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  1. What's funny is I use recon spec a lot in this game and for some reason it didn't even occur to me to try it in this build lol
  2. I actually tried this exact list yesterday. It worked very well. Out of two games I only lost one sheild point. I like the look of this list might have to try it out sometime, awesome thanks!
  3. Any other neat ridiculously hard to kill ship combos?
  4. Im just curious to see if any of you think this could be a viable list, and also which crew should be added in. The List: TIE Phantom: Sigma Squadron Pilot w/ Advanced Sensors and Stygium Particle Accelerator X3 That Leaves me with 10 points for pilots. Which of these do you think would be most effective? 1) Fleet Officer X3: This would make for an amazing Alpha Strike, I would be pre-cloaked from turn one, using my advanced sensors I would activate all 3 Fleet Officers then de-cloak with a green maneuver. Positive: This would give my 3 Pilots 2 Focus and an Evade going into the first strike at 4 dice (plus 4 movement which means ill likely be in range 1) Negative: They would likely be worthless after that first round. I love the alpha strike combo but assuming I lose 1 ship in that alpha strike (even with the huge defensive boost) they are then worthless. 2) Navigator X3: This I think will be the reverse of above, less useful during the Alpha but far more useful after that first turn. Positive: Should make them far less predictable and hopefully I take out high PS enemies in the alpha leaving my PS3 squad members in decent position Negative: Might end up not being useful at all, im really not sure 3) Flight Instructor X2, Intelligence Agent: This could be a great Defensive combo for mid-late game but im unconvinced. What do you guys think? Suggestions beyond this?
  5. Hm, not that I question your motives, but why do you want to know that? My guess is he might have mixed some of hit stuff up with a friend. I did that, so I had to got through my ship packages and list what was mine, then I marked them to identify exerything. Maybe I'm just projecting my own OCD.Kinda this, when we started playing 4 of us bought core sets and we just kept all tokens together but we finally decided to split the 50ish ships components lolThanks for the help
  6. Is there a site I can go to that has a complete component list for each expansion? Such as which letter target lock, which numbers, how many shields and so on?
  7. NateWolfman

    Card Storage

    We use coin sleeves, as long as you don't use the top row it works amazingly well especially if you use normal sleeves for pilots http://www.amazon.com/BCW-20-Pocket-Pages-Pocket-Size/dp/B002KDNAU2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403986402&sr=8-2&keywords=coin+holder
  8. Just don't take too much of you time cause in a timed game you must destroy everything minus 26pts to call it a win. I thought the rule changed to only 12 points
  9. I have echo, VI, FCS, intelligence agent, and ACD for 38. If I add to that rhymer, PTL, APT, cluster, for the remaining 23 points I added a scimitar with assault missiles plus seismic charges (or would cluster/ion pulse?) how does that sound
  10. Thanks for the suggestions all, basically I'm going for a list to accompany a decked out echo, I have confidence with practice I can use echo alone to take out most teams, there are some exceptions of course so I'm trying to build a 62 point suicide squad who rams the oppoent and kills anyone with turreted abilities at the expense of themselves so echo can take his time the rest of the game.
  11. What are some of the best imperial single ship combos, not including phantoms. Ideas?
  12. I'm a huge board game lover but this never seemed to be my kinda game, I'm not huge into Star Wars, I enjoyed the original movies and some video games but no further. Some of my favorite games come from FFG though, arkham horror, Battlestar Galactica, and all of the game of thrones (something I am an addict for) games. This I had a mild curiosity for but not enough to commit until I saw this on tabletop, looked like a blast, made sure at least 3 of my friends wanted to start playing too, we each got our own core set and the rest is history!
  13. My luck with lambada has never been so good that lack of maneuvers kills me (of course I'm sure that's greatly do to a lack of experience)
  14. Lots of great suggestions! You all have convinced me to drop howl, in place I've narrowed it down to the defender or a supped up turr. But keep suggestions going, this is a great learning experience
  15. Aye, I've seen that sentiment around, my thought with her is 2 stages, 1) to give a refill on turn 1 only to the other 2-3 ships, and 2) she is an instant target, she forces opponents to choose in that first turn for an easy kill howl or try to take on my phantom, after the first joust I'm less afraid for my phantom, so she's more like his mental shield
  16. Alright, I am absolutely in love with the phantom, and on my quest to get a great build, so to the community here, how should i finish up this build, with a standard Academy Pilot, or Upgrades. TIE Phantom (Whisper) - VI, Advanced Cloaking (37 Points) Firespray (Bounty Hunter) - (33 Points) TIE Fighter (Howlrunner) - 18 Points After this I have 12 points, so do I add a simple TIE Academy Pilot, or should I upgrade my 3 current ships? Im thinking Stealth/Shield Upgrade on Howl, or perhaps up my BH to Kath+PTL+Recon Specialist. My instinct is upgrades, but my instinct is often wrong what do you guys think?
  17. So, what happens If front of the transport is out of range for the attacker, but the back is in range, however measuring the middle of the attacker to the middle of the back to check for blocking hits the back line so the back isn't shoot able. According to the rules I can't attack the back because the front is blocking but I can't attack the front cuz it's not in range. It logically makes no sense, but is that right?
  18. thanks, i forgot about the 1 action each part, still could be a neat combo Short answer. No. Long answer, we don't know if you can Advanced Sensors cloak and then immediatley decloak again yet, but we do know you can only take one evade action per turn and that SPG gives a free evade action. Nope, like Aminar said, you can only perform the same action once, even if you are granted free actions. If the language read "assign one evade token to your ship" then your idea works, assuming you can use Advanced Sensors to cloak and then decoak immediately. Side note, you said reveal your dial as a decloak. Want to make sure you know that decloaking and revealing your dial are two separate events, meaning that you decloak, make the 2-speed boost/barrel roll, and THEN perform the maneuver on your dial. ahh i misunderstood that, i thought you had to do that 2 move in place of your movement, doing a movement after makes it way more awesome!
  19. Let's say I have a generic sigma squadron pilot, but outfitted with -advanced sensors -Stygium particle accelerator Could I cloak pre action, reveal my dial as a decloak and gain 2 evade tokens from it?
  20. Nice initiative! I'll have to see what I have/want Edit: Have for trade Alternate Art Dagger squadron pilot X6 Alternate Art Ten Numb X3 Possibly any other unique pilots besides rebel transport Cash Want for trade Any other alternate art cards Any acrylic tokens Alternate menouver/range rulers I live in Omaha Nebraska but will be in the twin cities the weekend of May 17th Thanks!
  21. The game shoppe is Bellevue Nebraska had awesome extra prizes too, the TO gave away his dice set to 9th place, and in between each game we had random drawings for alternet art cards, special menouver templates, the top 8 all got gift cards from 25$ to 100$ based on where they placed and 4sets of imperial aces. Also the player who placed dead last was given a free rebel transport
  22. so you favor the interceptors to the fighters? I find tie swarms boring to play personally compared to the interceptors I'll look into ion missiles too, thanks
  23. Wow this got burried fast lol bump
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