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  1. I never found any races that caused the game to be very lopsided. The alien races require different strategies to use them. Certain alien powers will work better for some players depending on how they play the game. Some races are harder to use than others, and in certain peoples hands some races can make the game a bit lopsided. But overall I think the color scheme was put in place to separate the easy to use aliens to the aliens that require a little more strategy to use and defend against.
  2. Rex is a good game my group likes it, but it lacks the mythos of Dune. With Dune people get into character and play the race the way it is in the books. While FFG does a good job integrating Rex into the TI universe, it doesn't have the draw that Dune does. So in gameplay I may prefer Rex by a bit, in color and fun factor I prefer Dune.
  3. My group usually mixes all the aliens together to pick the races. I never separated the races by easy medium and hard levels.
  4. I do love to crush my opponents in brutal fashion. But a good adversary who can keep it close, but you can sweep in at the end to victory is also sweet. And it keeps your opponents coming back for more.
  5. Pinkshirtbadman said: New to this website, so it may just be that I haven't seen how they announce things etc, nor did I see the phrasing on the original upcoming page, but does anyone know any further information about this? The current upcoming page lists this game and says "This is a reprint August 2012" under Expected by: it lists "this is a reprint" Does this mean it is available "now"? On the actual cosmic encounter page it lists it as "available soon" As a "reprint" will this be identical to the "2011" / "2nd edition" or will there be any errata changes etc? I literally just heard about this game today, but am very excited to pick it up, I found the "2011" Edition on Amazon for a little over $50 or the "2009" edition on ebay for pretty cheap (but of course it may still go up with almost a week of bidding) As players of the game do you think it be worth waiting for a 2012 reprint? If there's substantial changes (or heck even minor changes) to card wordings etc, assuming it won't be cost prohibitive I think I'd like to wait for it, (looks like $50 direct from FFG here) but if it's going to be completely identical to the other most current version (or crazy expensive) I'm not sure there's really a reason to wait. Thanks for any input or assistance Edit: Can someone explain the "Fantasy Flight Supply X# Protective Card Sleeves" icon on the product page? (main game shows 4, expansions show 2) Does that mean it includes that many packages of that type, or thats how many they recommend? Clicking on it takes me only directly to the supplies page Expected date, and actual date of release are often quite different. Two of my FLGS still have copies on the shelf. BGG is also a good resource if you are looking for a game that is out of print and you want it now.
  6. marcelvdpol said: ronin3338 said: Well, the Invaders have to set the pace of the game to "high". As the Invader, you have to pressure the US and press hard and at speed. If you don't press hard enough OR don't develop enough speed to threaten key US area's (area north of Washington, area around/north of Dallas and around Colorado Springs) then the US will get to make the choises of where to attack. As the Invader you have to take control, you cannot afford to spend three turns on the beaches to secure your position; the US will receive more reinforcements and have more laser shots if you do as well as letting the US pick the targets for attacks. I agree. The invaders must be aggressive at all times, but coordinate well so that they don't leave their bellies unprotected.
  7. Tiz said: In my opinion they are worth getting. The expansions are more about the 20 new aliens and add-ons and less about the extra players. If you can get many people to play then I suggest skipping Cosmic Alliance as that one is mainly about many people playing. I would suggest Cosmic Incursion as your first expansion. The rewards deck is a better value than the hazard deck in Cosmic Conflict. The hazard deck is cooler with more people. But in short- expansions are worth it because the more aliens- the more variety you'll get. Thanks for the reply. I'll have to check out Cosmic Incursion. My group does like the variety in Alien races.
  8. I know the chances are zero, but I am a constant wishful thinker. I'm doing this to get a copy of the second edition. But I do love shiny new things. The 3rd edition is an excellent game. But it is a very different game. I was just getting a little foggy eyed when I was checking out the Upcoming Merchant of Venus with the old version of the game and the newer updated version which appear pretty different in the same box.
  9. Make sure they understand it is just a game. Rex has many similar qualities as Diplomacy has but with the edge off, but don't expect someone who is your ally will always be such. A few Euro players who I played Rex (and Dune) with don't get this and quit the game early.
  10. Rex definitely fills the Political/Diplomacy style niche. If you like games that require reading people and a little cunning and intrigue this is a quality game. If you can get into the theme as well it adds to the flavor of the game. 2-3 hrs (closer to 3) for gameplay if everyone has already read the rules thoroughly. It is nothing like Twilight imperium for gameplay other than some race issues. It will help with theme, but that is all. People who play TI for the 3X (4X?) gameplay may not like Rex. Die hard Dune players who are stuck on Dune may not like Rex, but Dune players who play for the gameplay and like the theme will definitely like Rex.
  11. It looks like they are throwing their backing more behind the Dust miniatures. I agree that a reprint of Dust does not look promising.
  12. I'm not holding my breath, but it is possible. You should check out BoardGameGeek and ebay. There are some reasonably priced expansions for sale.
  13. I would say that it is a little similar to Kingmaker by Avalon Hill (I think this is the publisher you are thinking of). In the fact that there are factions and nobles and vaguely similar mechanisms. I think if you like one you will like the other. It has been a long time (>10 years) since I played Kingmaker so I may be a little fuzzy, but I liked it when I played it, and I really like Warrior Knights.
  14. This game is great. I love the way that you have to plan your turn and try to manipulate others into helping you in getting the cards played you want. It definitely took some getting used to for the Catan people. I found that people who never played Catan actually learned the game faster.
  15. The most people that I have ever been able to get at a table for Cosmic encounters is 4, including myself. If I can never recruit more than 3 other people is it worth it to get the expansions.
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