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  1. Thanks for the info! I’ll keep an eye on that “Upcoming” page.
  2. Does anyone know if the Hobbit & LotR sagas will be reprinted?
  3. Only one Jawa figure I would have thought they would be a three pack. Or at least two!
  4. I have been using the Pathfinder Combat Pad: http://paizo.com/products/btpy9066 You can find it at several mail order places. It's magnetic AND dry erase! I've been using it for all my games.
  5. We generally like to see the location. It helps visualize the space and gives us ideas on what to do. I have several maps, sheets, and pictures that I use to show the space the group is in. It really helps dealing with medium/close range (for engaged I just put their figures touching). Long range is where I hand wave & just place figures off the map. The tricky part is if they split into two groups which are both long range from each other. I try to just keep the groups dealing with separate issues, or create a reason to group them back up.
  6. I've struggled with intimidate being tied to one stat through MANY systems. I just allow a player to pick the way they wish to use intimidate, and apply the appropriate stat. The important part is "does it fit the character"
  7. I've always loved the 'Saltmarsh' modules (U1-3). The first module always had a bit of a Warhammer feel and could probably just play out "as is." You would probably need to replace the main antagonists for both U2 & U3 (not mentioning so as not to spoil .
  8. There are a lot of good ideas in this thread. Currently I just limit the max manoeuvers to the character's/creature's toughness. Although, I will think on these other options a little more.
  9. So, one of my players was going for a Diestro style fighting and took the "Disarm" action. I thought "that's cool," but then he used it in combat and asked: "So, What happens?" … I didn't really know how to rule it. The action card has a 5 recharge so I assume that it should have SOME kind of penalty. I first thought that they would need to use a maneuver to pick it up, but then that seemed too weak. I thought maybe the NPC should be without weapon damage for "some time" but I settled on just saying the NPC could either attack with no weapon damage or use an action to retrieve/pull out another weapon. Has anyone else run into this?
  10. I have the iphone app as well, but there is just something more fun to actually rolling DICE! Help me FFG! Your my only hope!
  11. Hmm … maybe just keep things easy & abstract. (I've been thinking about this between project compiles If you used concentric circles around the "location" it could work. If you don't use locations then just go with the first or central engagement. Then everyone who is close to that engagement is close to each other. Keep going all the way out. This would mean someone at extreme range is at extreme range to everyone & every engagement. It does trivialize long, and make the scene feel more "exponentially" large than it may actaully be, but it may keep things moving. Thoughts?
  12. One problem I've had is handling multiple "groups" of engagements and how to handle distances for individuals outside the groups. Ex: The party runs down the road to a carrage under attack by beastmen henchmen. The elf archer hangs back to cover. A Worgor comes running down the road a head of the party, one player leaves the beastmen engagement and intercepts the Worgor. What are the distances of the elf archer that stayed back to the two engements? Can he attack both? If he was at medium range to the carrage is he now long range to the Worgor? Inquiring minds want to know
  13. Woo Hooo!!! I've played the original one several times. I've been looking forward to this one.
  14. The Witches Song village along with the "bumkins" from The Gathering Storm and you will be golden!
  15. Thanks everyone! This part is what made it make sense for me Matchstickman said: it would prevent charactes who were 1 fatigue from collapse from ever escaping a stationary foe.
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