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  1. Captain Mayhem

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I always use them.
  2. Captain Mayhem

    Resistance Transport observations

    Ummm, wouldn't that be a purple charge? 😉
  3. Captain Mayhem

    What to expect from the Republic? From Democracy?!

    That's exactly what I am talking about. A nice and shiny Y-wing as it was suppose to be!
  4. Captain Mayhem

    What to expect from the Republic? From Democracy?!

    A better Y-Wing?
  5. Captain Mayhem

    Happy Friday

    In 1.0, my goto squad for Scum was Guri/Kavil/Palob. And now in 2.0, I think it is even better!
  6. Captain Mayhem

    Shipping Now

    Just picked mine up today. Yee Haa!
  7. Captain Mayhem

    Happy first Friday 2019

    "Green Maneuvers"
  8. Captain Mayhem

    Play space at home?

    The funny thing is, we also bought a Dining Room table for the holidays. It measures 6 feet long by 3.5 feet wide. It replaced an oval one that really could not even hold a 3x3 play mat comfortably.
  9. Captain Mayhem

    Play space at home?

    How did you ever get your wife to consider THAT as a pre-requisite to get a dining room table? My wife would have kicked me in the shins and told me to go to H***!
  10. Captain Mayhem

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    How "stiff " are the wings on the Resistance X-Wings by chance?
  11. Captain Mayhem

    Clone Wars Starmaps Voting Thread

    Asteroid-themed mats are quite "busy", not to mention having the six obstacles almost camouflaged on the mat. These old eyes would have a problem figuring out where the real ones lay on the mat!
  12. Captain Mayhem

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    None (at the moment). I'm waiting on getting First Order stuff.
  13. Captain Mayhem

    TIE SF Discussion

    Firing missiles out the rear of the SF? I'm all in!!
  14. Captain Mayhem

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    The SF is my fav ship. Can't wait for the release. ?
  15. Captain Mayhem

    Happy Friday - What changes do you make to the AWing?

    I don't do Rebs that much, but considering we already have a blue and red versions , I'd buy a green or two