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  1. Toqtamish said: Keggy said: Shows how much I know about the kits. The local store we go to refuses to order them. Though, one time they ordered the Warhammer pack and gave the prizes to the rpg and miniatures players. Email FFG they might let you get your own account so you can order them to use locally. Business to Business Only Lots of people on BGG tried to order to their personal house/apt/etc and were turned down. These are intended for stores that are going to show ongoing support for the product line.
  2. The kits are actually quite nice. The foam mat is worthwhile as a 'grand prize'. It rolls up nicely and has a good feel. Top 2 (?) get click tokens which are a nice to have. Top 8 get dividers, which have served very well in my 'teaching kit', which has one core set's worth of stuff (and is separate from my tournament sets). They are bigger than normal cards, so they serve their purpose well as DIVIDERS. And there 2 paper teaching mats (one for Corp, one for Runner). These are GREAT for demoing the game during a tournament to people watching and wondering what's going on. They are very similar to the much clamored for table mats that FFG had at GenCON, and have an embedded click tracker and aciton reminder, forgoing the need for those items while teaching. The game store running the event will either keep the mats to teach with or will give them out to whomever is being evangelical about the game.
  3. Sydwys (who is not Kathleen btw) indicated something would start up after the holidays wind down.
  4. To answer the original post, let me do a bit of guesswork. For the Runners, sure - you can keep adding card forever. It will dilute the deck a great deal after the first few datapacks though, creating an unfocused pool of cards. The Corps have a different problem. Their deck size is constrained and defined by the Agenda included. We know that every faction gets a new Agenda in the first data pack (that's good), and then gets one other card, for a total of +6 cards. In order to include 6 new cards, the existing Corp decks would need +2 (possibly +4) Agenda points. And that's the problem. 3 Agenda cards will never be worth +2 or +4 Agenda points, they will have +3, +6 or +9 So to include the Expansion, the Corp MUST tune (deck build) in order to hit proper deck size based on included Agenda. For the Runner, they WILL WANT to tune (deck build) to remove redundancy or otherwise get back down to near the minimum deck size. And that's just if you want to pare down and stay within a single faction. Once you've started tuning, including cards from other factions by using influence is the next logical step.
  5. Snare! influences play and bluffing on both sides of the fence. If the Corp has 4 credits, EVERY card has the potential to do 3 Damage and give the Runner a tag (costing an action and 2 credits to clear). For 4 Credits that's 6 Actions of loss (3 Draws, Action and 2 Credits). That's huge. Scorched Earth comes a close second because it can win the game. Because Scorched Earth requires enough other support, it's not an auto include in all 4 Corp factions, though it is the defining feature of a deck designed to win 'the other way' for the Corp. The other damage dealers are the various HB and Jinteki ICE, Private Security Force and Project Junebug. On the Runner side there are a lot of tricks that can be considered the best card. Sticking with the 'what cards might be auto include in all decks' I'd have to go with Wyldside. Though there are a few 'tutor' cards, there are only two card draw accelerators currently. Diesel (Card+Action = 3 Cards) really only accelerates your card draw by +1 per card (you could have drawn a Card instead of taking the action to play Diesel). On the other hand, Wyldside is +1 card per turn, which could easily be 10-20 cards in a normal length game.
  6. WolfpackEE said: Can I play an non-ice card in the ice area just for bluffing purposes? Ice always enters the playfield in a horizontal/landscape orientation. Non-Ice always enters the playfield in a vertical/portrait orientation. To do otherwise creates an illegal game state and would be cheating.
  7. The basic rule of thumb is: The Runner is going to suffer the effects of all subroutines encountered UNLESS THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The Strength of the icebreakers you have doesn't affect your ability to encounter the ICE. That strength value governs an icebreakers ability to interact with and BREAK undesirable subroutines.
  8. In that DC tournament, we had ONE match where the first game finished at 60 minutes. (I know, because I was the Corp during that matchup in the first game, and the Runner was taking a long time to do things and was making a lot of mistakes, such as installing over MU limit). All other matches were fairly fast, at the rate of about a turn per minute. That speeds up a bit when the Corp draws, knows they're going to turtle and just draws 3 credits. The turns slow down a bit when something interesting is happening, such as a complicated Run or the decision process a Runner needs to go through to determine if they can run the Server the Corp just did an install-advance-advance on. 65 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for two reasonably experienced players to complete two games. The takeaway is that if you can't play to that speed, don't enter a tournament because you have the very strong potential to screw an opponent if you don't get into the second game of your match.
