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  1. From the preview of Faith and Steel looks like they appear in the art for doom-seeker. I still hope we will get a card for each maybe with some kind of synergy between them. With all the books in Black Library it's a shame they haven't been released yet (for what I can remember gotrek an Felix were in the 4th edition army book too) I mean Sigvald already has a card and he is not as well established a hero. Lets hope they will be in the next big box
  2. I agree with Commit to the Force, not everyone should contribute. Though if they name it Infiltrate/Spy then that would make more sense but still not all cards would work (creatures like Rancor). So maybe cards with a specific keyword (e.g. "force sensitive") should contribute. That way one deck could build around that aspect of the game. In saying that I don't think the Commit to the Force step is needed, I would be happy to see it gone from the game. Same with the turn counter. Just simplify those aspects of the game.
  3. I personally don't like the idea of a turn counter. I'd be happy to see it gone in favor of something else for instance specific objectives or old fashion points scoring when the deck run out.
  4. Surely for there must better way of doing without the counting, it's just the designers has been using that as their solution for most of their game. Not a bad thing, I have a lot of fun with them. But I must say I find the idea of the best experience involving a lot of counter disappointing. After all the effort with the redesign I was hoping for a more elegant system, not more token than ever. I am still not sure if I'll get the game. If I do though, I'll design and print a few numbered cards (+1 +2…) with different colors to replace all those tokens. I am not sure how if it will work and it's still a lot of bean counting but at least it'll feel like I am playing a card game. I have tried using a dice before but it didn't really work.
  5. I can see some analogy with the way Warhammer 40k introduced larger vehicule as part as their larger games. Chances are the models will be expensive but the cool factor should increase the sales with hardcore fans and collectors. Also, being Star Wars, it will generate some interest. Having cool models and great showcase is a good way to advertise and would no doubt draw more potential buyers to the base game. Gameplay wise I could see the large ships in bigger games with different impact on the game. All starships have different roles, for instance bombers softening larger ships shields, starfighters protecting/attacking the bombers. Capital ships fighting each other, not only in direct the battle but, maybe in another larger role, using (counter)intelligence, strategy and tactics cards to influence the outcome of the battle.
  6. The Correlian Star Shuttle included in the base game as a token should be about 30cm. Here is a list of about 100 rebellion-era ships with their game scale: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/9861516 I can't see capital ships used in game other than large events and serve as a promo for the game. There are some great models/diorama to be built though.
  7. MarthWMaster said: You'll get to play that kind of deck. Not out of the box apparently, since the "fringe" elements of each side are going to basically be this game's Greyjoy and Martell (you'll get a taste of those factions but not the whole meal), but as monthly packs begin to be published, you can quickly build the Scum & Villainy deck of your dreams. Oh right, thanks for the clarification.
  8. Oh is it really what 3 factions means ? Having Empire & Rebellion I was expecting the 3rd faction to be neutral,something like the Black Sun crime syndicate, including smugglers and bounty hunters I don't mean neutral cards from the demo but the full thing including specific objectives.
  9. You forgot the shield token. Watching the demo video from GenCon I was almost expecting extra tokens to pop-up during the game like green bacta token for healing effect. I so agree with you, I think it's getting ridiculous. It shouldn't be called a card game anymore.
  10. Any chance we will get Gotrek and Felix in the future ? I couldn't find any reference in the forum.
  11. For me it'd be Solo and Co-op
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