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  1. A lot of talents in this game have names that aren't meant to be taken super literally. For example "Bad Motivator" can be used on 'any device;' it doesn't have to work only on droids even if the bad motivator line was used in reference to a droid in the movie. Most of the talents' names are just for flavour.
  2. You could say that what Han is doing in the movies is taking an "Evasive Maneuvers" maneuver. While realistically he is doing a barrel roll, mechanically you could say that the "Barrel Roll" talent is a different move that has the same effect mechanically speaking. It doesn't have to be a literal barrel roll, it could be any kind of specialized maneuver that achieves the desired outcome - reducing incoming damage.
  3. I think that to be able to perform a barrel roll in a Sil 4 or larger ship, you would need to have the "Supreme Pride And Joy" talent from the Ship Captain Universal tree in 'Dawn of Rebellion.' To paraphrase: once per session, SP&J allows you to reduce the ship's silhouette by 2 to a minimum of 0 for the remainder of the round and the next round. I agree with HappyDaze about "Tricky Target." In my mind it pretty clearly says that the silhouette change only applies to attack rolls targeting your ship. "Supreme Pride and Joy" not only explicity says that it reduces the ship's silhouette, but it says that it lasts for the remainder of the round as well as the next round. That means it can be used during any part of your turn; actions, maneuvers or incidentals - including executing a barrel roll. It'll cost you 80 xp plus the buy-in price for the spec, so it's not exactly a cheap road to take just to be able to barrel roll in your Sil 4 ship, but if you feel that it's worth it, it is possible, lol!
  4. That's not an entirely accurate statement. At only 121 pages the WEG core book is tiny! For comparison the FFG career books are 96 pages. You don't get any info beyond the most basic of rules. There is no equipment to speak of, there are only stats for five ships (one of which is the Millenium Falcon, lol), and no setting information. Aside from human your only species options are Ewok, Wookie, Mon Calamari (which are careers unto themselves), and the "Alien Student of the Force" whose species isn't identified. If you want more info, you'll have to buy the Star Wars Sourcebook, although once again there is very little setting info in that book either. It's mostly just stats for ships and vehicles. They do have rules for ten alien races, but Ewoks, Wookies and Mon Calamari are on this list too, so it's really only seven. How many WEG books would you have to buy to equal the information presented in just one of the FFG core books? I don't remember what the WEG books cost at the time (it was nearly 30 years ago!), but I think I'd rather pay $180 for three books that give me a ton more information and that also give me the flexibility to run any kind of campaign that I want with very little to no effort required on my part to make it work.
  5. Does the Padawan tree make the Padawan Survivor tree basically obsolete, or are they different enough to still be worthwhile? I realize that the era that you're playing in would determine which one would be the most appropriate thematically, but I'm just curious if you wanted to run a DoR campaign almost immediately after the end of the Clone Wars when it would be reasonable to have both trees exist simultaneously, are they distinct enough from each other and does one outshine the other in your opinion?
  6. I would call Jawas Sil 0. I`'ve never seen one side by side (obviously), but comparing them to R2-D2 (from memory), I`'d say that Jawas are a little smaller than Ewoks. I don't know what criteria they use to determine Silhouettes beyond roughly Human-sized equals Sil 1, but it seems reasonable that any species that is half-the-size-or-less of a human should be Sil 0.
  7. I don't think it changes anything in the wider Star Wars universe. They were in the Outer Rim for most of the movie (after all, Anakin and his mother were slaves on Tatooine when the Republic/Jedi Order were in power). The Republic didn't govern the outer rim (aside from a few planets like Naboo), so the prohibition on slavery couldn't have been enforced and the Jedi would have had limited official jurisdiction if any. The individual systems would have had their own laws and enforcement independent of the Republic and the Jedi. I doubt that the Empire could be bothered to wag its finger at a few backwaters that participate in the slave trade. In Legends I believe it was clearly established that the Empire often made use of slave labour, so it might have been directly participating in the slave trade on those worlds and had no interest in shutting it down.
  8. Considering that on FFG`s front page there is an ad for pre-ordering Unlimited Power, I`d be surprised at an August release. My guess would be sometime in May. I have nothing to back that up of course,lol, it just seems odd to advertise for the pre-order of the third book in the schedule, without saying anything about the first two to be released. It seems like FFG`s schedule is all over the place, I often wonder if even they know what``s supposed to be released when!
