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  1. ffaristocrat said: The classic flowchart is definitely invalid. Accessing cards has changed significantly enough that it would only cause more confusion to consult it. You now deal with each accessed card from start to finish individually. You access a card, deal with the effects of accessing it (ambush, scoring, win immediately if it's a game winner), trash it (if possible) and then move onto the next one. You also don't see the cards you're accessing until you access them so order is incredibly important. So if you access the top two cards of R&D with no cards in hand and they're a game winning agenda and a Snare!, you'll have to blindly pick one to access and deal with it completely before getting the next. Multiple R&D Accesses have been clarified, they are in deck order, from top towards the bottom. The Runner does not get to pick anything other than 'next available card in R&D'. They may still access and/or trash any upgrades in the R&D root prior to access (but things like Red Herrings will be in full effect even if trashed per the card's description).
  2. BGG reported the same thing. There are stories of people walking away with five copies of the game. If anyone knows the total number of units sold, that would be nice to know.
  3. Jadde4Rom said: There is a mistake in the "Core Set Card List (pdf, 365 KB)" : "Access to Globalsec" is not a Hardware, but a Resource. Someone have seen an other mistake ? That's a nice catch, since part of the power of 'Rabbit Hole' is that it can't be trashed by the Corp if you're tagged (normally).
  4. I've been collating available card scans (published images) over on BGG and have intention to finish the job once I have my physical set. If I'm duplicating effort or images will be 'gotten' from some other source, someone please let me know.
  5. AussieKSU said: Unless blink gets reprinted, in which case, you should think of a different deck idea I kind of grow tired of the straw men arguments. As it stands, we do not need dice to play. If we need dice, they will be included in the box. If 'Blink' gets reprinted, they will probably have some form of 'roll the top card of the deck' mechanic, similar to one of the iterations of Crypsis we've seen.
  6. Joe K. said: -Got my dice bag ready… You don't need dice to play.
  7. Kate needs to write an icebreaker called one stone.
  8. To answer the question: Yes, you can install (but not rez) Adonis Campaign on turn 'X'. Then at the beginning of any later turn, during step 1 of the Corp's turn, there is a time period where you may rez existing cards and doing so counts as 'before your turn begins', so Adonis would immediately pay out.
  9. HyenaSpotz said: byronczimmer said: As an Agenda, Astroscript Pilot Program is only available to NBN, so it can't be in 'any' deck, only NBN decks. Yes. But I would much rather have Data Raven or Matrix Analyzer in another Corp's deck over AstroScript Pilot Program anyway. It just seems weird that you can't put ASPP in another deck, but you can put much better cards in at relatively low costs. They lose some oomph when they leave NBN's networks though, given NBN's automatic 2 bits for tracing. Corp's using these borrowed ICE are paying for them in more ways then one.
  10. AussieKSU said: Operation cost 0 - gain 3 bits Operation cost 5 - gain 9 bits 0 credits + card draw + card play (2 effort) to gain 3 credits // This advances you by 1 effort beyond normal effort levels.. 5 credits + card draw + card play (7 effort) to gain 9 credits // This advances you by 2 effort beyond normal effort levels. Since the Corp has a mandatory draw, that can often be discounted in practice, at which point 3 credits for 1 effort is actually more efficient than 9 credits for 6 effort in terms of percentage analysis. Given the choice, the 5->9 is more desirable assuming you meet the threshhold. It depends on how much cash you currently have. What these cards do though, is allow an exchange that isn't governed by the basic functions listed in the rules. You can always convert clicks into credits or clicks into cards, but you cannot convert cards into credits except through the card itself or another interaction such as Aesop's Pawnshop or Security Subcontract. The other thing that's harder to quantify is that the cards get randomly distributed in your deck, so drawing into the right card is based on how many are in your deck and how many cards remain undrawn.
  11. I say try the game first and then figure out how to reduce it, or if its worth it. Personally, playing a shorter game doesn't sound interesting to me, you lost the opportunity for the bluff/counterbluff.
