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  1. Hey folks. Just played my first game last night, running Heirs of Blood. Had a great time. Afterwards I looked around and found this tracker online. Really like the look and layout of it. I do have a couple of newb questions that I didn't immediately find answers too inside this 20 page thread Is there a way to edit the Quest Details? If I accidentally saved the hero's as the winner, but it should have been the overlord, I can't seem to find a way to go back and change that. Is there a way to manually give the hero's extra gold? We misread something and they took an extra 125 for an item found in a treasure chest during a search. That was incorrect, but, they got it and spent it when shopping. I'd like to be able to add that extra gold without having to carry a negative gold balance.
  2. 1) When a basestar is destroyed, is it also removed from the game like when a viper or civ ship is destroyed? Personally I would think not, since the base game is limited to only 2 basestar tokens. It would be too easy for the humans to destroy them and not have to worry any more about them. 2) Can unrevealed cylons attack friendly ships? i.e. Can they pilot a viper and attack civ's, other vipers or Galactica? What about if the Admiral is an unrevealed cylon, can they nuke Pegasus or other ships? 3) When sending someone to the Brig (via the Admiral's qts or with the President) what happens if that person is on Colonial 1? Do they still just automatically move to the Brig, or are they immune? 4) Are the token limitations to the base game unchangeable? If I wanted to create several more basestar tokens so that when multiple crisis cards indicate more basestars, can I play them (the same would be if I got the expansions that give more tokens)? What about with the basestar damage tokens? Having only 4 seems a little short. While it logistically works with only 2 basestars on the board (2 tokens each, so a 3rd damage would remove the basestar and the damage tokens return to the pool) it seems silly that you can't have hangar bay damage to both basestars, that you're limited to only one type of damage per basestar. TIA!
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