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  1. You can, however, advertise the NEXT version of the card… so it feeds itself pretty well. NBN seems to be all about knowing who the Runner is and REALLY FAST AGENDA. Life's brutal in the news room floor, and today's news is tomorrow's bird cage lining.
  2. I were running the event, you'd forfeit the match immediately if you installed something in the wrong place, advanced a non-advancable card or otherwise created an illegal game state. I'd then spot check this player during midgame to ensure that they weren't installing Agenda as ICE, then later overwriting the "ICE" into the Archives. On a second offense I'd show you the door and ban you from further activity.
  3. Indeed, we already have Posted Bounty and Breaking News.
  4. You only 'need' 3 sets if you want to play competitively. You 'want' 3 sets because you have some internal desire to have a totally 'complete' set. God forbid they tell people that you can have up to 4 of each in some format. Everyone will go rabid.
  5. In prep for the reboot I've been breaking out the old cards and playing anyone wanting to learn (on the assumption that the mechanics aren't going to be too far different, which so far has panned out - except for traces). We hit one situation where the Runner ran into a data fort with 3 ICE on it, and the first ICE had a trace subroutine that the Runner chose to NOT break (would have cost them $2 to break it). As the Corp, I knew the next two ICE, and my finances, and what it would take the Runner to get through those next to ICE. The trace was a program eater, and if I could smack Black Dalhia into his trash, then he wouldn't be able to get through the Sentry ICE with an 'end the run' on it. But… If I wanted to REZ that ICE, I couldn't spend maximum on the trace… in other words, my finances dictated that I couldn't ensure that the trace happened AND the ICE would be rezzable. It's decisions like the scenario above that I expect this trace system will cause more often than it had in the past. The Corp knows what it will take to get through the rest of the ICE tower, and how much capital they want to commit to tracing the Runner. If they spend so much that the trace is a lock, the Runner won't spend anything at all and the trace will 'work'. If the Corp doesn't spend beyond the Runner then now the Runner has to figure out why the Corp kept the amount they did and if paying off the trace is worth it. Early on, the Corp may choose to leave the value at its starting (Passive) value and the Runner will STILL have to pay. As the Runner gets their link up to 3, that changes and the Corp will have to choose to spend to cause the decision. Is it perfect? We don't know yet. But it's worth exploring.
  6. They have people you can talk to you know… I see it this way: 1 set to start, make sure I like the new mechanics, artwork, have opponents, etc. If it doesn't catch around here, then I have no reason to continue buying more to not play. If things click, I'll ramp it up with a second set and that's going to get me x6/x4/x2, and the x2s I'm probably okay having only one or two of in any given deck. It will let me have 2 decks of each type ready to go with the core x3 generics not having to migrate between decks and again, I'll wait… make sure the local scene's a buzzing and enjoy it. x3? If I get really serious and absolutely have to have a third Aesop's Pawn Shop, or whatever.
  7. haslo said: Might well be true. Since I'm more interested in X-Wing anyway right now, I'll put my preorder on hold until I know more. If this is the case, my question of "1 or 2 base games?" will be moot, and forced to choose between "3 base games or none", I'll pick none for now. I really don't understand this mentality. When people first bought into Netrunner, they didn't think of it is "Must by 2 cases of Starters and 4 cases of Boosters", they bought one starter, a few boosters and they played with what they got. The choices are: 0: don't commit at all 1: get the game, it will be playable out of the box 2/3: competitive level if you want higher frequency in your deck than in the core set
  8. Wow… the 'call', 'raise', 'fold' terminology is really off in my mind and Ed's example is a bit of a run-on and hard to follow. The Corp is going to have Trace values in the 1-2 range (generally, I'm sure there will be a few bigger values) and the Runner will have links established of 0-1. Every TRACE routine gives the Runner a choice: Break it with Breakers (if available), or suffer the trace and try to outrun it. Once the first decision (break or don't break) is made by the Runner, if the TRACE is happening, the CORP then gets a decision: Boost or don't boost. If they're already at +2, then that's 2 credits the Runner needs to spend in order to avoid the effect. Once the TRACE value (passive + spent credits) is established, the action is back on the Runner to spend credits to avoid the effect, or just accept things as are and accept the effect. As the Runner installs LINK cards, the decisions will change because the Corp will go from not having to pay in order to have a higher TRACE to always needing to boost if they want a chance at the effect. The Runner LINK cards we've seen so far have a 'payoff' value of about 3, meaning that it takes 3 uses in a TRACE/LINK war for them to break even, and more for them to 'pay off'.
  9. If it helps: Think of this like a traditional wargame, in that there are two sides, each side has their own strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, each player has to play one side. You can't have the Axis fighting the Axis or the Allies fighting the Allies. The asymmetry in Netrunner is its greatest strength, and you really have to learn how to play the game from both sides (Corp and Runner).
  10. MSRP: $39.95 - from main product page. And though not official confirmation by any means, the strong suspicion is that we can expect: 1 of each ID (7 cards) 1 of a few cards which are probably "Unique" (only one can be in play at a time) 2-3 of all of the rest of the cards This assessment is based on the existence of 1-3 bars to the left of the 'on switch' symbol on most of the recently released card images. One copy will be enough of a "playset" to play the game. Highly competitive players and those wanting to have multiple decks that reuse cards across them preconstructed will want 2 or more core sets.
  11. hooliganj said: Your middle step (reducing the Strength of the target ICE) isn't necessary. $3: Break ice subroutine on a piece of ice with 0 strength or less Absolutely necessary to reduce the ICE to 0 strength or less before you're allowed to use that function.
  12. A strength 1 ICEBREAKER cannot affect a Strength 2 or higher ICE. The ICEBREAKER must first increase its 1 Strength (through a self buff) to match or exceed the target ICE's strength in order to use any OTHER function of the card, such as Wyrm's "$1: Ice gets -1 Strength" ability. So… $6: Wyrm increases own strength from 1 to 7 $7: Wyrm decreases Hadrian's Wall strength from 7 to 0 $6: Wyrm breaks 2 subroutines on ICE that now has a strength of 0. Next up on 'buried alive', we talk to a dragon who is getting crushed by the weight of all the credits he's hoarding.
  13. I posted my thoughts on the new Trace/Link over on BGG, mostly because I'm more comfortable with their editing system and it allowed me to easily incorporate card images: www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/835456/establishing-a-new-base-link I was originally against it (you should see the first draft!) but in the end, I believe this has potential to have trace/link enter the metagame as a valid tactic.
  14. How many likes does it take to get to the center of an FFG Article? a-one… a-two… a-three… CRUUUNNNCCCHHH Three!
  15. 252 Likes… How is the article 'unlocked' because it wasn't automatic on the Runner article page.
  16. My best guess: 1 Playmat 1 Poster 2 sets of 7-10 "Agenda" tokens (put 21 in a kit and 3 people can each have a set of 7) 8 Faction pins/patches or whatnot
  17. Treguard said: Hmm, just some thoughts about NBN's Breaking News. I always thought is odd that it granted two temporary tags. Now don't get me wrong, I understand why multiple tags are a good thing for a corp, but since these new tags are only temporary, why two? Tagged is tagged right? * Failing that, maybe NBN has some heavy hitters that require multiple tags to operate? Now there weren't many of these in the original game (3 if I recall) but could this be more prevalent in the new game? We've already seen Psychographics: Cost X bits: X is equal to or less than the number of tags the Runner has. Place X advancement tokens on a card that can be advanced. Just like the media. "Look over here, we have the Runner!" "Quick, advance our Manturian Candidate Agenda."
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