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  1. Look into Soul Ward discipline as well. It's based on manifesting psyker faith into empower it's allies. I'm on my way to finishing up the 2.0 version tomorrow, which has been renamed to Theosophamy to better reflect its grounding in existing FFG lore. I've incorporated some of the names, descriptions, and effects from Into the Storm: The Explorer's Handbook and so far it looks like a reasonable backport of roughly ~55% homebrew material. I went through The Navis Primer to see if I can apply the Soul Ward discipline... but it's what you said: it's manifesting psyker faith into allies. Therefore, it runs counter from the idea I liked from Exorcism/Theosophamy, which was about using the Warp against the Warp and not about directing Warp energies towards other (non-psyker) people. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  2. I knew that there had to be something in-universe that already dealt with daemon banishment! I searched those terms; it seems that Sanctic is the half of Daemonology about sanctification (as opposed to Malefic, the pro-daemon Daemonology) for the WH40K Miniatures game, while Theosophamy is the proper name of the psychic discipline which focuses on using Sanctic abilities (in the Rogue Trader supplement entitled Into the Storm). Since my group plays Dark Heresy and only Dark Heresy (we <3 the =I=), it might be in my interest to backport the discipline from Rogue Trader, but then mix it thoroughly with the ideas I've established above, especially because there are only 6 given spells officially in Theosophamy but Dark Heresy explicitly requires 10 to award discipline mastery. I'll update the original post (and link) with a heavy revision that cleaves truer to the Rogue Trader powers.
  3. I just posted up a resource on Dark Reign for an idea I found recently and remixed. The link is http://darkreign.org/downloads/01-09-2015/exorcism-remastered. Someone originally made their idea of an Exorcism psychic discipline. Unfortunately, they made a creation that, I'll say harshly here, looked quite juvenile. It was a discipline for banishing Daemons, sure, but it had the Psyker loading up on meeting prerequisites for a final shebang that prevents Daemon rifts for 100d10 years in a 100km radius or something, that requires the Psyker losing all his powers but gaining the Untouchable background and half his spent experience back. Regardless of that implementation, I really liked the idea of an anti-Psyker Psyker, and so I trolled a lot of Lexicanum and WH40K Wikia for a better sense of how it could be palatable to a reasonably serious Dark Heresy player. I settled on the idea of a discipline focused on, well, discipline: Exorcists look at the Warp as a problem more than a power, and so exercise restraint in how they apply their abilities. Biomancers look to use warp energy to improve the human form, the Telepaths use it to control other humans, Diviners use it for guidance, and the Kineticists use it to rearrange their environment. No pre-existing discipline has overlap with Exorcists, who use warp energy to save humans from the dangers of warp energy. Go ahead and follow the link to read up on the actual abilities themselves; you can download the .docx there, which I think is more legible than the site's formatting. I'm looking to know whether people find the idea as intriguing as I do (please read the abilities, not just my little blabber on this post; I didn't say everything I want to here) so I know if I should keep iterating on this idea (it's only at v1.0) and I want to know what's glaringly overpowered (or underpowered) in it so I know how to keep iterating on it. Thanks!
  4. I'm big on setting the scene with extraneous information, so apologies that I don't get right to the point. I want to ward away calls of "irrelevancy" from the get-go. My group's Dark Heresy campaign is structured so that our particular cell is one of many in this hive world, and the Inquisitor will contact us sporadically with new information by either Vox, or sending a Throne Agent in person to delegate pieces of their missions that they need help with. This means that our characters have a non-trivial amount of downtime inbetween missions (at least whenever we finish our missions quickly). During that downtime, we live together in an apartment building in the middle layers of the hive. I have a 61-year-old Adept who relies on her poor-quality bionic lungs to live (strenuous physical activity is a -10 to Toughness tests), and she recently lost half of a leg. While her ballistics skill and gear is sorely lacking in addition to those things, her mind is completely intact, and I was considering leaving her in the apartment in order to start handling any of the mundane, administrative details of our cell while I play a more able-bodied newbie Acolyte to join in the field. All of us players have backup characters drawn up to insert into the story if we ever lose a character, and I was thinking that my Adept could actually simply not be "retired" but one of the two characters I play, though I'll really only ever have to play one at a time. My GM is onboard with that aspect of the plan, mentioning that it might be interesting that instead of the group having an Adept's knowledge at any given moment, they'd have to acquire as much garbage data as they can, then bring it all back to me to sift out clues or design plans. Now, the question: my Adept has Trade (Copyist) and Trade (Artist). Her backstory includes being a cataloger of an Imperial library on her orbital platform of a home, and she has used both these skills at a point during the campaign. I want her to be able to use these things as more than fluff; I want to be able to have her use the crafting rules to run a publishing side business, or create portraits, landscapes, and abstracts in order to sell to nobles. The money made from this would be used for the cell, ranging from paying the rent to getting groceries delivered to growing the stockpile of combat drugs for acolytes to take to hiring other NPC contacts for particular skill access, to finally buying Best Quality bionic lungs and leg. The thing is, there are absolutely no guidelines on selling craft goods or offering services. I don't know how easy it would be to find buyers, I don't know how long it would take on average to find buyers, I don't know what percentage of those buyers would actually be willing to pay me enough to justify the cost of materials plus profit, I don't know how much profit I can be charging. Do you guys here have any suggestions on what house rules we should create in order to streamline running a business in Dark Heresy? I'll probably update this thread soon with my first design soon.
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