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  1. So far all of our games have gone with the standard 8 units per turn and no card options for the invader. The US CAN be beaten with good invader play…its just really really hard. We are determiend to excel at that and not depend on the cards. I strongly urge all who play to forgo the invader card option. Ron
  2. Be careful with the attacking "normally" idea. If the attack is from an adacent area, and not over the top in bombing mode, then the adjacent area MUST already be a friendly territory. This makes it a bit tougher in the front lines, easier when dealing with those pesky partisans popping up behind you. Ron
  3. You have it essentially correct. The key is that in the early turns the invaders have NO friendly territories in the US, so until they have some successful attacks, with the required advance placed battle markers so they can be converted to friendly, the turn 2 and after first phase movement will have no friendly spots to move into on phase 1. And the invader really really needs friendly spots to move into on phase 1 movement. So plan your attacks and protect your invasion/freindly zones accordingly. Ron
  4. Our biggest issue so far has to be with the 4 spots on the map that are questionable regarding their connection to other areas. The smallest is the very small zone line offset just south of Minneapolis. As the zone lines were drawn ONTO the map, then this could have clearly been adjusted to be a point, allowing no connection, or clearly set further apart of establish a connection. There are 2 other in-country spots that are small, in the 2-3 mm range, but they are viewed as connections as they are clearly not a point, just not very large, so there have been no arguments on them. The other major issue is the invasion zone coming from the south player. In the original game, the area 2 spaces east of Phoenix was clearly invadable. In the new map, it is less clear as the connection area is smaller AND it gets lost in the border graphics. But, the E-W line that runs along the south of the area in question was purposely jogged to the south, and where it connects to the border black line, creates another 3 mm seperation. Had the line NOT been jogged south, the lines would have connected at a point and there would have been NO connection nor argument. Due to this issue the game has not hit the table again in over 2 weeks, and 2 of us have passed on buying the new game to replace our old version, which was played by our group for many many years (we are all "seasoned" gamers). I cannot believe that FFG has not only let the game out with these issues with the map, but they have made no effort to clarify the questions despite the posts on BGG. For such a natural and long-awaited sucess to be released with these flaws is shameful to them and disrespectful to the gaming community. I respectfully request that FFG to address these issues and post an official map clarification notice immediatey Ron Glass
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