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  1. To survive as a wargame, Dust Warfare will need atleast one if not two, or three more factions. I play axis now, but have been waiting for a fourth faction. I have been hoping vrill is comming, but I fear it wont be the next one. That said, I do think Japan could be a possibility. It could also be a sub factions that could mix with Axis or get benefits from being 100% pure Japanese. This could then happen for British or French, then Chinese. Either way, I wait expectantly for a fourth faction anounced. It is all up to Mr. Parente and his vision… and the Dust Tactics game.
  2. I agree, we have been increasing our platoon size past 150 with AP earned in the campaign. As for multiple figures on one base, in regards to suppression and retreat, please see the clarification on the latest FAQ. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3897 As it turns out I was wrong. My apologies.
  3. simpatikool said: HADES Axis Heavy Weapon Teams: How many suppression markers suppress them? Page 20 of the Hades campaign book says the "Basic Unit: 3 Heavy Storm Grenadiers" Page 47 of the Core rules states "Whenever a Soldier unit has more Suppression markers than it has miniatures left alive, it is retreating." Since it appears that all miniatures of the "basic unit" are alive until the unit takes 3 damage, then it would require 4 suppression markers to force this unit to retreat. If there is a better interpretation on this, I would like to hear it. Otherwise suppression would effect the unit as normal for a soldier unit.
  4. WIth zombies that have been "made" on the battlefield, I would say, since they are not a unit, and cannot take objectives in a game, they are not included in your platoon from one campaign game to the next. Besides, you get the original model back that was lost if you make your casualty roll. As for platoon upgrades, it is not expressed in the rules that I have seen. To extend this question, what if you lose your command section? Can you change the "type of platoon" by replacing it with another type of command section. For example, in our campaign, I have Sturmgrenadiere Platoon, but I considered changing to a Blutkreuz Platoon if I lose my command section in a campaign game. At that point I re examine my platoon upgrade. I am going to leave the decision if this is allowable to the guy running the campaign unless we recieve clarification on it before that time. Just off the top of my head, I would say the platoon is trained or equiped a certain way and that should remain from campaign game to campaign game. There could be exceptions to this in specific cases, as in the example I mentioned above. That said, I have not "official" information on this and would leave it up to the person running the campaign or what is agreed upon by the people in the campaign.
  5. That is a very good question. I do believe it follows the same logic. No casualty roll unless the model leaves the table. If it does, it gets one dice. This is similiar to a mech with multiple wounds. So there are advantages to this, multiple wounds, and the disadvantage of one dice.
  6. I agree, we used the battlebuilder more than the scenarios. The tournament battlebuilder is a little more fun. We really had alot of fun with the 3 player scenarios from Zverograd book. In particular the At All Costs scenario we call the meat grinder.
  7. Chris, Please consolidate your rules questions and ask them in the rules subforum.
  8. First, cover is not a roll. Cover reduces the number of hits by one or two depending on type. The UGLs remove cover for the entire attack. Roll armor saves as normal.
  9. Maverickg said: a. Is the attacking unit leader in base contact with or in the terrain. If yes, ignore no cover. *Edit: If yes, then ignore the terrain, no cover.
  10. Mike J said: I don't agree with that at all. Each miniature in the unit can choose which action to take. The Medic can use Medic, the Mechanic can use Mechanic, and the rest can choose to Attack. Actually, this is how I see those command units used most frequently. They move, the Medic removes suppression from a nearby unit, the Mechanic removes blind from a nearby vehicle and the other guys take a pot shot hoping to cause suppression. Mike, This is a very interesting way to look at a special action order. Please note that page 33 of the core rulebook states under Actions: Some units have additional special actions they may take instead of the standard Move and Attack actions. This would indicate that the rest of the unit could not Attack. I have to agree with Mattador Actual. The text for both Medic and Mechanic abilities say the Unit can take a special Heal or Mechanic action. It does not say the miniature takes the order. Additionally, a unit may not shoot while performing a Reload action at the same time as far as I know. How do you support your interpretation within the rules? Please be specific. If you're right, and I hope you are, I would have to sell this to my whole group. Thank you.