  9. Pudsey said: Hi everyone - just loving this game! Me and my son have a different understanding of multiple Icebreakers. Just as an example let's say the runner has a 4 strength Icebreaker that can break Sentry subroutines and 1 strength Icebreaker that can break barrier subroutines. The Corporation has some barrier Ice strength 4. My son would use the 4 strength Icebreaker to beat/equal the strength of the ice - then use his 1 strength Icebreaker to break the subroutines. (He wins alot!) 1) Is this how it should work? 2) Are all installed programs in the rig allowed to be used on different parts of each encounter? 3) Or should it be that the Icebreaker that matched the strength of the Ice is the only one that can break the subroutine? 4) Is there ever a situation where Icebreakers can have their strength added together to beat a piece of ice? (for example 2 copies of the same card or 2 cards that are of the same subtype) Thanks in advance for any replies! 1) No, absolutely not. An Icebreaker's strength is its own. It may have a boosting function to let it increase that strength. That is the strength that is needed to match the ICE's strength in order to use any non-boosting function of the icebreaker (such as 'break SENTRY subroutine'). 2) Yes, you can use your barrier breaker on barrier ice, your netshield to handle the first piece of net damage given to you by a Data Mine, your codegate breaker on the codegate ICE, etc, etc, etc. If it's in your rig, it is available for use during the Run. 3) See (1) above 4) Icebreakers do not ADD, but you can use the functions of different icebreakers in concert. An example would be using Wyrm to boost itself to 5, then lower the strength of Tollbooth to 3 to allow Yog.0 to break the subroutine.
  10. Thee Forsaken One said: With his 2 Influence cost I can see him being quite popular in other Corp decks as well. Trace 4 is really powerful and if you have some spare Credits then it will be hard for a Runner to get passed him. On top of that, he's not unique so you can have 3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY protecting 3 Servers. As has been pointed out, the Diamond in Ash's title means he is, indeed, unique. One rezzed at a time.
  11. Last thing on p24: Note: Some cards do not have any influence value (this is different than a card that has an influence value of zero). These cards are identified by their lack of an influence box. A card without an influence value cannot be used with an identity card that has a different faction affiliation.
  12. one trigger: runner encounters ICE one resolution: may play 1 credit to place 1 advancement token
  13. If players agree who plays what to start, do that. Otherwise flip a coin.
  14. radiskull said: The runner would lose the game immediately once he took damage that was greater than the number of cards in his hand. Supposing he had 6 cards when he took the 6 Brain damage, yes, he'd lose at the end of his turn. This is not precise, as it uses the words 'immediately' and then 'at end of his turn'. There are two times the Runner can flatline: 1) Any time the Runner takes any form of damage, if they are unable to discard a card in response to that damage. 2) At the end of the Runner's turn when they reconcile their current hand contents to their hand limit, if that limit is -1 due to 6 Brain Damage Tokens.
  15. All things that trigger from a successful run on HQ would trigger: 1) This was a successful run on HQ, Gabriel Santiago would gain 2 credits 2) HQ is a central server, everything that triggers off of a successful central server run would trigger (like Data Sucker) 3) This was a successful run, Desperado would trigger 4) Runner must access in the order of their choosing, the following cards, fully resolving each Access in order: 4a) Any upgrades present in the HQ server 4b) A single random card from the Corp's hand (HQ)
  16. FFTARoxorz05 said: So I've played a few more games, and while running HQ turn one has worked every game I've played in, it's just a fact that the runner will get ahead in points and credits early on. Maybe there's a crazy corporation build to combat that, but for me it's knowing that late game you can score two agendas VERY quickly that keeps me from whining about the runner's insane early game capabilities more. Also I wasn't running HQ for the 2 credits, I was running it because either you keep the agenda in hand so I have a chance at hitting it or you play it with an ice that you can't activate since 1 credit doesn't pay for anything too spectacular from what I remember. Query: Are both sides starting with 5 credits? The above sounds like the Corp's first turn is "Install Agenda, Install ICE, take a credit" which should leave them with 6 credits, not 1.
  17. OCTGN tournament in the works: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/860961/gauging-interest-for-octgn-tournament-league
  18. I have been community building Android: Netrunner at Area42 Games in Sterling Virginia. We have had a good turnout so far to teach/learn the game and will be moving to tournament/league play soon. For more information, find us at: http://www.meetup.com/area42games/
  19. JoshTheStampede said: Does the one at Labyrinth Games have a regular meetup yet? I'd be interested in checking it out. They have announced a Nov 4 tourney. I am not aware of any current standard evening.
  20. Re; Heimdall, thank you - I may have entered the data off of an old card image.
  21. DC area has two big hubs forming. One in a bi-weekly 'meetup' called 'Area 42' The other at Labyrinth Games near Eastern Market Metro Station on Capital Hill. Check out the geeklist on BGG (link to my profile below and look at my geek lists, I don't have many) for other attempts to get players organized.
  22. zedward said: byronczimmer said: It is like asking if 6 players can play off of one chess set. I thought it was more along the lines of asking if you could build a 40 card magic deck out of six boosters (ie sealed play). It's cool- I'm just gonna proxy up the Neuts. Probably the best solution for the time being, though I really do encourage multiple sets in the long term. The Magic analogy doesn't hold though, since your opponent would also need to build a deck out of six boosters, as would the other four players. 6 Magic Boosters: $24 per person (are they about $4? totally not in that scene). 1 Core set for 2 players: $40 Seems comparable.
  23. Khudzlin said: Fortunately, all 4 cards that currently deal brain damage do so 1 at a time (3 HB ICE and Stimhack). Given the lack of brain damage prevention and the more powerful nature of brain damage (compared to meat and net), I don't see that changing any time soon, leaving FFG plenty of time to clarify. Heimdall does 2 brain damage.
  24. This was also asked on BGG. It is not a good way to introduce the game to multiple players. It is like asking if 6 players can play off of one chess set.
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