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  1. No, but you can spend a fatigue to move closer to the target.... or can you?
  2. Thanks for the link! I just noticed that this is also addressed in the Official Errata And FAQ, although without mention to a recursive targeting loop. That's how I would play it in my group, like a sort of "double blast".
  3. Placing a hex token on a monster makes the monster a target? How's that so? That's a rational assumption, but the card just says "discard a token", whithout specifying whether the token must be discarded from the target monster. (Sorry for double posting, but this bloody forum doesn't allow me to add/remove quotes when editing a comment)
  4. That's a rational assumption, but the card just says "discard a token", it doesn't say that the token must be discarded from the target monster though.
  5. It seems to me that Plague Cloud is being misinterpreted and abused by not properly following the attack steps. Where does this recursive nature come from? CRRG also states: "3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until no new monsters are hexed." Can anybody direct me to FFG's original statements that back this up?
  6. (Sorry for the split post, the quote function in this forum is broken. It wouldn't let me add text after the quote, even in edit mode) @Charmy We played Pilgrimage last night and what you said totally resonate with our experience. This is one of those quests where reinforcements are insufficient and become a challengeless joke once the heroes defeat the non-reinforceable monster group.
  7. These two links point to the same quest, I think it is an error.
  8. That's amazing! Could you please also provide the links to all that material? Thanks
  9. lucaster

    Try again or sell.

    This reminds me of that quest from Shadow of Nerekhall where Mirklace must be placed on the board during one of the heroes' activations, only to be slayed by them in two hero turns, without the OL even having the chance to activate him once. Let alone playing chess.
  10. lucaster

    Try again or sell.

    @KronikAlkoholik my experience is pretty much in line with yours. It is as if the human Overlord player were actually a surrogate for an artificiall intelligence that was never made. If you assume this, all the unbalances make sense .
  11. Some abilities, effects and skills in games are referred to as"situational" exactly because they require a specific situation to be used in. Oath of Honor is a situational ability. We can clearly see that the situation described by OP is unfit for Oath of Honor, so why the obstinacy? The Quest Guide specifically states how to treat Reinforcements when spaces are blocked. Instead, (unofficial) rulings on the tone of "in general, when X, then Y" should be taken like grain of sault, because they are issued without pondering enough about specific instances or combinations nor future expansions, and may lead to nonsensical applications (hint: Counting through Spaces + Oath of Honor + Portcullis).
  12. I find much of the reasong and lawyering in this thread to be a bit far-fetched. You're going out of your way to shoehorn an ability in a situation at all costs, without first asking yourself whether the conditions that allow the ability to be applied subsist in the first place... or whether the thing you'r trying to do makes sense thematically. The Pathfinder ACG has a nice rule that helps in situations such this: "Cards do what they say. Cards don't do what they don't say". It'd be useful to take inspiration from that sometimes. We want to perform the ability with sequencial application? Well, the second step of the sequence cannot be performed. Had there been another Hero in place of the Goblin Archer, it would have been the same: no empty spaces adjacent to the Ynfernael Hulk -> no deal.
  13. What about this: since there are no empty spaces adjacent to the Ynfernael Hulk, Oath of Honor cannot be used with that monster. Pick the Goblin next to the Reanimate instead.
  14. My group played this quest recently. The quest description doesn't say that a bucket can only be used once. Consequently, although thematically it doesn't make much sense, we allowed the heroes to use the same bucket more than once. The encounter did turn out balanced enough, with the heroes dousing half the flames.