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  1. When the characters are so awesome that a player commissions a golden demon winner to paint miniatures: Edit? how do post the photo??
  2. Just 1 ultramarine is enough to make cohesion limits laughable. Multiple means they're going to be able to pop abilities as if they were candy. I remember we had one game with just 3 players and we were literally re-calling the prime target @2 cohesion a pop just so our shot would be better for multiple rounds in a row.
  3. When we ran into a radiation damage conversion issue, we let the marines reduce it by their toughness felling (1). Lure of the expanse reactor is what we'd encountered.
  4. I started my campaign before getting the GM guide with all its extra ways to reduce corruption. So what I did was declare that once you hit 100 infamy, you're safe from spawndom - But, each corruption point earned above 100 is a negative infamy point. So if the players earned 10 infamy and 5 corruption player A would go from 90c to 95c and 100i to 110i. Player B would go from 100c to 100c and 100i to 105i. Mathematically your margin for burning infamy shrinks dramatically once you hit 100 corruption.
  5. The problem is, they dont have to push. They push only when preparing for the day, and by using Sacrifice talent, the only setback is exploding slave, and having to mop up the floor. When they are buffed they simply kill by using sustained powers. Using powers unfettered only has 10% chance of phenomena, and they with Warp Lock, you can just ignore Perils by making yourself useless for a few rounds. True, and my nurgle sorc kept doing the morning buff routine to largely avoid dealing with the churn. But where it got really interesting was when i manipulated the baseline churn before they got there. One tougher map started at -50 churn letting them push like crazy. Other maps, I would have a few npcs pushing to drive the warp churn up fast. That really put the fear of dice into their heads since you don't have to be the caster in order to get body swapped .
  6. I did have a house rule in place that i called warp churn Every roll on the phenomenon table added +5 to future rolls in the area cumulative. That really helped keeps the players from pushing too often even though mathematically it didn't do much.
  7. my player as a thousand son had the epic destiny of undoing the rubric. It was going really well until he accidentally became a demon prince of slaneesh.
  8. One scenario I used was to have the players assault an imperial star fortress. Because it was near a vortex, all walls, main doors and bulk heads were considered warded against psionics/demons.
  9. I would just go with whatever khorne lord you'd make, then subtract the frenzy and add in unnatural agility
  10. Not printing hardcovers i can understand. But you have to really hate a line to block its long tail on pdfs.
  11. SWG hero is not an upgrade of master therefore there is no opportunity to upgrade. I took the targeter for my devastator since that works on terminator as well as power armor.
  12. Once you purchase signature wargear that's it, that is your item. Except for the one turn in between normal and master. Think of it this way, the players find a piece of cool gear they want to keep while out on adventure. Mechanically, one player has to spend their XP on signature wargear to have it every mission. So use your signature wargear wisely. You don't want to signature a hvy bolter and then leave it behind once you go terminator.
  13. Don't forget a basic psy hood. Any psyker can use it to stop another psykers powers from affecting them personally really easily. A gaggle of them can work together to make it hard for him to cast his powers at all. and lets not forget that you control the warp. Make it flow hard or low at various points in the campaign (and not just at the screw you moments)
  14. And no matter what happens to setup the RF, you only roll one bonus d10. If that bonus die rolls a 10, then you may have a chance to roll another D10. But to reiterate, if you roll a yahtzee on that lascannon's 5d10, you still only roll one d10 for RF.
  15. The devastator should only have his back pack ammo for his heavy weapon, not extra clips to go with it. I've tried to go through all of my backpack and haven't' been able to yet.
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