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    Thaddux got a reaction from Haggis McHaggis in Protecting R&D -Advice.   
    Excalibur works well for me, as they need an AI to break it, and it limits them to one run on RnD per turn.  Quicksand is a new favourite, as it gets stronger with every encounter.
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    Thaddux got a reaction from SomVone in Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Sanctioning, and other things   
    What about if Adeptus Astra Telepathica was made as a 'homeworld' instead.  The act of sanctioning would effectively 'burn away' the psykers previous life, then they could be attached to the guard, or arbites as the player sees fit.
    Also, sanctioning could be changed.  How about, without being sanctioned, psykers cause perils of the warp whenever they fail a test to manifest a power, and sanctioning prevents this, representing the greater amount of control a sanctioned psyker has.
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