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  1. Because it is passing through a blocked space, the zombie is what is blocking line of sight to that corner.
  2. I think that was the intention. They limited how often it can happen, but they left it flexible. The ability would be pointless if he has suffered no fatigue and could only have the option to recover that while being wounded.
  3. I asked FFG about a week ago, yet to get a response. Currently we are playing that once dice are rolled and it's determined range is sufficient even after surges are spent and no X is rolled then the attack is not a miss. Therefore before damage is dealt the soul can be placed. That's how we play it
  4. 1) yes or advance from the faq Q: When Immobilized, can a figure use skills and abilities that allow movement not related to a move action? A: Yes. Any skill or ability that does not refer to performing a move action may be used while a figure is Immobilized. This includes skills or abilities that remove a figure from the map and place it in another space, skills or abilities that allow a figure to move an amount of spaces based upon its Speed, and skills and abilities by which a figure can gain movement points. 2) I don't think so. The condition is being added as a side effect of the attack. As long as you don't miss and roll a surge, all monsters have to test. 3) Cards refresh at the beginning of your turn. The stones activate before or after you take your two actions during your turn. Check out those little hero turn cards.
  5. So there was a hero adjacent to Jorem but they did not free Jorem, either they failed the test or they chose to not free him to buy them some time? So now I assume it is your turn, so you move your monsters off the forge tile, creating the situation where there are no monsters on that tile and at least one hero, so Jorem is now free. That triggers Valyndra to be placed her lair. Which because it is your turn you could then activate her so place her adjacent to one weapon cache take it as your first action, then dash and take the second. It all seems legit to me.
  6. Potent remedies you recover hearts and surges on both die. This has been asked and answered by Justin over at BGG. A simple search on the LoR rules section on BGG, will provide you with the answer.
  7. Thats right. The Necro can either have his reanimate activate then take his two actions or his actions then the reanimate. But Fury of Undeath allows the reanimate to attack twice in one turn.
  8. Yes. It was ruled unofficially(but from Justin Kemppainen) on BGG that breaking the rune skill would target the rune master and that skill says it requires line of sight. So if the attack targets everything up to 3 spaces in your line of sight. The attack targets the caster also. The yes, you are in your own line of sight. Inspiring presence says "including yourself)
  9. I agree with the above posters. Start with the base game first, and I hope you enjoy it. As you add expansions and the conversion kit you will start to have more complexity and no doubt rules questions. The community over at BGG has started compiling an unofficial FAQ, answered by people from FFG http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/10382471#10382471 Also be sure to visit the page here on FFG to get the official FAQ and errata
  10. When you say "numb" I assume you mean the "stun" condition. Just be aware it only gets rid of 1 action not a monsters entire turn. Perhaps you already know this.
  11. Well scanning the rule book it doesn't say anything about search tokens and if the space they occupy is empty or not . I have always played that a hero or monster could occupy the space of a search token. If the search token is adjacent to a hero even if that space is occupied by a monster, you could perform a search action. I think you could "greedy" a search token 3 spaces through a monster because those are still countable adjacent spaces. Also the familiar "Skye" from the CK technically occupies a space but it has been confirmed in the FAQ that if a monster ends his turn(1space monster) then Skye's ability is negated.
  12. I agree that your turn doesn't end immediately after spending two actions – but as a piggyback question/thought on this topic, don't you have to wait until the next turn to use a search item you just found? In the hero turn summary, the "equip items" step happens before you perform any actions: "2. Equip Items: If the player wishes to equip different items, he must do so during this step. … Any excess items are flipped facedown and may not be used until they are equipped." In the equipment section of the rulebook, search cards appear to be classified as equipment: "Equipment. Each hero can carry any number of Shop Item, Class and Search cards he chooses. However, the number of these cards that a hero may equip is limited … Cards that do not contain at least one of these icons can be equipped without restriction." This seems to imply that Search cards are equipment that must be equipped before performing any actions in order to be able to use it, albeit equipment that has no restriction on how many you can carry. I'm not saying you're wrong, and maybe this has been cleared up somewhere, I'm just sort of posting my thoughts and confusion. Edit: As a side note, don't you spend surges to ensure a hit on a Shadow Dragon, not fatigue? Search items can be used immediately. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/12213155#12213155Edit: doesn't actually say search items. But I think we can extrapolate.
  13. page 15 talks about conditions. Stun is a condition. You need to deal at least 1 heart after defense die are rolled to apply any condition. Other abilities like, Knockback, do not require the damage to be dealt.
  14. I know it really makes me love the game more the fact that he always answers immediately, even on a Friday late in the day. I originally had the same questions as you, I was actually playing Mok as the disciple and was like, this dude is seriously off the hook! I am hoping after Trollfens they release a big FAQ which solidifies most of the answers on the unofficial FAQ on BGG.
  15. Cool, man. I definitely prefer getting the answer from them. Post the response if you could I would like to think the answers will be similar. They definitely are on top of giving you answers right away, I love that about them.
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