.
  4. I have one of each Hugh ship collecting dust on my dresser top. Now I'll be able to use them on the table-top and have them collect blown-up starfighter dust!
  5. I just ordered my copy of The Deep Gate, so I now have dups of all and my collection of the investigators is up to date. By the by, Miniature Market has Ire of the Void, The Deep Gate, and To Fight the Black Wind in stock as of my posting!
  6. This is the episode I referenced in my first post. If some one hasn't seen this episode, by all means watch it. Great Vader moves. This is why he is an I6!
  7. TIE Advanced. Look what he did by himself in the Advanced in Star Wars Rebels!
  8. I notified them on May 23. Got a notice a week later stating they were out of replacements. was notified on June 3 they had gotten more in and received my replacement pack today. I am very satisfied with Asmodee.
  9. My basic tie would be black in a Windsor knot. 😄 No really. "Midnight" of the First Order
  10. Wellllllll, I do have doubles of all the investigator cards. I keep one set in a binder and the other set I would use in the game in case other people would use them. I know, it probably sounds weird, but hey, I'm a fan.
  11. My wife doesn't play at all. But she lets me buy what I want and really does not complain about it as long as everything is payed up and covered.
  12. I know what you're going through with your daughter. Mine did it last June and next week we are moving her out of her apt.
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