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  1. I will note that the use of "planned" is not actually a firm action word. Planned is not as firm as scheduled as an example of a stronger business word usage. 'We scheduled monthly releases of L5R in 2020." is more direct, and if they can not met a deadline these can be rescheduled. As plans can change as there is no action to commit to complete them, one doesn't have to replan them if there is not a firm direction.
  2. I have to concur with David Gordon even with yesterday's first L5R LCG update in awhile, the amount of actual new news and even acknowledgement of Gencon tournament results etc. I felt was still disheartening. My current but bold prediction based on quick analysis of the trending data as compared with previous end of life on other LCGs, is that soon after the Dragon Clan Pack is released, that there will be something about L5R LCG going on an hiatus. It will be somewhat vague but IMO will be FFG/Asmodee looking into the profitability etc. of L5R as a LCG or so on. The funny thing is I recently started, looking at my Legend of the Burning Sands cards and re-building decks. One reason was the Unicorn in the FFG L5R was referencing/channeling a Burning Sands vibe in some of the cards and then there really hasn't been much about the result of that 2018 letter about sending a Unicorn Clan representative back to the Burning Sands to find out what is happening there. Secondly, it was a great theme and fun change to the oL5R way of playing.
  3. Clan in early L5R CCG wasn't about the story as much as how these factions existed. Naga was the only non-Imperial Faction besides Scorpion to have non-Unaligned faction/Clan coloring because game-wise they were going to be Clan-like factions. The Naga weren't a clan as much as they were a known but hidden faction that wasn't a Major house yet one can point to their strong ties to Dragon whom had a Naga infused personality as one of their key personalities. Scorpion was still a Clan in spirit, during the Clan Wars Era of the first CCG arc they got their Stronghold like the Naga did in Shadowlands. (Physically within 8 months of the Imperial Edition core release) . Once these color-oriented and non-aligned Clans got a Stronghold they were more Clan-like and thus became a Clan for for playing sake but it wasn't really declared in the story besides Scorpion, Mantis as key examples that was a Clan recognized by the Emperor.
  4. Yes, but Game-wise Naga was a Clan-like from the very beginning Pre-Imperial Edition - they had a faction design coloring!
  5. It was controversial even back then because story-wise, Mantis was not a official Clan recognized by the Emperor at that Era.
  6. If FFG keeps the same name, true to the LCG rules. IMO I think that more of the core Clans need more balancing before adding another 8th Clan. The current state of L5R LCG - Lion has the "pet" sub-theme, Crab the holding sub-theme, Dragon the multiple attachments sub-theme, and Unicorn the movement sub-theme. These were also a part of the Mantis Clan identity: personalities with their own ability to have a pet follower, the more holdings with for example the keyword port mattered, the more weapons or followers or personalities boosted their stats more so in their early days, and they had Naval which was like another Calvary-like mechanic in the old L5R. Mantis Clan also had a ranged attack sub-theme which hasn't really been introduced yet. The Fate pool take is different, but then what about the Spider Clan or Naga or other potential factions? There is only so much the LCG can give out that will continue to make all LCG Clans unique. Even L5R CCG had difficulties maintaining all these Clans, unaligned personalities and so on.
  7. Well the next thought, is if Mantis did get full Clan status in the LCG - would the Neutral Mantis Clan cards be updated to reflect their status thus lose their neutrality? FFG will have a headache in the future, if Neutral card Yoritomo and Mantis card Yoritomo can be in the same build
  8. The scarier thing is if Mantis brings in Naval or Range into the LCG The neat thing about Mantis is their playing the Fate game, but I wonder if it'll get out of hand if every Clan can splash in Mantis cards with any future Fate pool manipulation cards. Still if Mantis gets Clan status down the road, what will their role be in the LCG? This Yoritomo clearly wants big Fate pools ... The potential for Yoritomo be a 5/5 or greater in a early conflict for 5 Fate is almost too efficient for a Neutral
  9. Unicorn had 18 Death Priest personalities. 8 which interacted with the the discard pile's dead personalities. The dead and discard pile was the key sub-theme to Unicorn for a long time, that some people wondered if the Unicorn lost their Clan identity.
  10. But it was not as big of a sub-theme as with the Unicorn, the point is yeah it was splashed in Lion but it was basically core to much of the Unicorn design for longer until the cycle before Ivory. In fact, the Lion Clan HAD only one "graveyard" based Stronghold - The Hall of Ancestors. Unicorn had 3 including an experience version of the Temple of Death with different abilities.
  11. I ran into attachment size limits so missed many examples
  12. As much as I liked the dead personality in discard pile revised as Lion sub-theme here, I kind of hoped it would be the Unicorn sub-theme in the LCG. One of the interesting things that evolved for Unicorn in the original L5R was the concept of the Unicorn Death Priest aka the discard pile mattered for some interesting Unicorn mechanics. FFG has done a nice job of bringing some of these sub-themes back early from the Core Set and now in the Elemental Cycle.
  13. Personally one of few pet peeves with the original L5R (post Emerald), was the gradual loss of pure Clan identity and loyalty. Too many powerful and cheap cost Clan personalities that everyone could play as long as their nerf'd honor tax or gold condition was met was quite boring game play-wise. With the Imperial aka 1st edition, it was much harder to "splash" in multiple out of Clan personalities into your 'main' Clan due to lower amount of efficient gold holdings, lower amount of Clan personalities that just your Stronghold gold could pay for and having to meet a minimum honor to bring into play. Later as the LCG progressed more and more low cost gold holdings were created and suddenly everyone could jam in the best gold cost holdings and bring in as many powerful personalities from any Clan that weren't Loyal (a mechanic that certain cards were only Loyal under a single Clan in term of paying to bring into play). So for example a "Lion" Military Rush just prior to Ivory (somewhat) was basically cheap high Strength Lion personalities and any of the other cheap Clan personality with the best Strength for gold value. It was like a rainbow of cheap Clan peeps smashing 1-2 provinces or more per battle in non-mirror matches. Sure made for very quick best of 3 matches yet technically there was no side-boarding option as with Magic the Gathering (tm) to "rebuild" your deck in between matches to try to slow down the snowballing. With the Imperial Edition, honor truly mattered on bringing in certain personalities. One had to have the minimum honor in their honor pool to even bring in their Clan Champion or similar Loyal cards on to the board. Granted this had to be modified because being dishonored or such during the match and not able to bring in your big cost personalities or play other 'need honor > or < than X' cards was not fun. Yet it made the L5R player truly feel that 'Honor Matters'. The nice thing I like about L5R LCG is the influence system, and limits on what kind of cards one can splash. And so far, Clan Stronghold honor or your the amount of honor in your current honor pool doesn't matter for bringing in your personalities. The issue with multi-faction cards in any game is the question of balancing. In this L5R LCG, technically each Clan has the ability to splash in any low influence Conflict card of any other faction as long as its fits within their Clan influence pool as well as their Elemental Ring role alignment. If there were clear lines of which Clans could each Clan could splash than one ends up with the system as mentioned above used in WH40K Conquest LCG which never got to build up its card pool yet I will note the shared Factions had similar cards to each other. The other L5R LCG current game design issue that limits more that 2 Clans teaming up, you would have to design more generic or similar cards for every clan to splash.
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