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  1. What I do in my seasonal tournaments is, distribute the PtL evenly (if 8 or less players they get multiple) then at the end of the tournament 1st place gets the medal and there pick of any 1 of the prizes, be it the alt art card, an acrilic set, or even the poster that comes with, then 2nd place picks and so on down the list until your out of prizes or everyone e has picked in which case 1st place gets another prize. The extra PtL I bundle together as a single prize someone can pick, as well as any extra cash for entry, $25 to buy the kit so i recoup my $20 (the extra 5 being my own entry) and any extra becomes yet another possible prize choice
  2. Out of curiosity, how do you initially fly your 3 ints? I'm thinking about flying 3 aces as well (torn between that and fel + 5 obsidian) normally I set up Fel to swoop behind the enemy at the start while whatever he flys will more or less jousts, but with 3 ints I'm not sure of the best deployment strategy. Thoughts?
  3. These are some great pieces of advice, I love hearing strategy talk, I'll try putting these ideas into practice, thanks a bunch!
  4. I apologize if this should go in another sub forum, but none seemed quite right. My last couple tournaments I took soontir fel and the real admiral with VI. My favorite thing about this list is the vast majority of the time I get to place both my ships after all of my opponents, my question to the community: what are some good first round pieces of advice? 1) if my opponent spreads there forces along the whole edge I rush out top speed in one corner to try to take out a ship or two before they get involved. Is this the best course? 2) if my opponent groups there ships all together I tend to joust head on with my decimator, and try to flank with fel, but this too I tend to rush in quickly. In what situation would these not be the best courses? Is there a time in which I should start in the opposite corner and slow play? Are there good articles about this topic out there? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm leaning tword the 5 obsidians or 2BH right now, though what are your thoughs on 4 scimitar? Also if I assume I want him for end game, what squad could I take for the best alpha strike?
  6. What about bounty hunter (recon spec, engine upgrade) and academy X2?
  7. Trying to decide what to bring for my last store championship. I've settled on using soontir Fel with PtL, stealth device, royal guard, and auto thrusters. What would you pair with this?
  8. I actually have an almost identical green! I just keep it separate from the others. Also for the record the two flatter sides are (I think) blank and focus! Glad I'm not the only one
  9. we did a 3 v 3 1000 points on each side game. It was glorious but did take us 2 days
  10. Here in a couple weeks I'll be playing in an epic tournament. I'm just curious about any theories on what plays well. Note: I will be playing empire as I don't have the ship count for rebel, but thoughs on rebels are welcome too, I just haven't seen much on these forums about what could be good vs bad
  11. Tomarrow we are doing a 3 v 3 1000 vs 1000 point game (333pts per player)
  12. What about 1 of each ship on each side? So one tie fighter, phantom, bomber, ect. Vs one xwing, Ewing, ect. No limiting upgrades either. I'd be very curious who wins
  13. Soontir Fel - PTL, stealth device. - 33 points Who should I pair with this pilot? I'm torn between A) bounty hunter X2 Or B) academy pilot X4, howlrunner with veterin instincts Or C) academy pilot X3, night beast, dark curse Thoughts? I'm trying to figure out a good list for worlds Thanks!
  14. Looks like I'm in the minority but I normally say sharp and sometimes say hard, then say gentle for the banks
  15. No shadows of the empire love? 1) Kotor by far 2) battlefront 2 3) SotE
  16. Yeah man, dividing by 2 is some of the hardest things i had to learn in school.Well that was rude for a thread that had not degraded to these things yet. Congrats your that guy.In any case I'm talking not just about that but all the other stuff added in. I'm explaining to a new person 'you win when you kill all the ships or if out of time whoever killed the most points' vs 'you win when you kill all the ships or if out of time whoever killed the most points once you've taken those points then subtract the used upgrades that were discarded then the number that's left cut it in half rounded down'... My focus is cultivating a nice open community and every rule or complication added has the potential to scare off a new player no matter how small that addition may seem. Also I'm very against rules being different for casual vs tournament
  17. I just have one thing to throw in, this all seems waaaay to inaccessible to new people. Points destroyed vs points remaining is a very nice system because someone new straight off the streets can wrap there head around it, when it gets more complicated then that then some people will not want to get started, and for me I love this game and would still play it if the rule changed as suggested, but making it at all daunting to new players is the worst when you are trying to cultivate an active xwing community.
  18. I agree I've been placing predator on them instead for now Probably right, better safe than still having friends
  19. I do like this, though I've never been big on gunner personally, I usually use weapons engineer for my phantoms. But it does sound like fun
  20. Heh I did not consider the order of play. Alright push the limit is out, what are some better EPTs for the ship?
  21. Ever since the cards were spoiled ive been very Decimator-centric. Ive built list after list using this ship and I cant wait to try it out. Unfortunately I could not make it to gen-con so I will have to wait a month or two for the ship to hit my table (otherwise I would just fly these to see what I like better) I was hoping to get some advice on these lists, are they viable? which do you like better? and any tweeks? my favorite threads on this forum are about different build ideas and I thank you in advance for any help/advice! Note: So im not placing a ridiculous amount of lists here im using what I think will be my go-to Decemator. 1) *** Alternately, change the X4 TIES for Night beast, backstabber, and dark curse - Decemator - Commander Kenkirk, Ysanne Isard, Tactical Jammer - TIE Fighter - Academy Pilot X4 2) - Decemator - Commander Kenkirk, Ysanne Isard. - TIE Interceptor - Soontir Fel, PTL - TIE Fighter - Night Beast 3) *** Alternately, change night beast into a royal guard pilot with PTL in exchange for most of the upgrades. - Decemator - Commander Kenkirk, Ysanne Isard, Tactician, Rebel Captive, Seismic Charges, Hull Upgrade - Lambda Shuttle - Omicorp Group Shuttle, Darth Vader - TIE Fighter - Night Beast 4) - Decemator - Commander Kenkirk, Ysanne Isard. - Firespray - Bounty Hunter, Recon Specialist - TIE Fighter - Obsidian Squadron Pilot 5) - Decemator - Commander Kenkirk, Ysanne Isard, Rebel Captive, tactician - Decemator - Patrol Leader, tactician, tactician Those are my 5 favorite builds ive come up with to pair with Commander Kenkirk. Im also interested in if you think PTL on him his a good idea (I figure he will almost always want to do a slow green move anyways, and focus/TL every turn is huge offensively) or if you have any other ideas I welcome them Edit: removed PTL, I now have 3 extra points on each build
  22. fair enough, I had been of the opinion to take initiative but last night I was bested by an e-wing failing to predict his movements lol
  23. This is assuming you have advanced cloaking device and your opponent has a ship that matches your PS. Is it better to take initiative (so you shoot first to recloak) or give initiative away so that you move last to potentially arc dodge? Thoughts? I'm really torn
  24. These were extremely helpful and informative I can't wait to put what I learned into practice
  25. I love this idea and may steal it. Here is how I would do it, you start with a standard 96 points of either ties or head hunters, but no upgrades allowed. As the dm I would come at you with a 50 point squad (in waves as stated) then when you kill a ship and roll an attack die, if you roll a blank it's nothing, a eye allows you to add any viable upgrade to the ship that made the kill, if you roll a hit you can either take any upgrade for that ship or promote the pilot up to the next lowest Point value pilot (an academy pilot would become an obsideon, and so forth. If you land a crit you can do one of 2 things, you can trade your tie/headhunter that made the kill in for any other generic small ship, or you can have an additional new ship at lowest value.
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