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  1. I pre-ordered from Miniature Market both Weaver and Dexter. On June 6th, on the My Accounts page it stated that my order had shipped and had a USPS tracking number. Went to USPS tracking and it stated it was awaiting the package from MM. On Friday the 12th USPS emailed a notice that my order was in Pre-Shipment. I probably won't be getting it for another 4-5 days. Never again will I pre-order from Miniature Market. And I also e-mailed MM's customer service on Thursday morning and still did not get a response from them.
  2. If I want music in the background when playing AH:LCG, I go to the original source- 1920's Jazz.
  3. Well, if you do give him your ship, You're a better man than me. ( Oh I'm sorry. "Better Person".)
  4. Take it easy, take it easy. We will always take back people who have embraced the Dark Side and who want to come back to the Light!
  5. They just shipped mine and I got my tracking number. Delivery in 3 days for me.
  6. Yeah! Went to my Asmodee account under Order History and it said my order was "Pending" . It has been "Pending " three weeks now.
  7. Oh, if they only had the Spectres flying A-wings ,Y-Wings or even X-Wings. (Sigh))😥
  8. Hey Cuban Boy. I got in on Day 1 with X-wing. I purchased 1 Core and 1 each of the 4 expansions (TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced, X-Wing, and Y-Wing). I preferred the Empire, and now the First Order. ( A much beefier Empire faction IMO).
  9. Agreed. Considering I can't go to conventions, at least I had an opportunity to get a N-1. IMO I think FFG did the best they could given the circumstances. Kudos to them.
  10. They said by May 7th. If they still had any unused codes, they will send out to another person until all are used up.
  11. I just got my second round code today also. Good Luck to anyone else who didn't get it the first time!
  12. Inquisitors TIE and/or VT 49 Decimator
  13. Let us know how that comes out. Good or bad results. You've peaked my interest.
  14. Captain Mayhem

    N-1 Exclusive

    Good to know. Thanks. I think I'll go over to his site and check it out.
  15. Captain Mayhem

    N-1 Exclusive

    Yeah . That I do know. If people had in their minds that FFG didn't make enough, they would lose their minds. "Why didn't FFG make enough for demand?' or "They KNEW there would be a demand. They under-produced them." I know they were a Limited Edition and I congratulate all the people who were lucky to get one. I myself saw this as trying to be as fair as possible in this unprecedented situation.
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