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  1. Thank you for your response. Could you tell me where this is written? I did check the FAQ for this, but couldn't find anything. Same with ANCUR.
  2. Apologies if this has been answered before. How does Media Blitz work with Victoria Jenkins, Chairman Hiro, The Board and Director Haas? If the runner has, say for example, Victoria Jenkins in their scoring area, and the corp has a rezzed Victoria Jenkins, can they play Media Blitz to copy the text on the stolen Victoria Jenkins and reduce the runner to 2 clicks per turn?
  3. Hi all. Was looking at the NBN operation 24/7 News Cycle, which allows you to forfeit an agenda to resolve the 'when scored' ability on another scored agenda. My question is: Do Agendas lose their Advancement Tokens when they are scored? Consider the following scenario: I have an arbitrary scored agenda, plus a scored Project Beale that had 9 Advancement Tokens on it, giving it 3 Agenda Counters, as per it's text. Could I play 24/7, to add 3 more Agenda Counters? Thank you.
  4. Rats! Foiled again. Thanks though. Would you be able to post a link to the twitter you mentioned?
  5. So the release of The Underway seems imminent and picture spoilers are available for all cards, and a slight anomaly has presented itself. As we all know, consoles all have the text: "Limit one console per player.", which stops you from even installing a console over another one, trashing it in the process. Also, perhaps redundantly, all consoles are unique (have the diamond in front of their name)... ...except Forger. Which leads me to ask, is this a simple mistake? Are the designers just doing away with the redundancy of also making consoles unique? Or... Might we see a change to the rules which states that while you still may only have one console, you may install multiple copies of that console? Might be wishful thinking, since Forger would be so much better this way, but it seems like an odd discrepancy for it to lack the unique diamond.
  6. Fair enough. Just wanted a second opinion. Thanks.
  7. Again with the titular ICE, if I use one of them to resolve the subroutine on Data Raven, does the power counter go on Data Raven, or on the encountered ICE?
  8. Excalibur works well for me, as they need an AI to break it, and it limits them to one run on RnD per turn. Quicksand is a new favourite, as it gets stronger with every encounter.
  9. Say for example, I have The Board rezzed, and the runner has stolen some copies of Domestic Sleepers, are they each now worth -1 agenda point? Also, does The Board affect cards that act like agendas once stolen, such as Chairman Hiro, Director Haas, and funnily enough, The Board itself?
  10. Leverage Event • Cost: 1 • Influence: 2 Play only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn. Prevent all damage until the beginning of your next turn unless the Corp takes 2 bad publicity. So, If I understand this correctly, I play leverage, my opponent decides whether or not to take 2 BP. He chooses not to. Therefore I can just walk through ICE like Data Mine, Neural Katana, Janus, Zed, etc.?
  11. If I have multiple copies of Snitch installed, do I get to expose an unrezzed ICE for each copy, or does it still cap at one?
  12. Cyberfeeder, and Spinal Modem both give recurring credits that can pay for using icebreakers. Can they be used for Darwin's 'at the start of your turn' ability?
  13. Is it just me, or has this card been changed to 'I've had worse'?
  14. Say somebody did use Levy AR with Ekomind installed, would the trashed programs get shuffled into the Stack, or go to the heap?
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