  12. That is the plan. If you haven't tuned into the discussions on BGG, head over there and find the links for every card image we've been able to scrape together and the card manifest we've cobbled together so far.
  13. By definition. There are obvious choices people will trend towards - the trick is disrupting those choices or blindsiding the decks built to disrupt them. Let the Run begin.
  14. As an Agenda, Astroscript Pilot Program is only available to NBN, so it can't be in 'any' deck, only NBN decks.
  15. Corps are currently hamstrung in their Agenda choice. Even with an additional core, only NBN can change their mix of Agenda in any meaningful way. The expansions will need to at least increase the depth of that decision.
  16. Rashley said: I would have to say that in the original game, the more 'bits' (credits) you could get, the better chance you had to win. That applied to both sides. With plenty of 'bits' a Corp could afford more ICE, Upgrades, Traceing etc., while the Runner could afford more Programs, Hardware, Links etc.. Many a strategy was based around forceing/bluffing an opponent into reducing their 'bits' and thus weakening them. I suspect the new version will be similar, although the different types of Corp and Runner Identities will undoubtedly lead to other approaches. What I would like to know is:- will the 2 decks built know, before building, which Corp Type or Runner Identity it is faceing? Will certain Corps do better or worse against certain Runner? In the old game you had to TRY to cover everything. We shall see! As everything has a cost, no doubt I will be just as pleased as before if my 'bits' pour in at a steady rate. Cheers! In a Tournament, you submit your deck lists blind of everyone else's, and cannot change them for the duration of the tournament. So no, you should not have insight into what you're up against until you sit down to play.
  17. Over on BGG in this article I touched on some of my economic analysis, with respect to establishing link, but the same tools can be used to analyze a number of the cards. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/835456/establishing-a-new-base-link Worth a read.
  18. You can host them on BGG, in your personal gallery. Geekmail me there for instructions/help if you need such (see my link in my signature below). I do not know if you can host images directly here, and suspect you cannot.
  19. Splintering off to your own, non established site is going to get you blocked from a lot of access locations. If you have information or an idea, why not post it instead of having people jump through hoops for your amusement in order to coax it out of you?
  20. Iit's blocked from my current location, so oh well. The site must be on a ban list or host viruses or something.
  21. AussieKSU said: hooliganj said: As has been mentioned already, in Netrunner there were ambush upgrades that could be advanced like agendas No there were not. Yes there were. Code-Corpse comes to mind. Advancable node that did one Brain Damage per Agenda token on it when accesses.
  22. pwnguin said: byronczimmer said: NBN seems to be all about knowing who the Runner is and REALLY FAST AGENDA. Presumably, with the tagging comes some bagging. The best way to get explosive footage is to set of the charges yourself, right? Sure, but then we see other cards like Psychographics which uses the number of tags on a Runner as an upper limit on the number of instant Advancement counters you can transfer to an Advancable card. Five tags on a runner playing NBN and the Corp can install an Agenda, play Psychographics and advance to completion that Agenda with no possible response from the Runner. As I see it, tags aren't just for bagging any more, they can be used to accelerate an Agenda much faster then the Runner can get to it. If you know where they are and what they can be doing their work 'somewhere else'. That said. Exploding Housing Complexes always makes for good news.
  23. AussieKSU said: Hang on, just a second. AFAIK upgrades are installed differently than Agendas and Assets, and must be denoted as being an upgrade at time of installation. A hidden card in a node may be an upgrade OR an asset/agenda. Confirmation? This is how I always played. There is no reason for the Corp to differentiate placement of Upgrades from Assets (Nodes) or Agenda. However, some Upgrades, most notably Regions, must be installed and rezzed immediately and a given Remote Server can only be in one location at a time.
  24. Those calculations are on par with with previous LCGs with lumpy distribution and with my own best guesses. Note: Corp Neutrals are either all 3s with 2 2s (one of which is Melange Mining), or they are all 3s, a single 2 (Melange Mining) and a lone singleton.
  25. Ghost Branch and Aggressive Secretary are also advancable cards which are not Agenda but look like Agenda.
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