  11. During the unit phase each activating unit is able to make two actions, move and fire action, in either order (Reaction and Suppression not withstanding). Or take a double action, marchmove or sustained attack. Page 33 of Core rules under Attacks states "Some units have additional special actions they may take instead of the standard move and attack actions." Later under Special Actions it gives the example of reload. This is a good question because the "and" I have highlighted indicates the special action would replace both actions. I have never played it this way with my group. Here is why: Neither The Special Actions section on page 33, nor the sections on reaction or suppression mention limiting the use of a special order like it does for a double action. In addition you can give a Special Action order in the command phase. The conclusion is a Special Action such as Medic, Mechanic, Reload are equal to one standard move or attack action. This conclusion is reinforced by FAQ 1.3 on page 3 under Unit Phase. For example, your Kommandotrupp could activate to move 6" and use the Medic or Mechanic ability in the same Unit Phase. It would have been more clear if the sentence I quoted had an "or" instead of "and". In addition, this could be expressed under Special Actions or with each Special Ability. I hoped this helped.
  12. Please note I did not read the replies to this post, but am answering the post directly. 1. Snipers ingore cover if they have line of sight. (that one was easy) But say it was another unit IN the building. Because the unit occupies the cover (if it has line of sight) it ignores the cover when firing through. 2. The mech shooting through terrain would give the target cover. When considering cover there are a few things to consider. Please note in the core book you will find this information under "obscured" line of sight. a. Is the attacking unit leader in base contact with or in the terrain. If yes, ignore no cover. b. Does the terrain "obscure" line of sight from attacking unit leader to more than half of the target unit's models. If yes, then cover applies. c. Line of sight only has to pass over terrain, the area of terrain does not need to be taller than either unit.
  13. 1. If one weapon has an ability to ignore cover or armor rolls(such as burst, or grenades) then all weapons in that attack ignore cover or armor rolls. 2. Page 56 of the core reads: An attack made by a unit with a Sniper miniature does not allow the target to make an Armor roll." It later includes no cover. So all attacks made with a sniper unit ignores armor and cover. This will include grenades. In addition, the spotter ability will work for all non-close combat weapon lines. 3. Some weapons show multiple weapons on the model, but unless it has an (x) it fires as one weapon. e.i. A weapon line with a "(2)" would have 2 of the same weapon line that could fire at the same target or split the lines. Other weapons fire as turret (360) or in one of the 4 fire arcs. All weapons can fire in same order provided there are legal targets in the proper arcs.
  14. Fook said: 1) How are vehicles handled in terms of casulty rolls- do they make them? 2) Do Heroes make casualty rolls if they take a point of damage? 3) it appears the only skill vehicles can get is Hades Veteran, correct? 4) page 45: "Units with the Team special ability invert the results of their casualty rolls.." -What the hell is the "Team ability" and where can i find it (searched all over the place to no avail, i just cant find it) Also, anyone have any luck running this campaign w/ just two people? if so, what rules have you tweaked? We're just starting out a modified map I altered and set up w/ 3 platoons to a side to see how it plays… be curious to see how other people have dealt with the balance when reduced to two. 1. One model, One dice if eliminated from battle. 2. No, if they are eliminated from battle, they get one die. Casualty roles are made only if a model is removemd from the table. Also note: Heroes joined to units that are eliminated will make casualty rolls seperate from the unit the where attached to. 3. Yes. Heroes aswell. Veteran is a special ability earned from xp roles in campaign. It is not a unit upgrade. 4. Core rules page 43 box. It should be under Special Abilities section, but it is not. 5. We are playing the campaign with 6 and it is challenging. You will have to modify it alot to run with fewer. Hope it goes well.
  15. Pg. 21 of the Zverograd campaign book states that each bomb can target one unit. Two bombs can be used to resolve the bomb as if it was a sustained attack action (note: bombs are not an attack action, they result from move actions.) The SSU MIL MI-47D "Death Rain" has 2 bomb weapon lines with 2 bombs each. The question is: Can this Aircraft drop it's entire payload on one movement action? Two bombs on two targets or one bomb on upto 4 legal targets?
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