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  1. I have a very bad back and can't stand very long. Is it possible to play X-Wing sitting down? All videos I have watched have everyone standing.
  2. Looks great. Was working on one of my own. Is it complete? If there is nothing listed as sub-type, can I assume that there is no sub-type for that card? Thanks.
  3. Has FF said how many Legendaries should be in a case of boosters?
  4. Have they said how many cards there are in the Awakenings set? and the breakdown of common/uncommon/rare/legendary cards? I know the breakdown of the boosters is 3 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare/legendary.
  5. This really is the Golden Age of Star Wars fandom. Everything that came out of Celebrations is just AMAZING, and its just the start!
  6. But no alt art cards or anything like that?
  7. Were there any promotional or exclusive stuff from Fantasy Flight at Star Wars Celebration this weekend?
  8. they have sleeves for postcards and they fir into those. the sleeves are a little long, but you can cut them down.
  9. the only way I would ever paint mine would be to just did them all in black paint and call them "Black Hole [insert name here]" (like the Black Hole Stormtroopers) Back Hole Nexu, Black Hole Luke, Black Hole Wookie... etc. lol
  10. yea, I used a black sparkle paint for the solar panels I may do another coat of the wash to bring out more of the details.
  11. nope. tried the paste button in the menu bar, then right click/paste, then ctrl v, nothing worked. when clicking the paste button it asks for permission to access my clipboard, I click allow, then it wont paste.
  12. nope, wont work. just freezes and I have to reload the page.
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