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  1. Hello John, You recently asked some questions about Dust Warfare: This is the official respose I received from fantasy flight games. Rule Question: I was hoping you could clarify a few things. How do limited ammo weapons work in warfare? Are they the same as tactics? For example, in the warfare rule book, it is mentioned that the Steel Rain only has a total of 4 4.2" rockets. I get it uses the reload and artillery rules for gameplay, but there is no mention of specific rules for limited ammo weapons. Are there limited ammo rules/weapons as far as gameplay is concerned? Or is it just merely for story purposes and they should be treated effectively as "unlimited ammo"? As far as gameplay is concerned, there are no limited ammo weapons. The text that describes the Steel Rain as having only 4 rockets is merely for story purposes. During play, the Steel Rain should be treated as having unlimited ammo for its 4.2" Rocket System, with the rockets being subject to the rules for Reload and Artillery. A second question is for unit weapons. For example; In Dust tactics, the Axis sturmpioniere have 3 panzerfaust and it's stated that they are unit weapons, so no matter how many miniatures are lost, the unit still can use 3 panzerfaust even if the miniature shouwn carrying the weapon is lost(though not more the number of minatures left in the units). Is this the same for Dust Warfare? Or are the panzerfausts treated just as reload weapons with "unlimited" ammo? Dust Warfare treats unit weapons differently than Dust Tactics does. If the miniature carrying the weapon is lost, so too is the weapon itself. In the example of the panzerfausts, they are treated as Reload weapons with unlimited ammo. I hope this has answered your questions. Happy Gaming! Zach Tewalthomas Assoc. Miniatures Games Producer Fantasy Flight Games ztewalthomas@fantasyflightgames.com
  2. On page 53 of the rule book in chapter 3: spec ops under "Blutkreuz Ape" reads as follows- "Ignore all effects of Suppression markers; NEVER place Suppression markers on a unit with the Blutkreuz Ape ability. This means that they DO NOT gain the benefits of the "Hit the Dirt!" reaction. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you for your answers, I was thinking the same. Just to be sure I sent an e-mail to FFG under rule support and will update when I receive a response.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knew the rules for limited ammo or if there even is limited ammo in warfare. For example, the rulebook states to use Steel Rain's 4.2" rockets as artillary and reload which I understand. But they also make mention of only having 4 rockets. Should ammo amount be treated the same as in Dust Tactics?? where after being fired 4 times the weapon line is gone for the duration of the game? Thanks for any helpful responses!
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