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  1. Hey everyone, I was planning on starting a new campaign geared for higher leveled PC's. What's a good starting point experience wise? How would you handle Infamy and Corruption? I'm going with the assumption that my group will probably play humans and traitor marines, so how would I go about giving the human players a little more of a fighting chance?
  2. I want to see the Exorcists get their own rules, they hardly fit the definition of a "Standard Codex Chapter", same with Minotaurs.
  3. They have a few of them in the fluff , notably the Mantis Warriors. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Mantis_Warriors#.UglDKpKcd8U
  4. Depends on what you want to specialize in: Ultramarines have good abilities in regards to leadership and the fact you can choose which stats to raise leaves room for some tactical flexibility, Imperial Fists specialize in defensive ability and their high WP can be very useful for a psyker. Carcharadons tend to favor stealth tactics, and intensive close combat. Think like if a Blood Angel and Raven Guard combined. Dark Angels have some good defensive abilities combined with some the heaviest firepower in the game especially the Deathwing terminator. Really it's a matter of what playstyle you like
  5. How do you play apothecary? Do you stick to a support role, or do you take a more "active" approach to your class. Do you prefer meele or ranged? Do you play prestige classes with your apothecary (Ravenwing/Wolfpriest/Sanguinary Priest)? Personally I like to go Tyrannic War veteran apothecary, I feel like it helps make Apothecary a bit more dangerous in combat will retaining the ability to support my kill team with my medical skills/knowledge of Tyranids.
  6. Title says it all, what do you like to play as? Personally I prefer Dark Angel/Unforgiven tactical/devastators. But I've also grown fond of the Imperial Fists and their successors.
  7. Tactical and Devastator are both really good for starting out, or if you want something more exotic you can take the Ravenwing class at rank 1 and you get a bike standard issue.
  8. Yeah, I think it's called Guerilla Tactics. It's in their stuff for First Founding, but it takes away the -20 penalty imposed on Silent Move by power armor. Take with terminator armor for added hilarity.
  9. Don't know about the Red Scorpions, but I play with a guy who plays a Raptor. He does serve as our forward scout, but that scope you can take as a trapping is amazing. He's taken down some pretty high level baddies with his Stalker-Pattern and some good rolls. Raptors are strong marksmen, and the stealth skills are nice to boot. Also, you could try looking at the Carcaradons. They have an impressive mix of stealth and meele, also their psychic powers are awesome.
  10. How does your group handle the classes in First Founding and successor chapters? Would you allow for an Ultramarine descendant to become an Honor Guard for example. I'm aware in the fluff some of these classes are shared by successors(Blood Angels and their successors both use Sanguinary Priests). How does handle this?
  11. How would you handle synapse creatures among a horde of gaunts or rippers? If he dies first, would the horde break and run or fall in on itself? Or like a nob with an Ork horde will they start fighting among each other for control if the biggest ork dies?
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