  9. I suspected that was the case. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to me, but on the other hand, I can understand the reluctance to spend the money and resources required to update the cards whenever there's a change, especially if that change ends up getting reversed in the future.
  10. I've just started to get back into X-Wing a while ago, and I bought a Jumpmaster 5000 recently. I noticed that the cards still have two torpedo slots and a slot for a salvaged astromech. This doesn't reflect the changes in the FAQ, which got me wondering, did I just happen to buy a Jumpmaster that has been sitting on the shelf for a while at my LGS, or does FFG not upgrade the card text on subsequent printings to reflect any changes made in the FAQs?
  11. The models will obviously still be usable in a second edition, but what about all of the cards? It would suck if they were all invalidated by a new edition. One of the reasons I have a hard time getting back into Warmachine/Hordes is that every time a new edition drops, I have to replace all of my unit cards, and that's a pain in the butt. It would be an absolute nightmare to replace all of my cards for X-Wing!
  12. I also play X-Wing and I`m sorely tempted by Legions, but my friends mainly play GW games, so that`s where most of my miniature wargaming experience is from. One of my biggest frustrations with FFG isn`t so much the delayed releases since they give me more time to set aside some money to buy the latest book(s), my beef is with the glacial pace of reprints. When I first got into X-Wing, it took forever to get more ships because I always had to wait months at a time for restocks. That could spell trouble for Legions since those models require assembly and painting. That means there's a lag between purchase and the ability to put a model/unit on the table. Given my experience with GW games, the tournament scene does a lot to drive sales, people will start new armies or add to existing armies with the next tournament as a deadline. If the can't get the units they need/want in time to get them built and painted before the next tournament, they might end up moving on to another game. I can't claim to know the reason behind the slow pace of reprints (I presume it's money), but if FFG can't get it sorted out, at least for Legions if nothing else, interest might fizzle out pretty quick.
  13. Looks like I kind of got what I wanted in Dawn of Rebellion! I just got my copy today and as I was skimming through it I saw that there was quite a bit of general information about the Empire as well as the Rebellion. Based on what I saw flipping through the book, I`m going to enjoy reading this one even more than I thought!!!
  14. I was always hoping for a Clone Wars Era book, and now that Dawn of Rebellion is a thing, I'm sure that's coming down the pike sooner or later. I'm not too sure about the ST. I love the movies, but I'm not sure about it as a roleplaying setting, but then again, I've never really given it any thought. It could work, but I'm personally not in any kind of rush to see a ST sourcebook. It's only quasi-related, but what I'm hoping for is an Imperial Sourcebook. Not a book with rules for playing Imperial characters, that would be pointless, since there's nothing stopping you from doing that with the existing rules. What I mean is a book that goes deep into exploring the Empire. What is the political hierarchy like? What is daily life like for the average citizen on an Imperial controlled world? What is the Imperial Military structure like? I realize that a lot of people might already know this stuff from the EU media, but aside from some video games and a few novels and comic book series, I didn't read too much of it.
  15. I'm still just building a concept at this point, I don't think I'll need to add him/her into campaign yet, but I was thinking of giving my Dark Sider a one or two ranks of Adversary. Is that overkill when combined with Force powers? I have a group of 5 players: Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer); Hired Gun (Mercenary Soldier/Commando); Smuggler (Pilot/Scoundrel); Technician (Slicer/Outlaw Tech); and the Jedi Consular (Niman Disciple). They're each sitting at 200 XP right now, so it's a pretty good size group and I'm concerned that without some ranks of Adversary, the 4 non-Jedi characters will just shoot the crap out of him while he's duelling with the Consular. I'll probably throw some minion groups of Stormtroopers at the rest of the party to keep them busy, but a few lucky shots could do some serious damage. I want their first encounter to be a fairly savage beating so that the players fear future encounters with the Dark Sider. I'll allow them to narrowly escape of course, but I don't want a situation where the Dark Sider suffers a defeat, even a minor one. I think that might undermine his value as a threatening figure in the campaign. Another question I had involves the Dark Sider trying to tempt the Jedi to turn to the Dark Side. I was thinking of making some Coercion checks while they're fighting. Obviously it'll be entirely up to the player if he would want to turn to the Dark Side, but I thought I could use the results of the Coercion tests to generate Conflict somehow. Like maybe one point of Conflict for every Threat generated or something. Any thoughts on that idea?
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