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  1. i just stacked them in 8 decks of 20. fairly easy to get to the number i want.
  2. i struggled solo.. the less agenda cards meant the factions kept incrementing so much quicker. quarter of the card meant they increased in power 4 times as fast but i also had 4 times the enemies to contend with. it seems counter productive. surely you should get more agenda cards not less. i don’t know how any of the stories pan out very far before the faction gets enough power. (solo or with 4). also solo the lesser power faction catching up means it’s harder for most of the agendas people would have (most of which are to do with the difference between the factions) to actually be worth anything, let alone get to 11! (as opposed to the 8 for 4 player). also, slightly off topic, i wish the numbered cards were double sided (results on the back) to make it easier not to see results. to get round the ones that are added to encounter you would need another card that just says see card #xx
  3. is it not up to the person, they either spend a kill action (and it does not complete the quest) or spend a quest action (to kill them) and it does complete the quest?
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